10 Dec 08, 15:16
hua: update..
3 Nov 08, 18:18
hua: u know wat.. pure jealousy i guess..
8 Oct 08, 10:29
lj to hua: sAdly, not too much... bt seriously.. its filled with snakes and worms here... infested... the irony... we are not even toking bout money here!!!
6 Oct 08, 19:04
hua: just do watever u like.. :)
26 Aug 08, 11:16
hua: classmates again after donkey yrs.. haha.. update!
15 Aug 08, 00:07
1_8: BAO GE!!!!!!!!!!
22 Jul 08, 09:38
lj to eil: the baddie nv realli have the bad ending @ the end... seems like this movie is alot complex sia... don't u think so?
22 Jul 08, 09:37
lj to eil: hahha it doesn. but seriously... critics has given credits to the film's willingness to tread. it seems like this movie tries to deviate from the norm of superhero movies... the hero ends up losing.
21 Jul 08, 10:55
joieil: dark knight is gd, but somehow does not really give me the "wow"kind of feeling...joker is darn scary, with him smacking his lips and his laugh!
26 Jun 08, 18:25
hua: true, all true.. *smile*
26 Jun 08, 01:00
lj to hua: ppl who perhaps treated u not too good back then can't turn back time. i nv used the word materialistic on u.
26 Jun 08, 00:59
lj to hua: perhaps u will be rite. but it sure irks me when u whine about ur grades. yes, perhaps u suffer a bit since young. but u dun live a life to prove anything. look forward.... its all past.
26 Jun 08, 00:52
lj to hua: perhaps u are that new age woman going all out bah. but i agree with a friend's saying. what u think affect how u feel and work. don't u think u tend to affect ppl around u? who doesn't want more?
26 Jun 08, 00:30
lj to hua: commo and liven ur life bah. it aint that bad i reckon...
25 Jun 08, 15:50
hua: ya true.. no doubts abt tat..
25 Jun 08, 00:40
lj to hua: erm actualli... my bro actualli refering that u have a face that tells that u whine alot.
19 Jun 08, 01:00
lj to hua: grades wise, if its over, it is. dun brood over bahz. there are more than education that this impt.
19 Jun 08, 00:53
lj to hua: Erm, SH got nothing to do with grades and studies. so well... they doesnt link. i dun see why i need to laugh, and i hope u do take carez.
19 Jun 08, 00:51
lj to hua: erm... SH got nothing to do with ur grades.
18 Jun 08, 18:05
hua: okok.. shh.. kill me! kick my ass! life's nt gd, i gg to grad in 1 yr with no HON.. hw sad.. hv a gd laugh.. :(
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