21 Oct 08, 16:38
sheela: and u linkes
21 Oct 08, 16:37
sheela: Arriane u have blog! heheehe allow me here ok...thanks for the comment and yeah i hope to see u. will plan let me finish this weekend first ok..*happy na
3 May 08, 04:54
gwen: Why forced vacation? Did they kidnap you to the airport? Ha-ha
6 Feb 08, 21:21
arianne: boo, lia :P hehehe :)
31 Jan 08, 01:27
Lia: Geez, I can't even remember my student number! *sad*
12 Dec 07, 10:53
gwen: arianne, when is the oblation run? are they moving it to the 14th? Thanks
2 Oct 07, 00:21
arianne: hahaha! i happen to remember someone liked kwek-kwek... :D
29 Sep 07, 03:51
Lia: Aaah, UP food. I want me some kwek-kwek.
29 Aug 07, 22:53
jam: amen to that (re hazing). :)
18 Aug 07, 20:17
arianne: don't have one of the poem yet but once i do i'll send it to you. :)
18 Aug 07, 20:17
arianne: dianne, i have a copy of last year's essay. don
18 Aug 07, 07:27
jam: tsk. brilliance runs in the family, eh. :)
16 Aug 07, 20:32
dianne: how awesome for your brother! :) grabe kayo, arianne. you're all so talented. is your brother's palanca-winning poem uploaded anywhere? i'd love to read it. :)
8 Aug 07, 02:11
arianne: it's out na? i thought friday pa... wow! hehe kaya mo yan, reward yourself by reading it after the exam. unless of course you've read it na.. hehehe :D
7 Aug 07, 23:13
dianne: oh my god, arianne, i bought the sequel to the sequel of Twilight. I know I'm supposed to be studying for the Torts midterm exam but... but...
30 Jul 07, 22:34
arianne: harry potter is being sold in canadian drugstores? cool! :D what's your blogspot username? :)
28 Jul 07, 14:48
Lia: Whut? Hahah, I meant "killed" instead of "called"... weird
28 Jul 07, 14:47
Lia: I'm wily that way. She called off so many people though, it's like she just got lazy. :P I deleted it, I'm sticking with my blogspot for now. Too many Lia-spaces on the internets!
28 Jul 07, 14:46
Lia: I felt the same way about Deathly Hallows! Except I rushed through my copy (after doing the queue-at-12-mn thing.. at a drugstore! While everyone else was at the major bookstores, ho ho ho.)
12 Jul 07, 21:23
arianne: to your blog? :)
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