11 Dec 17, 16:54
suzi: hey girl love the x-mas tunes i cah sing but i right der with you lol
6 Dec 17, 16:55
louis: most of these songs are new to me but i've already made each one of them a part of my playlist ll
6 Dec 17, 15:54
tara: you have me singing out loud for the world to hear today lol thank you for the music lady v
6 Dec 17, 15:04
trinity: good afternoon can you play are you ready for it taylor swift or something by beyonce plz thx
6 Dec 17, 14:53
julias: hey there lovely lady i'm locked on too you're sounding just as sweet as i remember
6 Dec 17, 14:47
melo: great music today laady v shout my mother trudy who's listening
5 Dec 17, 16:00
austin.k: lovin the tunes
5 Dec 17, 14:26
melvin: who sings it it's for delma wishing her a very happy birthday today
5 Dec 17, 14:25
melvin: good afternoon miss v can you please play the most beautiful girl in the world i can't remember
5 Dec 17, 14:22
paula: lady who sings those nice christmas songs you're playing toady im really enjoying them lol
4 Dec 17, 17:34
zena: great son selection lady v really enjoying it over here
4 Dec 17, 16:47
liam: wow these songs are grat never heard them before keep them coming seasons greetns in advance to you
4 Dec 17, 16:11
heather: good day lady v love the music and the christmas facts that last one really had me lol
4 Dec 17, 15:44
rachel: that you're playing thank you so much for that please shouts us out peter and rachel hues
4 Dec 17, 15:44
rachel: my husband and i are heading down to marigot and we're both singing to the song by earth wind and fire
4 Dec 17, 15:18
troy: heeyyyyy!!!
4 Dec 17, 15:05
porgy: thats my daughter trinity's favorite song lol
4 Dec 17, 14:41
claudia: i didn't know that about christmas wow you learn something new everyday
4 Dec 17, 14:33
BIG-DEN: beautiful whats up you sounding lovely as ever give your boy a shout out
4 Dec 17, 14:21
marcella: shout out the team at sandals we are locked on
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