21 Mar 17, 14:11
Shari: I was wondering if there is a way to get a signed book by Lauren? My daughter was at the interview she did in Washington DC and got her book signed, but sadly she left it on a plane and is so upset.
2 Mar 17, 20:57
Ella: Is there any way to listen to Lauren's interview on Craig Ferguson's show?
2 Mar 17, 01:48
Roberta steigerwalt: My problem is I am a big fan l love Gilmore girls so leather million fans out there due to our problem is there going to be more seasons coming up on Netflix
28 Feb 17, 14:48
Terri: Love love your books!!! I had the trolley song stuck in my head for at least half of TAFAIC. <3
27 Feb 17, 07:47
Jodee Lofgren: I talk a lot! But she's in college on the deans list & my bff.Her bday & mine r in Mar. Plz let me give her the best gift ever! I'd love one too but that's prob asking too much. I adore u &all ur work
27 Feb 17, 07:40
Jodee Lofgren: My daughter was 2 when GG started, but as a child of the 80's, I felt it was my duty to make her watch every John Hughes movie, tv shows & books. At 12 we watched & she fell in ❤️Too.We r best fri
27 Feb 17, 02:57
Cindy: Talking As Fast As You Can was a great read. Thank you so much!! :)
24 Feb 17, 15:51
Line: This is so exciting!!! *-*
11 Feb 17, 01:52
Amélie: Hi! I relay love the book «Talking As Fast As I Can From Gilmore Girls To Gilmore Girls And Everything In Between» Yes, I know I really love to say all the tittle! ;) I LOVE Lauren Graham!!!
5 Feb 17, 23:57
Francesca: Lauren Graham's book inspired me to write a memoir. Love hr
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