1 Nov 12, 22:01
hasrin: Salam Perkenalan. :-)
14 Oct 12, 14:18
sarimah: Beritahu kami kenapa anda perlukan MRT? :-)
13 Sep 12, 12:48
freezon: jom vote kek 1 malaysia :-)
3 Nov 07, 22:04
Bruce: haha... I know. Just ben distracted by facebook perhaps. Will try to shake the addiction and tend to my blog. :)
26 Jul 07, 23:28
YOURS!!: You are the most amazing man ever!! I love you with all my heart and these past 6 months have been amazing. you are the love of my life Ryan James. God has blessed me so much by giving me you! MWAH!!
24 Jul 07, 12:20
aud: Congratulations. so when is da wedding
18 Jul 07, 01:12
Wolffy: no mate, the $50 bet that said you wouldnt be engaged by the time you came back... You can keep the 50baht, but thats what you get for making a silly bet =D Good decision, silly bet!
17 Jul 07, 14:51
ryan: you mean that 50 baht you lent me? no worries. come and get it :D
16 Jul 07, 15:07
Wolffy: Ha! You owe me $50! Australian! Remeber the bet we made before you left? =D
4 Jul 07, 16:02
Ryan: Hey an\ll i'm doing well i'm in Pattaya at the moment on outreach. pray for spiritual protection here.
28 Jun 07, 08:32
aud: Hw is everything going in thailad
23 Jun 07, 22:55
I miss you SO MUCH!!!!: :(
20 Jun 07, 19:27
I miss you: .
13 Jun 07, 22:32
Bella: come back to me already!!!
24 May 07, 19:27
Ryan: going great here having a great time, lectures are almost over and perparations for 5 week outreach coming up!! :D
17 May 07, 11:06
aud: How u going in thailand. u haven't blogged in ages
11 May 07, 16:31
I love you!: !!
15 Apr 07, 17:13
Wolffy: We can only hope, can't we mate. I trust you fixed your munted aussie flag?
13 Apr 07, 01:39
Grayce: Hello my love! XOXO Im a little late at getting this one! ;) I hope you know how much I love you! your my blessing!! :heart:
11 Apr 07, 16:53
ryan: well... suck it up wolffy... it's not gonna stop. and one day you'll be in love too!
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