21 Apr 10, 04:30
eddi: lol social networking website ftw
19 Apr 10, 20:54
lj: should we like, create like a 03s73groups or something on facebook. lol. it'll be easier right? haha..
27 Mar 10, 23:45
eddi: HARLOE from USA! how's everyone doing? must meetup more when LJ and i aren't around k!=]
4 Mar 10, 23:35
lj: check out the website hwachongyouth.org k. And spread to all other HC people!
4 Mar 10, 23:34
lj: hey all there's a HC photo competition! Can win attractive prizes!
2 Dec 09, 05:27
dilys: Yeah man, we should really meet up soon! It's been such a loooong time.. wonder how everyone is doing.
11 Nov 09, 13:33
jiaho: ahahaha YAAAH meet up soon ne, my exams end on the 4th! =( hope i dun grow fat over in US..prolly will be gaying wif mobi n' tianhan there. interested ppl can bunk in @ my place!
4 Nov 09, 13:50
siying: HELLO! Let's have a class gathering in mid dec after u guys' exams, before jiaho flies off to the land of french fries & huge beef patties? and congratulations jh & lj for finding ur partners! =]
4 Oct 09, 04:42
al: lol!!!
25 Sep 09, 11:30
eddi: AHAHA wang tianhan never log in for 90days le
19 Sep 09, 12:10
jay: oh dear WHAT HAPPENED TO OUR BLog!!!
24 Aug 09, 22:12
lj: let's form a team!! http://pvsp2009.blogspot.com/
24 Aug 09, 22:11
lj: ahah.. i'm not too sure about it too, but i can put you in touch with ziqian. Or maybe Jaymie is in a better position to tell more? i'm not too familar still. anyway, wanna play captains ball in pvp?
23 Aug 09, 07:40
dilys: Heyz lj, sounds interesting.. tell us more about it! :)
22 Aug 09, 23:00
jay: hey lj are you going for the event? he invited me but i don't have company to go with :(
22 Aug 09, 12:31
lj: hey guys, Ziqian is setting up a new youth wing for HC alumni. Anyone interested? There's going to be lots of networking and commercial tie-ups, and the first investiture is coming up soon!
15 Aug 09, 23:27
jay: ME!
10 Aug 09, 12:13
siying: hahaa..well said,dilys! dinner soon anyone?
9 Aug 09, 12:21
dilys: This blog is getting so dead.. haha.. heyz someone organize a class gathering soon, it's been ages since we last had one! :)
3 Jul 09, 01:42
al: everyone seems to be working alr... i m starting on 6th jul, but each day shld end pretty early :)
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