Shak34: Please Various-Talkbox Most Wanted (2011).thanks
taster36: Anyone:Khalil-Let Me In(2006)PLZ
Plushieluver101: @Jessyca I have the album! Please email me at [email], only in case I forget to check back here.
Plushieluver101: @Jessyca
taster36: Anyone:Tiffany Loren-The Way You Love(2007)PL
ossie: Hi i'm looking for Vikter Duplaix - international affairs, this album is unbelievable could someone help me out it would be great. Thanks in advance.
Media: Anyone here interested in exchanging flac R&B files?
karla: please a link for : Joya ‎– Pages From The Book Of Life, Chapter 1 . [link] - thanks buddies :)
modernsouljazz: anyone have a working link [link]
rickyyyy: I have Janice / Herb is others come home soulseek for exchange
NAsty: How can I do to download a album?
Jessyca: Can anybody re-upload Janice » Back in the Days? It will be much appreciated. Thank you.
rickyyyy: exchange for exchange rare music r&b , find me around 17:00 in the rooms indie ... for those who will come just to beg you will be banned
edgodsonbydigital: I enter Soulseek from 20 hours in Brazil, I wanted some R & B albums in FLAC and I have some to trade.
edsonbydigital: Does anyone use soulseek? Only files in flac?
MONKeyDOE: bentley, lolomusic . etc best leechers pffffff a shame
Lavazza: Lavazza: : Hello can i get link Herb Da Goody love 2000 Thank u very much :thebox:
thabot: 1
mike: thabot, the piece of **** is atit again
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