5 Apr 12, 21:57
Daulah: Peluang mljutkn pngjian dlm bdng perubatan-pergigian-farmasi dan ulum islamiah di universiti2 terkemuka di Mesir.
11 Feb 12, 10:34
aleen: morning:)kiss my sponsor back ok:)
14 Jan 12, 06:55
esmyra: let measure bodyfat:)dun forget kiss mine:)
20 Dec 11, 12:55
eryn: enjoy travel:)explore my ads if u like:)
13 Dec 11, 21:21
Ng Liang Shen: Hope to pay u a visit with Kok meng in Seremban ok robert 017-9372508
13 Dec 11, 21:20
Ng Liang Shen: Hope to pay u a visit with Kok meng in Seremban ok
23 Sep 11, 21:33
abg ceria: jalan2 membuat pantauan :)jgn lupa like
18 Aug 11, 09:54
lovelyfriend: hyee..enjoy your time ok :)
13 Jan 09, 16:36
von: hi, pls email me - i'm a reporter with local media and would like to interview you on Princess cinema. thanks!
9 Jan 09, 13:10
LP: wanted to catch something there today, but realised yahoo not longer have its listing :(
9 Jan 09, 13:09
LP: my heart goes out to princess cinema..
2 Nov 08, 02:45
visiter: yeah, i'm the younger generation. however my gf and i love the princess cinema too. Sensed something wrong when for the 1st time its showtimes are not in yahoo! movies. feel so sad :(
7 Oct 08, 15:55
Bruce: http://cid-b3487df98f5cef63.spaces.live.com/?mkt=en-sg&partner=Live.Spaces I think Yudai haven't been updating also, haha
19 Sep 08, 01:48
Lex: AWESOME!!!!!! Btw, what's Yudai's blog ah?
18 Sep 08, 17:34
Bruce: I'm back!!! :D
5 Aug 08, 17:54
Lex: Eh? No more updates ah? Hee hee mine's back up again! HAHA
9 Apr 08, 10:39
mengchun: hi bro. u r invited to my wedding dinner :) click here to see the details http://u76.org/t5
10 May 07, 12:02
dew: wah! let's go for date i go find a reverse date day. :P
8 May 07, 14:45
Lex: oh yeah, if you're on for German food try Werner's Oven. Its at Siglap, opposite Killiney Kopitiam. Love their Pork Knuckle!!!! ;)
8 May 07, 14:43
Lex: Hmm..... Italian eh? Must go and check it out one day.
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