19 Nov 17, 07:53
hacker: prepare for my returns and arrival
19 Nov 17, 07:53
hacker: i got your iq 101
19 Nov 17, 07:53
hacker: immma very busy person your underestemating my hacking skills joel polien
18 Nov 17, 22:06
Vector: you must be a very bored person tbh
18 Nov 17, 09:58
hacker: im gonna be the best hacker ever
18 Nov 17, 09:58
hacker: prepare for me son
18 Nov 17, 09:58
hacker: vector ur hacking ur chatbox for the last time im gonna hek you
12 Nov 17, 16:37
Vector: it is currently available at http://files.codespeak.org/projects/maelstrom you can click the link up top to get to it
11 Nov 17, 16:26
ClanASIA~~: Vector sir where can i download `s current mael strome veersion i want check WA3 key of it thx!! love from clanasia
6 Nov 17, 23:45
Human: Hello, everyone!
6 Nov 17, 22:24
Vector: StarCraft isn't supported anymore, and it probably never will ;\
5 Nov 17, 16:14
ClanASIA~: HI iam wondering weres the cdkey check it not work for me vector are you here ? ? ? i want to heck some key and i type it in and i didnt get it work pls help me to make work this malstorm programme th
30 Oct 17, 00:00
Vector: I actually didn't ban you, but I just kicked you instead... now try and behave sir :)
29 Oct 17, 09:55
mikriMaus: Unban me vector sir