26 Aug 09, 06:50
Emi: I don't understand why you DIYed a logo of Chanel. It looks like a walking advertisement board! :S
25 Aug 09, 09:03
| ! Q u @ N: my H&M stuffs were bought in Shanghai. don't think it will come to our tiny island anytime soon. as for CHIC magazine, it's a local publication so most stuffs can be bought if still in stock I guess
25 Aug 09, 06:24
Cass: where to get H&M? and can we buy stuffs from the Chic magazine?
25 Aug 09, 00:13
| ! Q u @ N: hahaha. gotta wait till my eyes heal before any further action. the weird thing is that contacts help me see clearer now but it's causing the blurrness. am i making sense?
25 Aug 09, 00:07
jess: your eyes sound bad. maybe u should go ahead with lasik if it's the solution. sound like u're in quite a bit of pain. if u're coming on sat, we'll all wear specs to accompany u!
24 Aug 09, 16:21
Juliescary: heyy (: i saw you on chictopia i think your fashion sense is absolutely awesome!
22 Aug 09, 23:51
jess: yea i watched tt version also. when u posted up on your blog some time ago. that movie was nice.
22 Aug 09, 02:20
| ! Q u @ N: I'm not super excited about Coco before Chanel coz I kinda watched another version of her biography not too long ago. my guess is that September Issue will be similar to Devil Wears Prada
22 Aug 09, 01:56
Jess: Wah u still watching so many tv shows!
22 Aug 09, 01:54
Jess: Watch coco before Chanel together! At the movies! $6 wun pay more I assure u. Girls' outing
11 Aug 09, 22:20
| ! Q u @ N: she's sucking it all back now. i'm screwed......
11 Aug 09, 21:27
jess: u are not lowly paid loh and your mum where got bloodsucking..more like u're money sucking rightt haha
9 Aug 09, 03:03
alf: i attachment at 3M
8 Aug 09, 02:35
| ! Q u @ N: alf, where are u working?
8 Aug 09, 02:01
| ! Q u @ N: coz my company is SPECIAL. hahaha.. 11am everyone packing up already. super slack
8 Aug 09, 00:16
alf: why your friday got half day i dont have :(
2 Aug 09, 23:37
| ! Q u @ N: more like dreading waking up at 6am every morning....
2 Aug 09, 22:29
priscilla: BANG BANG. :D
2 Aug 09, 20:47
jess: first day of work tomorrow...good luck!! are u excited?
16 Jul 09, 21:15
| ! Q u @ N: there's nothing wrong being happy =)
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