12/13/11 07:42 AM
TRM: Hello. What does your tree look like?
08/20/11 11:01 PM
Melba: LOVE your hair, LOVE your kitchen, LOVE the new look of your blog! You're just bustin out with all kinds of new!!
08/20/11 05:57 PM
terri: I love the color! and your hair :)
07/25/11 11:43 PM
Kim: Ughhh I'm sick of these people spamming my chat box!
04/27/11 12:15 PM
Kim: I'm playing around with all the blogs :) I found a new little site that has templates that I like!
04/27/11 11:57 AM
TRM: LOVE the new look! Very ARTSY! :)
04/18/11 08:24 PM
Melba: Love the pic of your boys! What else is going on? Will we see some dumpster diving entries soon?
01/28/11 01:47 PM
TRM: No new news?
12/29/10 04:36 PM
Melba: LOVE your Christmas Past photos!!
12/22/10 06:08 PM
finny: me, too!!
12/22/10 10:26 AM
TRM: HI! I am here!
12/22/10 12:03 AM
Kim: Is anyone here?
12/14/10 12:16 PM
12/14/10 07:26 AM
TRM: You are back! :D
11/12/10 11:28 AM
Kim: WOOPS! That should say KIM LOL :)
11/12/10 11:27 AM
Pam: Try the comment thing now... I made some changes.
11/12/10 11:27 AM
Pam: Gimmie the list... shoot me some money and we can work something out :)
11/11/10 07:57 AM
pam: it won't let me post in the commnets - no visiual verification
11/11/10 07:57 AM
pam: I have some things on my list from target for the kids, but I really hate going there on BF...it's just a mess at the mall. Maybe I should give you my list!!
10/26/10 08:42 PM
Karen: you certainly have a variety of crafts going-- but that is good
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