19 Nov 19, 14:40
sihui> Passerby: Thanks so much you :) Appreciate the message!
16 Nov 19, 09:00
Passerby: Happy that you got your final closure after all those year and the wonderful friendship you experienced. Take care!
8 Jul 19, 01:14
sihui> junior202: doing great. the school of life, is the school of journalism haha. so fret not, and try not to let it get to you :)
8 Jul 19, 01:13
sihui> junior202: but in all seriousness tho, i dont think not taking journ mods should bother you~ so many journos in the newsroom never even took up comms as a degree and picked up skills along the way and theyre
8 Jul 19, 01:12
sihui> junior202: we all dunno what exactly we're doing on this rollercoaster called life ~flailing arms~
5 Jul 19, 18:57
junior202: i don't know what i am doing with my life ~flailing arms~
5 Jul 19, 18:56
junior202: somehow even though I didn't go through hedwig
5 Jul 19, 18:56
junior202: honestly i have no idea if i earned my spot or not, I didn't take any journ modules in uni - i only did writing internships, a docu for broadcast journ in wkw and yea... I guess I'm here...
4 Jul 19, 01:44
sihui> junior202: bahah you earned your spot so don't think of yourself any less :)
3 Jul 19, 18:28
junior202: I'm on a contract actually... hahaha ok I just feel stun that i work at CNA now even tho i on contract only, but yea will say hi to you when i get enough courage (or time)
2 Jul 19, 01:14
sihui> junior202: aiyo! I don't bite, just say hi. interning or working full time? if youre interning, pls say hi before you leave, i'll be sad if you don't :/
25 Jun 19, 15:05
junior202: si hui, I've been following your blog for some time and now I'm working at CNA and I see you sometimes but lol i too shy to say hi
6 Jun 19, 22:05
sihui> Passerby: haha guess i'm not the only one :P but ok lah~ they serve two different purposes! can't possibly blog every day eh
28 May 19, 23:01
Passerby: I haven't blogged for a long time too! Guess I've depended too much on social media to curate my life haha
25 Jan 19, 23:59
sihui> phangala: lollllzos yingjie
16 Jan 19, 10:08
phangala: i hope you get attached in 2019 lol
22 Nov 18, 00:08
sihui> dude: Hey dude! bahaha you guessed it~ I suppose I just haven't met my type of guy yet :)
19 Nov 18, 10:55
dude: Have you ever had a bf? Saw that post about your type of guy
4 Nov 18, 01:18
sihui> Passerby: hey youuuu! hang in there aight. think about it - you will come away from this experience a whole lot stronger. you're coming home real soon, so if you think about it, relish every moment now. Jiayou!
1 Nov 18, 17:30
Passerby: Wow haha I really related to your most recent post. Being away from Singapore alone is tough and sometimes my frustrations make me terribly homesick. Thanks for the reminder to live in the moment! (:
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