17 Feb 13, 16:00
linda pc: how to setup wireless network
25 Dec 12, 13:26
mizz tiarra: just come holiday in phuket :p
24 Oct 11, 22:23
Sexy Girl Here: Your Blog is Beautiful. i wish you can visit mine too
25 Sep 11, 04:09
Sex & City: Coolz New post ha. Can you visit mine to?
9 Aug 11, 21:40
Brad Callen: Hi, your blog look nice and great info. i wish you can visit mine too
16 Jan 09, 15:32
hue: oy yee! welcome!
16 Jan 09, 15:32
hue: tks flor n elena.. heehee just saw the msg.
5 Jan 09, 07:08
Elena: Happy Belated Birthday YH! Hope u hv had a wonderful day!
4 Jan 09, 23:12
oy yee: oy yee
4 Jan 09, 19:30
flo: happy birthday YH. Sorry aunt cannot attend......
29 Dec 08, 23:42
hue: yes.. haha not much ppl and only ppl i know read my blog. :D
25 Dec 08, 12:34
elena: so u r inviting everyone that reads your blog ar?
22 Nov 08, 01:15
florence: think just cook red eggs for him to eat. ha ha ha
22 Nov 08, 01:15
florence: hey fren yr chocolate look familiar leh. think my mom in law got buy before. where yr man get it from? sms me let me know. hee he hee tomorrow celebrating my man birthday but never buy him any present
17 Nov 08, 14:27
hue: celebrate together can save alot man. going out for dinner?
16 Nov 08, 17:43
elena: me oso planning for my son n ah lau's birthday. they are just 1 day apart. headache!!
28 Oct 08, 12:26
hue: now planning yh 1st yr birthday! suggestions r welcome
2 Jun 08, 16:47
hue: no more tepanyaki.. now is steamboat..
27 May 07, 23:11
gap: Eh ... ur tepanyaki dinner eat one whole month haven't eat finish
16 May 07, 21:49
hero: Hi I sent a email to u. Is the littlebitorbit@gmail.com correct ?
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