6 Aug 18, 21:25
Vagus: Hi Frank; I appreciate your stopping by; but my blog isn't really worth subscribing to. It's just a place for me to share stories or vent, but time hasn't permitted me to do either regularly anymore.
11 Jul 18, 02:43
Frank Elliott: I don't see a way to subscribe to your blog. I'm a diabetic whose pancreas is recovering through getting in much better shape through weight lifting and long aerobic bike rides on my indoor recumbent
24 May 17, 21:06
Sabun Muka Untuk Jerawat: Impresif for you
8 May 17, 20:48
Vagus: Hi JC, Sorry I've been lazy and not checking my blog. What specifically about goiters are you asking about? They're pretty common and by themselves are usually not a big deal
16 Apr 17, 20:35
JC: Hi Dr Vagus, fellow Malaysian here - was wondering if you have a view on goitres - not sure if you discuss medical conditions
29 Mar 17, 20:56
Vagus: Emailed you, WS Lee. Sorry, haven't been by for a few weeks so only read yout msg now
13 Mar 17, 13:09
WS lee: @Vagus hope to hear from you soon
13 Mar 17, 13:08
WS lee: @Vagus hi doctor Vagus, i have some questions regarding IM residency that i would like to ask you about. is there any way that i can communicate with you , say via email?
8 Mar 17, 10:18
Vagus: Yea I know. So many memories of his songs :(
6 Mar 17, 06:43
Andrew: Doctor, your singing idol Tommy Page has just passed away. R.I.P.
17 Jan 17, 20:00
Vagus: Coming home for CNY! Can't wait!!
16 Jan 17, 09:08
Andrew: Hi Doctor, time flies! It's been almost a decade I've been reading your blog. CNY is around the corner, miss home?
21 Dec 16, 07:20
Sabun Penghilang Jerawat: Sabun Penghilang Jerawat
21 Dec 16, 07:20
Sabun Jerawat: Sabun Jerawat
16 Oct 16, 18:15
Vagus: Hi Wei Sern. There are tons of Malaysian doctors in the USA. I'd imagine more than 50, probably much more. It's a long process- but worth it. Good luck- feel free to email if you have questions
15 Oct 16, 19:46
Wei Sern Lee: I am excited to know that they are other Malaysians who are already matched and doing residency in USA. i'm going to work on my cv and hopefully match into IM next year
15 Oct 16, 19:44
Wei Sern Lee: hello dr vagus! I'm a graduate from Melaka Manipal Medical College in Malaysia. I recently got ECFMG certified with all step 1,2ck and cs passed with first attempt.
15 Oct 16, 05:26
Vagus: What studies are you talking about?
8 Oct 16, 09:56
x: hi what studies are those? would like to show my boss! my institution has these pads sprouting up all over the place too, it's so off putting!
18 Aug 16, 06:41
bekas jerawat: like, like, and like
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