16 Oct 08, 00:53
CateranLlama: So there will be more? Yay. (Been following iit on DDuck, but you've been gone from there forever.)
5 Jul 08, 05:31
Brady: In August, FT will be starting up again. Not from the begininning but much further on in Reaps life - where things get interesting. Right now in his life, they get boring.
26 Apr 08, 17:59
kay-chan: Sorry there's not more... Although it was fun to read! :)
26 Apr 08, 00:06
Ahro: Nooo I still live~! <3 I'm more frequently found on http://maya-chan.deviantart.com I will eventually pick FT up again, but I intend on redrawing it completly because it needs an overhaul.
5 Mar 08, 17:18
Ripcurlfro: have you died?
30 Nov 07, 09:16
Ahro: HA! No it's not~ More like it's on hiatus for I don't know how long. I've been busy with things on dA. Check out my gallery if you want to see what's been up. http://maya-chan.deviantart.com
26 Oct 07, 18:10
Brady: Actually, this site is coming back. :D I was LAZY with storyboards so I'm getting three chapters done. That's how they'll be updated now - by chapter.
8 Oct 07, 10:20
Mira: /poke is this site dead? shame, its a good story, wish to read more
30 Aug 07, 11:55
kchev: *hugglez ahro to bits* =)
8 Aug 07, 01:12
Ahro: Gawd, I suck. >O
2 Jun 07, 12:11
Ahro: Hey you. :D I've been flopping all over the place with this comic. I gain interest again and then loose it. *whines*
1 Jun 07, 21:41
kamiechev: *pokes ahro* <3
3 May 07, 13:36
Ahro: Thank you sweetie. :3 If you have any ideas you'd like to see or whatever, post in the forums. ^^ We want the mini-comic to not all be our ideas. haha ^^
3 May 07, 00:19
kamiechev: oooh, i like the comic strip... <3 coloring's niiice XD more more~
29 Apr 07, 12:50
Brady: Haha. I just drew a fun picture of Mary as a kid. Expect some artwork sometime soon.
22 Apr 07, 23:21
Ahro: The mini-series In n Outs is now available! Join the forums and let us know what you think!
22 Apr 07, 10:00
Ahro: Wooo Tutorials! :D
19 Apr 07, 20:44
18 Apr 07, 11:41
Ahro: New Gallery Update! It's some art of Sele'n! Our ever adorable, fire breathing, hottie. ;P
15 Apr 07, 15:30
kamiechev: okay, i added ya! -^-^-
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