21 Nov 08, 05:49
Hayley: Two years ago someone gave me a fighter fish as a bday present, along with a cute little fishtank. It died 2 days later :( Reasons unknown! I think they are trickier than most people expect!
30 Oct 08, 12:48
Stephanie: haha~
28 Oct 08, 23:32
eun-jung: tegamiwa arimasen! ^0^
12 Oct 08, 18:03
Stephanie: The new place is great. We try to cook as much as possible, but we get lazy at times. :nuts:
11 Oct 08, 05:02
Hayley: How's the new place?? Been cooking much or eating lots of takeouts?? :))
2 Oct 08, 02:06
Endoru: Good for you. Take pride in it. :)
20 Sep 08, 19:31
Stephanie: Lol. I have been hearing that occasionally at work now.
15 Sep 08, 20:02
Endoru: Congrats in becoming the biggest bank in the US ! *hehe*
3 Sep 08, 19:36
Stephanie: We are renting, because we probably will be moving out of the city (Philadelphia) when he graduates in 4 yrs.
3 Sep 08, 07:12
Hayley: Congrats on your apartment! How exciting... did u buy it or are you renting it? I love all the cartoon drawings :) Perth doesnt have many of those available, we gota wait till HK end of the year...
31 Aug 08, 05:28
Endoru: Nice apartment ! Looks real spacious !
11 Aug 08, 05:51
eun-jung: ^----------------^
15 Jul 08, 23:14
Stephanie: Hard to say... because I found an open position in Philly today, and I applied for it. So, I'm waiting for a response any day. Rob is schedule to move there on Aug 8th.
14 Jul 08, 03:43
Cori: We're coming Sept 16-23, will you & Rob still be around?
8 Jul 08, 22:02
Stephanie: For Italian, there's Carmine's (a famous family restaurant) but I'm not a big fan. Let me know when you're coming~!
8 Jul 08, 21:59
Stephanie: I don't really eat out in Manhattan. There are lots of Japanese restaurants like Izakaya and other authentic restaurants in St. Mark's... but that's in lower Manhattan.
8 Jul 08, 15:42
Cori: Hey, II'll be in NYC this fall and need to make reservations for Dad's birthday dinner. Any suggestions? He likes greek, japanese, and italian..We're staying at the Sheraton @ 7th Ave & 53rd St
7 Jul 08, 19:46
Endoru: Yeah, go on and continue to convince your CME that he's facing no risk in promoting you. *hehe*
25 May 08, 05:50
Hayley: Hahaha omggg u got the minature things! We wanted to get them made 3 years ago when we went to HK,.. but it was really expensive :(
13 May 08, 09:13
Stephanie: Yeah... we found out later from other cruisers that it was a monkey. LOL.
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