19 May 13, 10:06
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26 Jul 07, 23:29
yangom: vbg
15 Jan 07, 22:53
Donnie McDaniel: You mean I have to go all the way to Eye-Oh-Ah?
14 Jan 07, 22:50
orange gearle: Whenever you are in Iowa. :-)
6 Jan 07, 09:01
Donnie McDaniel: And when do I get to hear a song on that new contraption? ;)
6 Jan 07, 08:53
Donnie McDaniel: How are you these days?
1 Jan 07, 11:24
orange gearle: Thank, you too!
25 Dec 06, 09:29
Donnie McDaniel: Happy Holidays purty Gearl.
22 Dec 06, 11:58
Donnie McDaniel: Be sure to check out the new joke I created. I just commented on your last post. This is gonna be some fun!
14 Dec 06, 09:57
orange gearle: I hope you can check them out, they are pretty great. I checked their schedule...but there isn't anything posted after December...hopefully they will come to your area!
14 Dec 06, 01:04
Donnie McDaniel: Gonna have to check out Truckstop Honeymoon.
12 Dec 06, 22:47
orange gearle: but of course!
12 Dec 06, 08:45
Donnie McDaniel: LOL, you did it!!!!!
10 Dec 06, 14:27
Donnie McDaniel: Now orange text would really blend in with the color theme.
10 Dec 06, 11:59
orange gearle: The green matches perfectly. I might tweek it a bit...I'm thinking orange text or something...still playing
10 Dec 06, 09:01
Donnie McDaniel: I'm about to put AIM up on my blog too!!!! Now that will be cool. I don't have to worry about having it up and going back and forth to the blog.
10 Dec 06, 09:00
Donnie McDaniel: What, No orange? These are cool are they not?
9 Dec 06, 13:18
orange gearle: So what are you waiting for? Leave me a message already! :)