14 Jan 18, 00:28
Vector: Simplicity is likely to trigger a warning because it checks a file on codespeak.org for the current version
14 Jan 18, 00:27
Vector: it's false. You can check on http://www.virustotal.com and post the results, but it's better to give it straight up, no there's no virus in there
13 Jan 18, 17:46
tester: false or..
13 Jan 18, 17:46
tester: funny downloaded both those new releases but my computer stopped it due to virus detected smh.
11 Jan 18, 13:39
Vector: But it's time to move on!
11 Jan 18, 13:38
Vector: I'm done supporting this project that has lasted for 7 years, thank you for all the warm support!
11 Jan 18, 13:36
Vector: Maelstrom 4.12 final has been released with sources: http://files.codespeak.org/projects/maelstrom/Maelstrom_with_source.zip
11 Jan 18, 13:14
Vector: yes i'm aware
11 Jan 18, 04:23
Sheep: and wc3 hashes .exe should be renamed
11 Jan 18, 04:20
Sheep: Also in mealstorm/Binaries/REDA THIS : it shows the wrong link for hashes http://www.codespeak.org/Hashes/ should be in fact http://files.codespeak.org/hashes/
11 Jan 18, 03:59
Sheep: Alright, i might have few cdkeys left, i will give it a try. Keep up the good work man, we are a lot to appreciate your masterpieces!
11 Jan 18, 03:32
Vector: Simplicity 1.1 has been released: http://files.codespeak.org/projects/simplicity/Simplicity.zip
10 Jan 18, 10:38
Vector: ;\
10 Jan 18, 10:38
Vector: But that wouldn't make sense resulting in you getting your keys banned. Simplicity creates clans in no suspicious way.
10 Jan 18, 10:37
Vector: Yeah, not Simplicity's fault, Blizzard is definitely up to something, because of a recent glitch in clan creation.
10 Jan 18, 07:23
Sheep: I find it weird that one day I make 3 clans, the next day all clan are disabled and 40 working keys are banned. I used first 0.72 and then 1.01 version
10 Jan 18, 02:31
Vector: Fixed the update checker, and there was one thing wrong with it.... in my HTTP GET request, I had a space after HTTP/1.1 -_-
9 Jan 18, 12:46
Vector: Also, working on Simplicity 1.1
9 Jan 18, 12:46
Vector: Also it's quite safe to use StealthBot! I've been using it since 2006 :)
9 Jan 18, 12:46
Vector: I wouldn't pin the problem on Simplicity though, Blizzard has been having problems with illegal clan names, so the fact your keys were banned must have been an accident >.<
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