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26 Dec 11, 19:08
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3 Feb 11, 15:05
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Devil89: gratz guards medic cyaz real soon =P
20 Nov 09, 22:27
Devil89: lolz dun play card le la hahaz
26 Oct 09, 00:12
myst: lol..imagine his face as smth..a balloon?
25 Oct 09, 16:52
Devil89: lolz most ppl cant handle stress hahaz
15 Oct 09, 16:16
Karei: *miku radar picks up something* hatsune miku at amk?!?!?!
11 Oct 09, 19:56
Devil89: btw i should try going to AMK for my nights out 2 lolz
11 Oct 09, 19:56
Devil89: wth so gd.... we only every friday 3km run and they dun allow PT!! -_-
10 Oct 09, 01:51
Shun: but hey, we every 1,3,5 have 5km run, 50 static pt and games respectively
9 Oct 09, 18:32
Devil89: o-O eat so much? careful u gain back all the weight u lose in BMT hahaz btw tat in 'F' n u noe ivan rit? he in 'G'
9 Oct 09, 10:12
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