13 Jun 13, 10:42
Album Downloads: sup! lets exchange links? www.AlbumFiend.com msg us
29 Dec 11, 04:13
Teres: Nice site
26 Dec 11, 03:26
Weres: Blogwalking before i sleep
9 Dec 11, 20:58
solah: Siapa nak Panduan Lengkap Temuduga KPLI
23 Oct 11, 03:18
Jennifer Garner: I need you to helps me
11 Sep 11, 14:54
EVOKX: hi, EVOKX is having our concert this december would highly encourage singers from choir to attend pls email me for concert details and ticketing orders thanks. ticketing@evokx.org
10 Jul 11, 04:30
Sexy Maria: Please tell me is that blogwalking is Rock.i wish you can visit mine too
24 Jun 11, 05:41
ParadiseGadget: COME VISIT http://www.paradisegadget.blogspot.com/ !!! Iphone BUTTON STICKER GOING AT ONLY $2.5/PACK! WHILE STOCK LAST!
19 Oct 10, 22:31
EVOKX: Tickets are going at $20(FS), $30. All proceeds go to the Singapore Children Society. For ticketing enquiries/placing of orders for tickets, email us at evokx@hotmail.com!
19 Oct 10, 22:31
EVOKX: EVOKX presents Evocation: The Art of Giving Singing under the guidance of Mr Terrence Toh, EVOKX is a very young choral ensemble formed only recently and we seek to evoke the spirit of giving.%9
18 Sep 10, 10:31
Sjh: whooo~~~ the last update was like 4 months ago lol nice.
17 Sep 10, 21:34
portia: plyus they use bells oso... :)
17 Sep 10, 21:33
portia: found kerraban sape sung by tanjong katong sec. they pronounce differently... :)
8 Aug 10, 17:17
Sjh: Its gonna be axed soon. got new blog already, but haven't finished it yet lol
3 Aug 10, 21:11
tianjun: LOL! this BLOG IS STILL ALIVE xD Its like 5 years old already xD
28 Jul 10, 21:21
shaojun: this blog need a re-packaging...
23 Jun 10, 18:44
shaojun: O.o how come jingfeng nvr come tagg.... so bored....
14 Jun 10, 16:50
feliciaaa: goodjob people! in TPJC's concert. really awesome job! continue to work hard okayyy. lovesss.
14 Jun 10, 00:29
jiexin: aiyo...churn out some nice pics my dear=))jiayou ppl..i heard ur tpjc singing..not bad=))jiayou=))
8 Jun 10, 21:42
JIAYING: uh hello? this current bgskin was done like a long time ago.. and all the seniors in the pic have graduated. So better if you guys can make a new one, and change it so that this blog is your batch's.
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