11 Feb 17, 02:52
Amélie: Hi! I relay love the book «Talking As Fast As I Can From Gilmore Girls To Gilmore Girls And Everything In Between» Yes, I know I really love to say all the tittle! ;) I LOVE Lauren Graham!!!
6 Feb 17, 00:57
Francesca: Lauren Graham's book inspired me to write a memoir. Love hr
2 Feb 17, 20:46
Robin: Hello, I'm a radio host on a dutch network. I would like to get in touch with Lauren's Agent. Do you have a contact adress or e-mail?
8 Jan 17, 01:26
Cali: Yo!
16 Dec 16, 13:54
Anne: Oh, i just saw your updated post 😔 too bad
16 Dec 16, 12:32
Julia: Wasnt Lauren supposed to be on Chelsea last night or did i imagine that?
8 Dec 16, 22:58
Rachel: Because it's true hun.
6 Dec 16, 15:59
beth: rachel why this sad words about Scott?Plus Lauren doesn't like him? How can you say that?
6 Dec 16, 14:48
Rachel: 92 street y aren't planning on releasing Lauren's talk on YouTube so if everyone could email or tweet them maybe we can get them to change their mind?
5 Dec 16, 17:38
Rachel: Scott number 1 on iTunes?! What a liar it was like number 1 indie rock or something lol what a loser
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