18 Mar 19, 22:22
FTL: G'day Melanippos, I take it the new server has gone the way of the dodo? Any chance this will continue again, one day?
20 Jul 17, 08:23
melanippos: A full year later - Talking to my brother and he's inspiring me to get back to this. Am going to do some plot mapping with him in the next week
20 Mar 16, 22:23
melanippos: I'm still alive and drawing - I'm not done yet/
20 Mar 16, 22:22
melanippos: I have put them away somewhere in the last fortnight. Damnable thing. I found scrap paper for the interim. Stay tuned, though I'm sure I've said this many times before.
20 Mar 16, 22:21
melanippos: Or could I find the current sketchbook i've been drawing the comic in? They've been on the corner of my work desk for months.
20 Mar 16, 22:20
melanippos: I swear I have gremlins regarding this comic! I couldn't sleep Gone Astray popped into my head- I got up and figured how to get out of this current hiatus - could I find my concepts notebook
30 Jun 15, 19:21
FTL: Definately up now... and very sharp and clean looking.
29 Jun 15, 09:45
melanippos: It's there, wordpress is just being a sod. Will try to get this fixed and put up a new panel tonight
29 Jun 15, 09:45
melanippos: http://goneastray.rfsoftware.net/comics/2015-06-16.png
28 Jun 15, 03:30
cwg: it may be that YOU see it because browser is looking at it locally? i get "failed to locate resource at specified URL"
28 Jun 15, 03:29
cwg: Browser is looking for THIS SITE / comics / YYYY-MM-DD dot PNG
23 Jun 15, 19:05
melanippos: Try refreshing. Something should be there - I can see it (unless this site is lying to me specifically(
21 Jun 15, 21:38
FTL: Don't know if it just me but I do not get an image... or has the Fist of Doom(tm) taken its revenge on it? ;-)
16 Jun 15, 20:22
melanippos: <- The link is in my username for the moment - I'll pop one on site here once I've gotten back in the swing of regular updates. I'm going to spend the next hour focusing on getting a panel done.
15 Jun 15, 23:12
FTL: Patreon link?
14 Jun 15, 18:14
melanippos: Patreon is LAUNCH and I'm going to see if I can, quietly, also get on with GA.
12 Jun 15, 18:19
FTL: Ahh.. so more like rudderless and adrift than depressed... not as bad but still distressing after the sharp focus of a PhD. Hope direction is being found.
10 Jun 15, 16:42
melanippos: Wasn't really a "depression", that was unnecessary melodrama - I was just somewhat paralysed by all the projects I was free to do.
5 Jun 15, 22:16
FTL: Good to hear that you have the PhD done and dusted. Sorry that the post event was not so good. Will keep an eye out for the Patreon.
27 May 15, 21:15
melanippos: In other news I'm going to set up a Patreon to prompt this and other projects. Stay tuned in multiple channels.
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