20 Jul 19, 03:39
Brandie: So much inspiration has came from watching and listening to Lauren. People ask if you could sit and talk with anyone who would it be and Lauren is the person I choose every time...and Ellen..
17 Jun 19, 00:18
Valentin: Hi, I would love to give the best wedding present ever to my fiancee (A short video of Lauren congratulating us). Therefore I am looking for a chance to reach out to Lauren. Do you have any idea how?
16 Mar 19, 13:30
Karina: Happy birthday Lauren! I love you and admire you so much! May God bless you and be in your life always. He loves you too!
14 Mar 19, 14:27
Arthur Kremer: Ms.Graham, Very happy birthday! I like so your films. Please to send me(not with e-mail please) a dedication in your original handwriting to my address:ARTHUR KREMER, KEREN HAYESOD ST.4, HOLON,ISRAEL
1 Jan 19, 18:24
Fan: Rare clip of Lauren on an "All My Children" episode from 1994 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yHmKxW4UZyc&t=6m39s
1 Dec 18, 20:51
Jackie: Hi .. I am a huge Gilmore fan, my daughter,son and I watch together, as they grew up it was the last together show we watched. I just watch the UP TV marathon and so enjoyed it. I enjoyed Parenthood
24 Oct 18, 05:34
Nicole: Oh my! I love Gilmore Gilles. My #1 show forever! I need more Gilmore Girls in my life though. I watch Gilmore girls all the time!!! 😍
9 Sep 18, 18:41
katy: lauren, i just want to say something. you are my idol, my biggest inspiration. i would be nowhere in this world without you. thank you so so much ❤️
27 Aug 18, 22:28
Amy: We need a new Lauren project to look forward to!
25 Jul 18, 05:54
Roberta: Get back on TV or a show every other Gilmore Girl characters on a show or somethingev
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