8 Mar 17, 14:34
dd: I'm sorry to hear about your counsellor. She would feel touched of your tributation post to her :heart:
2 Nov 16, 14:42
GG: So happy! Pumped!
5 Oct 16, 20:04
dd: Midnight it is! Sorted! :biggrin:
26 Jun 16, 23:37
dd: nah, i think this time it's your turn since i did the last without consulting you
8 Jun 16, 09:06
GG: we should - Iets agree on somethin we both like?
31 Dec 15, 11:42
dd: yea should prob do a redesign at some point. Any theme in mind, GG?
17 Apr 14, 00:10
carlos: shup up
6 Apr 14, 18:42
dd: Still got ways to go. but glad it's not fully non-existence anymore :lol:
29 Mar 14, 19:16
GG: DD you are getting better at Chinese :D
8 Feb 14, 13:58
GG: Thank you. Hey, I am thinking of dropping by KL again this Easter. Would it work for you?
11 Jan 14, 23:27
dd: Happy Belated New Year to you too! Hm.. in what way does my reflections say 'tomboy'? lol, glad your 'childhood' friend became pro thing, but i'm sure you had some difficulty, as like mine.
27 Dec 13, 18:00
GG: Happy holidays DD! Hmm..still being a tomboyish with the reflections? Def. agree with hobbies, except mine become professional lol....
16 Sep 13, 17:49
GG: Thanks, you know what Lebanon means to me. :)
15 Sep 13, 23:04
dd: good goin'. understand abt the 'grateful to live and write' bit :)
8 Sep 13, 21:55
dd: yea i getcha. but u can't deny deep down hk is part of ur 'home'
3 Sep 13, 22:40
GG: As always! :D TO feels more home to me than HK now.
1 Sep 13, 21:58
dd: same as always, RAWR! with a pinch of "%^&*" added in. Makes you wish your escapade would last a lil much longer eh..?
26 Aug 13, 14:11
GG: Back in HK and in chaos again. Apparently have to do admin for one term. I hope you are coping better DD, how are things on your end?
15 Aug 13, 02:02
GG: Oh I am definitely ballin' right now lol!
11 Aug 13, 00:23
dd: That's gr8! i see u are enjoying ur holz to fullest! Oughta enjoy it as much as u can! ;)
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