8 Dec 14, 21:37
Gtrailer: blogwalking session, da lama x wat
27 Sep 14, 11:48
Sueanne: should have read this hk post. DAMN. We got lost looking for timhowan too.
1 Jul 14, 15:40
phweee: and woahhhhhh tagboard thing is so old skool i miss those days
1 Jul 14, 15:39
phweee: i came here after i saw your tweet. WHERE IS THE POST.
12 Feb 13, 00:47
shuying: hey date! haha i still read this blog!! like drop by occasionally! tell me more abt korea the next time i meet you!!! hehehehehe
10 Jun 12, 21:55
Sueanne: I agree. Nicole is full of surprises. Was it the first time that she bake for me?!
7 Jun 12, 02:07
shuying: THIS! "Sometimes Nicole is full of surprises cuz you don't know when to take her words for real LOL" LOLLL TOTALLY TRUE!
31 Oct 11, 11:40
Cheng Hao: tszhin own
28 Apr 11, 21:49
M: online*
28 Apr 11, 21:49
M: if you see it selling for $2 can buy for me? ^-^ i found it only leh
21 Feb 11, 15:18
M: want to give you a smiley but the popup smiley box refuse to pop out. have to make do w a (L) lor
21 Feb 11, 15:17
M: bth the stupid bot anyhow tag.
21 Feb 11, 15:17
M: opps 2 months to go hehe
21 Feb 11, 15:16
21 Feb 11, 15:16
13 Feb 11, 12:55
Steph: omg damn lucky lah you!! Birthday song by your favourite girl group~!!
12 Jan 11, 22:55
ZOEE: haha yesss i love jumping infront of people to tao qian from them teehee
5 Jan 11, 00:21
M-ZOEE: i think anyone would faint if they get to see hyuna ^^ ....and seriously i lol-ed at your post lor! dedicate one post for fei! TOO MANY BIASES ALR bu ke yi zhe yang!!! :sohee:
3 Jan 11, 00:26
ZOEE: So shuang stay at cube!!! Awwww what will you do if 4minute came out lah seeing hyuna in all her glory omgzzzzz
23 Dec 10, 22:23
M: aw so sweeticle i didnt know you took that pic especially for me hehehe gumawo for the cinamenmen planner ah xiaohei~ <3 :sunmi:
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