12 Jun 08, 01:07
joleneeee: ivy poh. this friday are we still going? (: are you feeling better? HUGS
2 Jun 08, 20:29
nina: thanks for making my day wonderful. love you ives =)
17 May 08, 02:34
airen: hey airen..cool...u gonna be back in sept!we are looking fwd to that! so that we can congratulate u in person...give u tight hugs!miss ya! ;)
7 May 08, 10:28
pheebs: hi ives. just wanted to say hello =) and thanks for calling to check on me the other day. hugs
29 Apr 08, 10:13
maku: 'appy belated b'day!
25 Apr 08, 23:55
ann: haha wow!!! trampoline posted it up!! and we were only talking about it last month when we were there (((: i miss you ives. happy birthday!
23 Apr 08, 13:05
airen: hey sweetie..how are u?i miss ya! :)
31 Mar 08, 13:20
pheebs: thanks ives. =) love youu.
17 Mar 08, 10:43
pheebs: omg ives the dress you're wearing in that pic with sue and sam is GORGEOUS
15 Mar 08, 07:58
chuns: dear nina n saz... it was beautiful for us to have cross paths with you to journey with u girls!! can we please meet up soons=)
10 Mar 08, 21:33
sarah*: exciting times ivy :) glad to be able to share these beautiful milestones with you :)
7 Mar 08, 11:02
fenzie: share ur beautiful engagement pics w us...... hurrY! ;)
1 Mar 08, 16:58
nina: your engagement was beautiful. loved it =)
29 Feb 08, 12:36
chuns: thanks serene!!! will see u realli soon!! 2 more weeks
21 Feb 08, 18:52
Serene: I heard the good news. CONGRATULATIONS babe!!!
29 Jan 08, 11:40
ann: no more pohpoh soon!! limlim??? :D:D:D SO HAPPY!!!
27 Jan 08, 21:47
fenzie: congrats dear! we are sooo happy for u! looking forward to D day! *huggies*!
15 Jan 08, 22:09
Serene: Hey babe! Happy New Year! I'm gonna be visiting Melb in mid March! Let's go for house special pork chop on noodles! Sorry ah... I wanna also ask if you have space to put Jeff and I up at ur place... =
4 Jan 08, 14:10
sales: sellin top at $5 bottom at $10! willing to giv a lower price if buy more or if nego is resonable!TAKE A LOOK!
25 Dec 07, 13:18
ChiLLi: m3rry x'maS sweEty!!
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