Lavazza: please please please please please :furious: :/ :roll: :x
Lavazza: Hello can i get link Herb Da Goody love 2000 Thank u very much :lol:
thabot: Mike, still not right\
thabot: i will confirm
thabot: Mike , thank you let me try to re download
mike: thabot, i have had 609 downloads and you are the only one to complain
mike: thabot, to get the best possible quality you need to enhance from 128kbps to 320kbps
mike: thabot, re-upped marva hicks, let me know if quality is better
mike: thabot, thanks for calling it to my attention, follow me if you like the blog
thabot: Yo Mike, let me know once you completed the re ups
thabot: Thank you buddy
thabot: 320 bit rate?
thabot: am sorry Mike, i appreciate your effort.
mike: thabot, sounds bad, i am going to re-up all to 320
mike: thabot, i will heck them
thabot: test one download say Davida berry and listen to the output, not joking Bro. Dont get me wrong so excited about the stuff in there
thabot: I downloaded Davida Berry, you have lots of good stuff there
thabot: you Mike, im not being a hater, but was just saying that sounds from downloads is badd, no hard feelings
mike: thabot, the zip is at 128 up it to 320
thabot: indiesouljazz quality is horrirble, so don't waste your time
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