21 Nov 17, 11:42
Julia: Lauren, if you happen to read this, & you ever visit Spain. I'd travel to the city you are just for talking to you for five minutes. Big fan!!! As an actress, and as a writer. I'd be blessed to meet u
6 Oct 17, 13:31
Sb: Watching emmy re runs ...sookie, jess and rory all win emmys tgis year...where is laurens emmy award winning shows...we need to c more of her!
22 Aug 17, 05:18
Trevor: Send pictures.
10 Aug 17, 12:57
Josh: I am really happy i found this website, i have learned things. But why is her past role in Law&Order not mentioned? She was great! and always has been, always will be. GGforLife, even if it's gone :)
3 Aug 17, 08:32
Roberta: The new DVDs the year in the life is coming out and your miniseries I am sad and disappointed that there's not going to be any more Gilmore Girls years in the life due to my feelings mom yeah I'm preg
4 Jul 17, 09:40
Kathi: Hey my American Friends! Happy 4th of July!
2 Jul 17, 17:22
Theresa: this is a bizzare request but does anyone have Lauren on Celebrity Jeopardy back in 2003? I would love to watch it!
16 Jun 17, 19:17
Kathi: Wow what a day! Super inspiring Message! Lauren is my Idol. Nobody ever could reach me like that. Not even President Obama has got me like that. No lie!
10 Jun 17, 21:34
Roberta: Wil not anymore Gilmore girls accordingro tou Nitflix the story could go on so post the so upset messaging on the behalf of the fan But still have are coffee
8 Jun 17, 06:45
Jessica: Come to Houston! I would do anything to meet you!!
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