27 Apr 10, 22:02
jenny: i'm having mep scholarship interview tmr
27 Apr 10, 22:02
jenny: hey
27 Apr 10, 22:02
jj: hey
21 Sep 09, 20:23
yingda: yup yup come watch!
8 Sep 09, 03:08
angie: haha omg you're playing for broadway beng? so cool!
6 Jul 09, 03:02
mark: dammit. you armoured engineer. hurry get your ass into yong siew toh. yes when you book out i meet you i'm back in sg again.
28 Jun 09, 19:07
yingda: when you're less occupied with everything ms kiong! haha.
10 Jun 09, 05:07
kristen: looks like toot suite never really took flight. haha oops :(
19 Apr 09, 22:40
yingda: eh hi quanbin..haha help me clear it up! kristen, some tpt abrsm exam i'm doing
10 Apr 09, 04:07
kristen: ohhnoooo. im so outdated! teoh, what trumpet exam?! ahahah.
31 Mar 09, 13:13
quanbin: hello! quite dusty ah, your blog. haha
30 Dec 08, 21:47
yingda: hey josh..yup see you there
30 Dec 08, 21:46
yingda: oreo and milo?? at least it rhymes.. haha.
28 Dec 08, 21:40
joshloke: meet up meet up on new years day
28 Dec 08, 21:11
naaa: nice. u better make full use of ur leave and enjoy! =) haha i think they got stuck with the names oreo and milo lol.
27 Dec 08, 14:51
yingda: yes i was on leave alr since you last tagged. till next year, haha. merry christmas! name your dog safari
17 Dec 08, 21:07
na: actly i cant really rem.. but i thot we just took the slip of paper thingy n we were just tgt! haha eh ure on ur leave alr? have fun lots!
17 Dec 08, 05:29
yingda: the two of you were really grouped tgt by chance? haha thought tang said otherwise.. lol yup many more!
17 Dec 08, 05:24
yingda: jaguaaaaaar! haha crazy bmt times but i won't miss waking up at 530am
16 Dec 08, 19:27
na: hahahaha i owe everyone too many photos :) eh and, we actly ended up in the same group by COINCIDENCE! really! heh =) was a really nice gathering, many more to come! tc!
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