8 Jan 08, 11:54
mickey: im coming to join u in swiss soon. i don't wantttttt...........
14 Oct 07, 20:14
Brian: May! I can't get you on ur number!
10 Oct 07, 07:19
Brian: May! I think it's quite hard to meet you this weekend. St.Gallen's too far away, its at the top right corner of Switzerland, we're at bottom left...how???
9 Oct 07, 21:46
mAy: my flight is 2 hours away. Let me know where you when you want me to meet you guys.
3 Oct 07, 23:05
mAy: hey! I will be in Switz from 10 to 13. so when are you guys free. Let's arrange a date first?
30 Sep 07, 00:04
Weiming: haha, i told u swiss is an expensive place to go to. nevertheless, im sure u didnt regret it becos i havent. :D take care man....
24 Sep 07, 08:15
Brian: Chocolates? Plenty...
20 Sep 07, 13:46
heng: oops i meant chocs!
20 Sep 07, 13:46
heng: Update liao laaa... buy some chos from switz will u please?? pretty please?? LOL!
6 Sep 07, 15:57
Brian: Heng...update ur blog lehhhhhhhh
6 Sep 07, 15:56
Brian: May which part of swiss will you be stopping over again? Kenny will be here next week, can only tell him then...
6 Sep 07, 15:56
Brian: Hello everyone, haven't been able to update my blog as the internet here is just crap. Will try to when it gets more reliable. Yes weiming, those noodles, might start cooking them here in swiss.
5 Sep 07, 01:47
mAy: Hey you must have settled down in Switz already huh. My stopover is confirmed from 10 to 13 Oct! We shall meet! Tell Kenny!
5 Sep 07, 01:00
Weiming: come to think of it. time flies LAH. its sept now mind u i miss the days we had our cha-pa-lang noodle. "new york, london, tokyo, singapore" hahaha
5 Sep 07, 00:59
Weiming: doing good doing good! i say u need to enjoy in switz boy! play hard work harder when i ORD i'll see u in SG. take care bro.
3 Sep 07, 21:35
heng: LOL i look like an Encik in ex lancer
3 Aug 07, 09:55
Brian: Yeah boy...hahah the temptation took over
2 Aug 07, 07:21
Weiming: LOL. you just didthat
2 Aug 07, 00:12
Brian: yeah man....oi update ur blog lol
30 Jul 07, 23:16
heng: OMG, You finally doodad~!
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