23 Jan 18, 20:32
Mary: Your words and experiences give me hope in my own quest for professional happiness and contentment.
23 Jan 18, 20:32
Mary: From this crazy stay-at-home mother of three, Thank you! It was such a joy to watch and read your work! "Ignore the doubt - it's not your friend - and just keep going, keep going, keep going."
23 Jan 18, 20:31
Mary: Hey Lauren! Over the past year I have binged Gilmore Girls, Parenthood, Girlmore Girls: A Year in the Life, "Someday, Someday, Maybe," and I just finished "Talking as Fast as I Can." Thank you! 😃😍 Fro
21 Jan 18, 03:59
Nantia: Hi from Greece!We were watching Gilmore girls back then, it was very popular.After a nostalgic week marathon watching all seasons,I m watching the 4 new episodes! You are excellent actor and beautiful
7 Jan 18, 02:45
Elizabeth: How could you end Franny’s story like that? I need to know what happens? Haha I love this book!!!
19 Dec 17, 19:07
Mark: Is there any was (with on reason) to get you to wish my wife to be a happy wedding ? It’s this Saturday the 23rd and I know she would loose her mind. She is your biggest fan.
17 Dec 17, 05:06
Greta: Dear Lauren, I want to thank you for creating such a inspirational character in Gilmore girls and for the books you've written. I am big fan and admirer of you. With love, Greta <3
21 Nov 17, 11:42
Julia: Lauren, if you happen to read this, & you ever visit Spain. I'd travel to the city you are just for talking to you for five minutes. Big fan!!! As an actress, and as a writer. I'd be blessed to meet u
6 Oct 17, 13:31
Sb: Watching emmy re runs ...sookie, jess and rory all win emmys tgis year...where is laurens emmy award winning shows...we need to c more of her!
22 Aug 17, 05:18
Trevor: Send pictures.
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