taster36: Anyone: Noly-Eclecticurbanflow(2002)PLZ
phdeazae: TREVA : [link]
phdeazae: ;)
phdeazae: @fares ; [link]
phdeazae: True_Shin_Gouki ;)
True_Shin_Gouki: @phdeazae I'm sorry but the music you posted are okay This is real music here! [link]
True_Shin_Gouki: @phdeazae That's true It's because they're sociopaths trying to 1up everybody
phdeazae: [link]
phdeazae: [link]
phdeazae: open your eyes sleeping peeps and listen real rnb artists :: [link]
phdeazae: for finish , a lot collect rare but rare not all good , they dont know real music , cauze not real music lovers just scam peeps ^^
phdeazae: @True_Shin_Gouki: , i feel u , its crazy but not surprise , some clowns fake music we dont knoiw why , just stupid peoples & theres a lot of haha :)
True_Shin_Gouki: Tracks you pos of a German rnbbreeze aka rnbscam the Pissflitsche!
True_Shin_Gouki: For those who have no idea what I'm talking about it's the Kevin Ford "Unreleased album" that he claims to have all 16 tracks knowing that he just duplicated the tracks to make you think he got 16
True_Shin_Gouki: he's the only one that has the so called "cd" You ain't nothing but a fraud/scammer that tryna get likes and subscribers! Fake Collector... You're faker than Nicki Minaj's ass and body! Gtfoh!
True_Shin_Gouki: Rnbbreeze claims to have the full cd... Stupid German who you fooling? All you did is duplicated the tracks like you did with Al Jones and think you're the top collector in the world... Claiming that
fares34: hello..j-dub Jus' Justin ...on peut m aider?
phdeazae: pas de soucis frero ;)
fares34: merci la famille !!!
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