Don_Won: [link]
Glenton: I would also like to have the link for purchasing some of these albums.. please
malikfr: hello .....please Kaleem Taylor - Alone (EP)
Nolan: Hi How can I join your blog please
Taster36: Anyone:Witness-Standard(1993)please
blackmaster: Teddy-Soul (1996) please !!!!!
Digital: Hi
Digital: [link]
DjAliababoa: New post episode. Enjoy the cool RnB, Hip Hop, Pop & Soul musicblog platform. [link]
taster36: Anyone: Noly-Eclecticurbanflow(2002)PLZ
phdeazae: TREVA : [link]
phdeazae: ;)
phdeazae: @fares ; [link]
phdeazae: True_Shin_Gouki ;)
True_Shin_Gouki: @phdeazae I'm sorry but the music you posted are okay This is real music here! [link]
True_Shin_Gouki: @phdeazae That's true It's because they're sociopaths trying to 1up everybody
phdeazae: [link]
phdeazae: [link]
phdeazae: open your eyes sleeping peeps and listen real rnb artists :: [link]
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