18 May 13, 06:24
Product Samples: heyy, nice blog! want to exchange links? www.FreeProductTesting.com contact us
5 Apr 10, 17:28
cherriko: u've abandoned ur blog for another yr :P
22 May 09, 20:01
maruko: wen, dun worry, ccna is easy. a lot of poly fresh grads comes out with ccna on top of their diploma. u can do it!
13 Mar 08, 01:32
kiMz: simi dun care.. no heels plz.. dun injure yer leg further le...........
25 Dec 07, 09:37
kiMz: first post here.. after so long readin yer blog.. we jiayouz =D
31 Oct 07, 23:01
wen to cherriko: hmm think got BOTH - ichiban SUSHI n ichiban BOSHI!!!
30 Oct 07, 02:08
cherriko: mi has ichiban SUSHI not boshi.. apparently they are different! hahah :D
24 Oct 07, 00:02
maruko: Everybody! pls donate some $$ for wen wen xmas present fund so she can get her blades. hahaa
20 Oct 07, 13:28
wen to maruko: arigato... think coz haven been exercising thats why keep falling sick =p
19 Oct 07, 00:36
maruko: get well soon and gambatte!
3 Oct 07, 23:43
susie: sala lah.. red one = invite Mr & Mrs, 2 person. Black = 1 person. Bumped into Leimoon that day, his is black!
7 Sep 07, 00:44
wen to cherriko: kekee ya ya!! urs shld be.... with susan??!?! got to check with her!
6 Sep 07, 08:58
cherriko: waahh no wonder siang said the invitation card was NICE.. haha!~ must see and im glad i dun belong to "老一辈的" wahaha~ :D
4 Sep 07, 23:27
wen to van: ok... i admit the mudpie was a mistake...=p BUT the S.A.M.S machine def not my fault... I was trying to help and its the MACHINE!!! dun even know wats "MRC" means lor...=p
4 Sep 07, 01:09
vanessa: And yeah.. I didnt want to eat! Wanted to go on diet, but wen said she's having a bad day, so need to fill her tummy... and mine.. hence, the Tiramisu MudPie on our table. *sigh*
4 Sep 07, 01:08
vanessa: Hello people! Finally, a peep at Wen's blog.. and a chance to claim innocence on the S.A.M.S machine!!! It was all Wen's fault :P
24 Jul 07, 23:54
maruko: maybe u should juz compile all the songs in ur blog for me to listen. hehe
15 Jun 07, 00:08
maruko: Get Well Soon!
15 May 07, 18:47
to danny: nothing much lah... thanks for ur concern anyway...=p
15 May 07, 18:47
to feng: yupyup.. i know u guys always out there =p
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