1 Dec 17, 13:55
Ella: Hi. I need a tour guide this coming January 9-14, 2018. We dont have an itinerary until now. Maybe you can arrange it for us Thank you very much.
25 Oct 11, 19:57
Sexy Korean Girl: Hi, your blog look nice and great info. i wish you can visit mine too
28 Sep 11, 22:52
Maria: CoolZ Dudes visit me Back. i wish you can visit mine too
18 Aug 11, 16:12
Dennis Jones: look at me yeah. i wish you can visit mine too
9 Aug 09, 14:31
passerby: hi... happen to see ur blog n find it very useful... though been to taiwan twice n tiz to be the 3rd time, use urs as a guide n added lot more into my trip thanks
19 May 09, 22:23
phyllis > jess: i'm not tour guide. just share my taiwan experience here. the tour guide info at this blog are from the forums
24 Apr 09, 11:21
jess: u r taiwan tour guide? or do u have taiwan tour guide info?thx
21 Oct 07, 19:13
passerby: where is apery located
13 Oct 07, 16:25
bernice: where to get nice accessories in taipei? and where got sell best 魯肉飯? thkks ah :)
22 Mar 07, 17:30
phyllis > eternity: checked with my taiwan colleague, taiwan taxi can only seats for 4 pax. same as singapore driver will be fined if overloaded
14 Mar 07, 15:44
eternity: hi just check with u can the cab sqeeze 5 pax i have 5 persons going leh
12 Mar 07, 10:57
phyllis > lynn: call Vivian from sin to check her availability. call her again in taiwan once you bought your train ticket and she'll pick you from train station. yes she drive
6 Mar 07, 21:40
lynn: btw did u call Vivian Zheng before u left sg or what? she drive?
28 Dec 06, 16:14
phyllis: Vivian Zheng's contact is Mobile: (886) 937 832178 & Tel: (886)-3-8346580
25 Dec 06, 03:03
zoee: merry christmas phyllis!! lurve ya!! muacks <3
25 Dec 06, 03:03
zoee: & well, there a plasma tvee there, HAHA!!
24 Dec 06, 19:22
Chris: xie xie
24 Dec 06, 19:22
Chris: needed yr advice on how to get a prviate tour guide like yours? can advice me all those at 82331340
24 Dec 06, 19:21
Chris: how to book city inn? can advice?
2 Dec 06, 10:18
kachuaz: perth hasnt got much to offer, lest you travel down to the coast area, albany, and explore along the way. was there for a yr.
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