12 Sep 08, 00:05
bernie: hi. sorry to ask , how much is the box of durain paste mooncake from goodwood park ? is it made of real durian flesh ?
11 Sep 08, 06:38
mybearbrick: hi vic, search along Nankin Row along the 'shophouses'
6 Sep 08, 16:53
Vic: Hi bearbrick, thanks for the direction, but can't find Spawn Asia when I was searchDo you mean opposite hans at great eastern center, which is along pickering st? near where? ground floor? Tks vm.
4 Sep 08, 22:07
Vic: Thanks bearbrick! Mark II expected to be released in Dec! It's really cool eh?! :)
3 Sep 08, 14:06
Shaun: *drools* Iron Man Mark II....I want....
3 Sep 08, 00:03
mybearbrick: Hi Vic, it is opposite Hans at Great Eastern building at China Square.
2 Sep 08, 15:31
Vic: Hihi, may i know where is SPAWN ASIA?
31 Aug 08, 10:04
mybearbrick: hi ky, sorry i do not have that kit.
30 Aug 08, 22:37
ky: Hi there... just curious are you selling the gundam seed legend X666S 1/100? can contact me starryfriends@hotmail.com thx
20 Aug 08, 14:48
mybearbrick: Expected to ship in October. Not sure when AC will be stocking up theirs.
20 Aug 08, 11:04
anonym: yo bro, any idea when hot toys iron man be released in sg?
14 Aug 08, 15:58
mybearbrick: thanks xinyun!
13 Aug 08, 17:31
xinyun: congrats to the newly wed :P (sorry for being abit late ar)
13 Aug 08, 16:40
Shaun: M1 is giving me a $100 voucher. Phone shopping soon. *grins*
6 Aug 08, 16:59
PolyTalks: Your site is fun and interesting for us, join Polytalks, a poly forum to share your feelings and thoughts.
3 Aug 08, 00:02
mybearbrick & wife: thanks devil gal! :glad:
31 Jul 08, 01:13
devil gal: it a once in a lifetime experience... muz treasure oh... early congrats to u... happy wedding to both u n yr wife.... :P :biggrin:
31 Jul 08, 01:10
devil gal: :heart: hihi... i'm laurens gf... over here, i wish u n yr wife happiness forever....
30 Jul 08, 19:15
laurens: im an eeepc owner :cool:
30 Jul 08, 16:31
Shaun: Wah ha ha...this chatbox is being flooded by my lemmings.
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