21 Aug 17, 06:04
mikrimaus: CMK is a typical example of a guy which mother is shrek, seriously get rekt mate
17 Aug 17, 17:00
Vector: lol
17 Aug 17, 09:02
CMK: Get ****ed mikri :D
13 Aug 17, 09:16
mikrimaus: we want to war again ****ing **** i cant stand all these retards on bnet and u cant ddos all of the ****tards lol
13 Aug 17, 09:15
mikrimaus: yea well **** blizzard lol when u make ur own keygen & they give sc for free and **** everything up
12 Aug 17, 17:47
Vector: i will log on once in awhile, and actually just earlier wanted to go to your channel
12 Aug 17, 17:35
Zelda: /by any chance u still on bnet
12 Aug 17, 17:33
Zelda: well because I tested alot of keys so far.. and still are working lol Xd
12 Aug 17, 16:40
Vector: but you still keep trying though, that's admirable :)
12 Aug 17, 16:40
Vector: and so many keys have been banned already ;\
12 Aug 17, 16:39
Vector: @Zelda StarCraft is a different story now. It uses a new protocol which hasn't been figured out yet, and it may or may not work normally from my understanding
12 Aug 17, 14:53
Zelda: im just install sc to get the updated hashes since they just released a new update/patch making the gamme FREE now
12 Aug 17, 11:26
Zelda: Plus im looking for the updated SC hashes how to fix that?
12 Aug 17, 11:23
Zelda: Thank you very much CmK I got it working! by any means are you @Europe if so stop by Clan LS
12 Aug 17, 11:22
Zelda: [11:22:22 AM] Socket #41: Check revision failed for WAR3! [11:22:22 AM] Reason: missing hash files for WAR3. errors that maelstrom gives.
12 Aug 17, 11:21
Zelda: Ok thanks I will try.
10 Aug 17, 11:59
Vector: Yeah I heard something that the executables were swapped
10 Aug 17, 09:07
Cmk: @zelda To update Hashes, Copy Storm.DLL ,Game.DLL, And copy Warcraft III From you're Wc3 Folder To your Maelstrom Hashes Folder And then Change ''Warcraft III'' name to War3 ! VERBYE = 1C
10 Aug 17, 01:28
Vector: However, I am both amazed and appreciative that it has had the support it has had from you guys for years
10 Aug 17, 01:27
Vector: I'm pretty sure Maelstrom has been used by a lot of warrers to test their keys
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