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28 Jan 09, 12:51
BookWhore: I, too, harbored a MAJOR cruch on one Gilbert Blythe as a tween. Smiles
3 Feb 09, 01:40
hey bitches: stop flashing ur fanny
3 Feb 09, 01:41
hey bitches: fuk u
3 Feb 09, 01:41
hey bitches: i wanna see more cock
3 Feb 09, 01:41
hey bitches: where is it
3 Feb 09, 01:41
hey bitches: espanola
3 Feb 09, 01:41
hey bitches: give it to me baby
3 Feb 09, 09:56
Trollop: It looks like someone has a lot of free time LOL
8 Feb 09, 01:54
campaspe: anyone watch secret diary of a call girl?
19 Feb 09, 01:31
the bibliophile: wtf with the above postings???? Lol. Anyway, I hope that all you bitches are doing well and are any of you waiting for the upcoming Kleypas release?
4 Mar 09, 01:21
campaspe: are you guys coming back anytime soon?
4 Mar 09, 07:08
Coleen: Why aren't you guys posting anymore? You girls are being REAL bitches!
4 Mar 09, 15:01
KC: I finally come back after being lost in the jungle for years, living survivor style eating rice and killing animals.... ok not for real.... but I've been gone awhile and here I see so have all of you!
20 Mar 09, 21:15
the bibliophile: Has anyone been reading Lori Foster lately? She's been doing some crazy things lately...
30 Mar 09, 05:14
campaspe: guess you guys really are gone *sniff*. I need to find another blog as good as yours. Doubtful I'll be able to find one.
31 Mar 09, 02:36
Shosh: That will be tough to find. YOu might find sexy, but never the right amount of humor or vice versa.
31 Mar 09, 02:36
Shosh: I sure hope you guys come back.
30 Apr 09, 08:02
Kat: Almost 3 months since last post
24 May 09, 00:37
melzie: where are they?????? :(
26 May 09, 22:32
campaspe: carry on with their lives i guess. RIP BB