chiffon candy: visit us for great deals on imported dresses and sprees at low prices!
sweetz eighteen: Hi! Do check out for pretty clothing! Thanks a million! :D
Ivan: Pal, nt planning to update on ur blog anymore?
Ivan: Hey! Etg's ok? Take care, yah? :)
Ivan: Pal, hope u're doing well! :)
Ivan: Hey pal! Too bz to update?
meiyunsharon: happy v day ; )
Ivan: In a flash of an eye, u're back to Aust once more. Catch up again when u're back here, ok?
Ivan: Welcome back, pal!!
Ivan: Someone's coming back soon le!! Wohoo!
sha - ivan: haha, yeah, thats the plan. hahaha.
Ivan: Happy New Year! Looking forward to ur return for CNY! Foodies & MJ!!
Ivan: The people you choose to be in relationships with will either take you to the heights of ecstasy or to the depths of hell. The choice is yours. Choose wisely. <-This is nice!
cInDy: When u coming back, my dear? Once u have the exact dates, let me now k? I miss u so much wor. Btw I'm thinking of going 2 visit u nxt yr. :-p
evee: ooii... Phantomn of d Opera... COUNT ME IN!!!!!
rene: i miss u *hugs*
Ivan: Juz come back, pal! Don't need 2 tink too much! Your family & friends over here wld be happy 2c u! ME included!
Ivan: Juz dropping by to say hi, hope etg's alrite for u, pal! Take care! :)
Ivan: Such a sad song... Buddy, take care!
Ivan: Pal, a mistake in my 《等不到的幸福》, shld be 非你莫属. Heez :P
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