23 Apr 17, 23:43
Roberta: Sorry that there isn't going to be anymore Gilmore girls year in the life you do more with it lauren Graham can happen it heartbreaking just say that nothing more can be done
7 Apr 17, 15:18
Valentine: @Theresa: Unfortunately the link isn't working anymore because the event is from 2013, when her first novel was released :)
7 Apr 17, 03:06
Theresa: The link isn't working to get tickets the the Random House event on May 3rd, I would love help with the link!!! I can't wait to hear the interview and read her newest book :)
4 Apr 17, 16:23
Nathalie: I live in the Netherlands and I am a very big fan of Lauren and I was wondering if she also comes to Europe to promote her book? Thanks so much
21 Mar 17, 14:11
Shari: I was wondering if there is a way to get a signed book by Lauren? My daughter was at the interview she did in Washington DC and got her book signed, but sadly she left it on a plane and is so upset.
2 Mar 17, 20:57
Ella: Is there any way to listen to Lauren's interview on Craig Ferguson's show?
2 Mar 17, 01:48
Roberta steigerwalt: My problem is I am a big fan l love Gilmore girls so leather million fans out there due to our problem is there going to be more seasons coming up on Netflix
28 Feb 17, 14:48
Terri: Love love your books!!! I had the trolley song stuck in my head for at least half of TAFAIC. <3
27 Feb 17, 07:47
Jodee Lofgren: I talk a lot! But she's in college on the deans list & my bff.Her bday & mine r in Mar. Plz let me give her the best gift ever! I'd love one too but that's prob asking too much. I adore u &all ur work
27 Feb 17, 07:40
Jodee Lofgren: My daughter was 2 when GG started, but as a child of the 80's, I felt it was my duty to make her watch every John Hughes movie, tv shows & books. At 12 we watched & she fell in ❤️Too.We r best fri
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