21 Feb 18, 16:49
Vector: https://github.com/MisterVector/BNET-to-IRC
21 Feb 18, 16:49
Vector: I restarted an old project because I want to include it in the downloads section of the new website, if you want to take a look
21 Feb 18, 15:04
mikrimaus: :((
21 Feb 18, 15:04
mikrimaus: holy crap vector man dude i cant view ya website every few days im busy af bro
19 Feb 18, 19:48
Sheep: There is much chatbot already :0
17 Feb 18, 18:52
Vector: did some maintenance just now, re-arranged files.codespeak.org, and the index is now sorted by folders first
17 Feb 18, 18:05
Vector: we'll have to see though
17 Feb 18, 18:05
Vector: other than continuing with Simplicity, since I never made that final
17 Feb 18, 18:04
Vector: the only thing i'm remotely interested in making for battle.net at this point is a chat bot in java
17 Feb 18, 09:07
Sheep: Nothing much to do here. What about a Diablo II bot?
16 Feb 18, 05:37
Vector: So quiet
9 Feb 18, 14:23
Vector: Recently I wrote down a list of things I wanted to do for the upcoming site, so it's been on my mind lately.
5 Feb 18, 06:08
Mikrimaus: Mate its so sad...... no warbots 1 yr now
4 Feb 18, 05:20
Vector: Because there are better things out there, you just have to find them :)
4 Feb 18, 05:19
Vector: I suggest you guys move on to better things
4 Feb 18, 05:17
Vector: I'm sorry man
4 Feb 18, 05:14
Vector: That has to be from someoe else, I no longer wish to do that kind of thing
4 Feb 18, 04:29
Mikrimaus: Otherwise well die from boredom and inactivity
4 Feb 18, 04:28
Mikrimaus: I hate to say this but sheeps right ya need to do somethin
3 Feb 18, 19:21
Sheep: Pretty sure warbot kept alive wc3, making clan fight each other and so on ';..;'
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