Rebecca: Tranny is a slur.
deb: yes the spycatcher case!
su: is spycatcher the book which was the subject of AG v Blake?
deb: that is a great idea!
su: portobello road might have the tinker tailor soldier spy briefcase.
Kay: Hello, I like your entries, very lovely!!
su: OMG yes Tom Ellis or at least, Gary is WONDERFUL
deb: i gave both teas to friends in the end so i have yet to taste mariage freres! Lipton for me.
su: are you sipping the tea from Mariage Freres?
deb: for a long time its been banana nutella crepes but i cant make crepes 8(
su: What do you really want (to eat)?
su: i got .doc....hahaha
deb: T_T wolves are SUPPOSED to eat rabbits.
jun: and from another perspective, you've indirectly saved a rabbit's life. so yay.
jun: well, considering the fur collar was bought in indo, theres a high chance it might be fake.
deb: yes!!
su: that means! we still can have lunch together! at raffles place!
su: but! if you do too much work we dont have time to go prawning.
deb: you'll never walk alone? xD lol SO COOL
su: i saw them i saw them! all the liverpool fans were outside the royal courts of justice singing!
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