17 May 13, 06:00
Free Product Testing: hey, nice blog! wanna exchange links? www.FreeProductTesting.com contact us
27 Mar 07, 15:54
mischief: Email me your address by clicking my name and I'll send you one in the post! That's what perseverence gets you!
27 Mar 07, 15:54
mischief: mornin Tuna! it seems you always come online whenever I'm on!
26 Mar 07, 22:42
TUNA: hehe, hey again. i went there, but didnt understand the whole concept. sorry im just stupid...
25 Mar 07, 20:58
mischief: Tell ya what Tuna you can put a comment anywhere on any post and I'll send you a card. Make it easy!
25 Mar 07, 20:11
mischief: http://andytgeezer.blogspot.com/2007/02/last-chance-to-get-dosaboys-card.html it's this one - comments are a bit crap though so you have to go into February archives in order to put a comment
25 Mar 07, 13:53
TUNA: I don't find your post...
25 Mar 07, 13:01
mischief: Cheers Tuna - why not apply for a Dosa Boys Card on my site (just open the February Archives and put a comment on the apply for a card thing and I'll send you our logo in the post!
25 Mar 07, 12:41
TUNA: Just wanted to say that I like your logo!
23 Feb 07, 13:29
mischief: New updates include the whole of day 6 with some earlier posts added later so if you read it yesterday read it again!
28 Jan 07, 03:10
andy: beautiful Spanish girls from the club tonight - if you want to check out your photos go to my flickr site www.flickr.com/photos/andytgeezer
23 Jan 07, 20:43
andy: Gotta love the banter going on at eatfoss http://www.eatfoss.com/ Definitely would prefer Dosaboys to David Backhams pants any time
21 Jan 07, 02:02
andy: Oops I mean the posts for December.
21 Jan 07, 01:59
andy: Days 3 and 4 updated - go to the archives for January - it's a LONG day is day 4 (New Years Eve)
20 Jan 07, 17:14
andy: oh quick message to the nurse who sorted out my finger infection - thanks a lot! check out the pic of me squeezing pus out of it last week on www.andytgeezer.blogspot.com - I told you it was worse!
20 Jan 07, 14:36
andy: post-race blogs including the very very surreal "President of India" story have been posted on my blog at www.andytgeezer.blogspot.com
20 Jan 07, 14:33
andy: noted
20 Jan 07, 14:02
zingomamz: :aghast: :cool:
20 Jan 07, 13:52
zingomamz: dazzzling.net - please note there are 3 zees on our url.
18 Jan 07, 23:45
andy: Nick what was the final Fuel Consumption figures for our ride? Anyone else?
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