18 Apr 13, 07:16
Alf: omg, this blog. It still exists.
15 Feb 10, 22:28
dhan: dont stop writing leh...even if u update once every 6 months or so! lol.
2 Sep 09, 23:09
aini: ext validation is the name of the game. woo! enjoy it before u become a self-satisfied 50 yr old. hehehehhe
3 Aug 09, 02:07
Hazri: Also, beauty is subjective, unless you are a plastic surgeon.
3 Aug 09, 02:06
Hazri: YES, Live Fast, Die Young. Longevity is over-rated.
3 Jul 09, 12:48
iz: eh ****. i didnt realize D:
2 Jul 09, 15:20
aini: i find it a little ironic that mj dies after u guys talking about him. and iz, right now... mj's facial cartilage ain't gonna be nowhere near as healthy as yours.
19 Jun 09, 17:38
Hazri: Healthy or not, still looks scary either way. =S
19 Jun 09, 11:27
iz: michael jackson WISHES he has as much healthy face cartilage as I do hahahaha
19 Jun 09, 03:14
19 Jun 09, 02:00
aini: harharhar! i see u are giving me a warning on ur appearance so that my brain doesnt explode when i eventually see u again.. not that my brain exploded when i saw the photos lawl. looking good!
13 Jun 09, 04:32
iz: haha the one where the side is buzzed. which was ages ago la, obv :D
10 Jun 09, 04:13
dhan: er i meant *india. ok im totally spamming ur cbox (sounds like bad word).
10 Jun 09, 04:12
dhan: oh and i love holga black n whites from indian #2, #3 & #4!
10 Jun 09, 04:08
10 Jun 09, 04:07
dhan: totallayyyy.
10 Jun 09, 03:27
iz: i've always felt there was some truth in astrology in terms of personality profiling..
10 Jun 09, 03:26
iz: LOL oh yeah the list is still there! well that should help you all for the next few years :D
9 Jun 09, 02:57
tash: i see you are still hoping to get more birthday gifts... hahaha
9 Jun 09, 02:56
tash: hello izzz! :D
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