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22 Jun 07, 08:44
Shadow: Hurrah!
23 Jul 07, 03:04
Biev: Just a shout to say I'm still around! : )
25 Jul 07, 08:39
Samantha: Hi, B! Thanks for the shout out. Working on new strips for you to see soon.
25 Jul 07, 11:27
Brigid: Cool! Hey, is it just me or is there no side-to-side scrolling on this page? (Kinda hard to get at the shout box sometimes.)
25 Jul 07, 20:07
Samantha: Brigid, I assume you mean the doodlebot page as this shout is on both the old and the new page. DRAT. I will try to fix that, too.
31 Jul 07, 11:07
Brigid: Hmm, yeah. ^^;
6 Aug 07, 08:27
Elisabeth: Yay - you're back!!
6 Aug 07, 09:46
GZ: Wunnerful!
6 Aug 07, 10:31
cat2: Luv it!
6 Aug 07, 11:25
lbd: oh boy, more of the wonders in Witchy Land!
6 Aug 07, 15:11
Samantha: Please try this url if the one posted isn't working.
8 Aug 07, 21:16
lbd: so good to have you back online!
9 Aug 07, 12:01
arlene: glad you are back....and oh do I know that feeling
11 Aug 07, 18:26
Brigid: SOrry I haven't been here for a while, got a new computer to replace the old bucket of circuits.
23 Aug 07, 12:39
Sarah: Witchy!! So glad to see you are updating!! I've missed LAW so!
27 Mar 08, 13:31
Vinnie D.: So it looks like the doodlebot site is dead now, but I keep seeing blog updates here. So did Lifes a Witch un-move?
28 Mar 08, 09:36
Samantha: Vinnie! Thanks for checking in! The blog updates are from witchytech (just the RSS feed from there). Lifes a Witch is on the back burner. I may un-move it back to Comic Genesis, though.
28 Mar 08, 09:36
Samantha: One of the reasons for it not starting is that I can't find a comic update and display system that I like as much as CG! HAHAHAH!
11 Jun 08, 12:43
xxx: hi all
26 Oct 08, 10:13
Samantha: Click my name to go to the new site. Updates Tuesdays and Thursdays.