27 Jan 10, 03:28
Yur: Awesome
23 Jan 10, 14:24
Jiaqi: and adding on to its basic structure. Sorry for the long wait!
23 Jan 10, 14:24
Jiaqi: My dear readers, I apologize for the long wait. Much had to be done while we were planning. I can promise u the new blog will be up in a day or so. And it will start rolling and developing
23 Jan 10, 06:08
19 Jan 10, 03:37
Yur: HAHA.... Any snippet on when the new blog will come out?
19 Jan 10, 02:44
Desolater: HAAH Indeed. Where is our new entries? We want more! haha
19 Jan 10, 02:33
Vickers: Its been a long long while since a last entry. How long till we see something new guys?
9 Jan 10, 18:44
Vickers: Sounds like a good thing. Do it guys!
8 Jan 10, 15:51
Desolater: Sounds like an awesome idea jiaqi. Definitely stirring my interest.
7 Jan 10, 23:00
Yur: Sounds like a fantastic idea! I cant wait ;)
7 Jan 10, 06:51
Jiaqi: Thank you very much Vickers. :) hehe
6 Jan 10, 07:04
VIckers: And this comes from a person who thinks Brets are pansies.. :p
6 Jan 10, 07:04
VIckers: Thats a real nice photo dude of the bowmen.. really cool
5 Jan 10, 08:06
Desolater: Don't mention it Josh. And Happy New Year to Both of you dudes!
3 Jan 10, 18:56
Vickers: Hey, thts a reeally nice pic of Khorne warriors. Cool
2 Jan 10, 17:05
Yur: Happy New year Guys! Damn, those cosplay armour are really detailed.
29 Dec 09, 20:18
josh: haha desolater, that's really funny. It cracks me up. And yeah, it was Hitler who wanted to get that mythical spear that was thought to grant world dominion to whoever wielded it...
28 Dec 09, 06:08
Desolater: Chaos Warriors are from Sweden!, the eco friendly wasteland up north.
27 Dec 09, 08:07
Vickers: HAHA hitler shud be ringing in ur head too. Wasn't he the last one to get the spear under some conspiracy theory blabber?
26 Dec 09, 04:12
josh: ringing*
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