4 Dec 09, 21:27
Zi Xuan: All the best for your life in Senior High! :)
4 Dec 09, 21:26
Zi Xuan: (to ZuoYue) glad you enjoyed the post, oh and btw thanks for these 2 years of fun!
4 Dec 09, 21:23
Zi Xuan: (to wei2) relinked! :)
29 Nov 09, 21:04
ZuoYue: haha and sj is mentally frightening and chih siong is a NERD !!!! haha I'm laughing too hard ~!
29 Nov 09, 21:02
ZuoYue: all the best ! *your music makes me write non-stop* sorry for the spam :D
29 Nov 09, 21:01
ZuoYue: and you realised, you are a nice person too ! but you really keep things only to yourself which makes us all think that you are difficult to fathom, but all in all ! you have been a nice friend ^^
29 Nov 09, 21:00
ZuoYue: HAHA, thanks Zi Xuan ! ^^ *touched* I wouldnt knw that you have dedication if not for this cls outing when viv and wy mentioned it ! thanks alot :) I was very serious and I really changed ^^ haha
25 Nov 09, 20:30
weiwei: btw must relink me k :D i change url so long le never relink ): break my heart leh HAHA im spamming LOL
25 Nov 09, 20:29
weiwei: btw, how's your vacation :D
25 Nov 09, 20:29
weiwei: yo zixuan! haha i'm learning to not be a tigress alr ok haha so must change your impression! HAHAHA :D anyway, thanks for your post :D it's really nice of you :D hope to see you soon in sch :D
22 Nov 09, 18:22
wanying: hahahah zixuan!! thanks!!! alooooooooooot!!! i'm still the relaxed type haha. you missed the chalet :( nvm im organising another outing
20 Nov 09, 18:07
Tzyy: Glad you all like this post...:) You people have been awesome classmates!
17 Nov 09, 13:10
teoee: LOL@all the reference to mental health!so funny haha. nobody's ever said i was diligent before WAKAKAKA. wow im surprised that you remember the hcl lsn thing(: i'd almost forgotten about it haha
14 Nov 09, 12:56
Samantha: Hi Zi Xuan, THANK YOU for the comment.. BUT there's something I need to clarify! Actually,I'm not that studious
11 Nov 09, 17:51
charmaine: thankyou! :D
11 Nov 09, 09:42
songjia: hahaha hey dinosaur enjoy your holiday!
10 Nov 09, 23:06
vivyan: oh noooo i am slightly *****yy! thank god i am not anymore! :D
9 Nov 09, 20:41
ella: YO thanks for the post!
7 Nov 09, 23:07
teoee: but so sweet: D
7 Nov 09, 23:06
teoee: wow to write something for everyone...tedious!
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