16 Jun 17, 18:17
Kathi: Wow what a day! Super inspiring Message! Lauren is my Idol. Nobody ever could reach me like that. Not even President Obama has got me like that. No lie!
10 Jun 17, 20:34
Roberta: Wil not anymore Gilmore girls accordingro tou Nitflix the story could go on so post the so upset messaging on the behalf of the fan But still have are coffee
8 Jun 17, 05:45
Jessica: Come to Houston! I would do anything to meet you!!
2 Jun 17, 22:58
Leah: Can Lauren please come to the Seattle area?!?! It is on my bucket list to meet her and I am dying to get my book signed! She just seems like a real person, I enjoyed reading about her life!
29 May 17, 13:54
Marcia: Hi, Lauren if you ever visit Scotland give me a call, I will treat you to a coffee! X
29 May 17, 08:44
Kathi: I hope Lauren finds another Project soon... Fox is so stupid! I know TV must be really a hard Job. Especially when you would like to try something different.... I would love to see Lauren on a Comedy
16 May 17, 04:10
Roberta: Look really don't know what is going on with Lauren but anything you is golden in my eyes that we love you in Gilmore girls also love parenthood please hope tou read this because i love work
23 Apr 17, 23:43
Roberta: Sorry that there isn't going to be anymore Gilmore girls year in the life you do more with it lauren Graham can happen it heartbreaking just say that nothing more can be done
7 Apr 17, 15:18
Valentine: @Theresa: Unfortunately the link isn't working anymore because the event is from 2013, when her first novel was released :)
7 Apr 17, 03:06
Theresa: The link isn't working to get tickets the the Random House event on May 3rd, I would love help with the link!!! I can't wait to hear the interview and read her newest book :)
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