18 Jun 12, 02:55
chika: hey i already visityour side by the way thanks visit mine hehe
25 Dec 07, 10:09
jonzz: Merry Xmas and Happy New Year, chinkinchin
18 Dec 07, 04:37
chinkinchin: ahhh. but i have
17 Dec 07, 11:26
jonzz: So much food pics, it's a wonder u don't get fat
3 Dec 07, 08:18
jubilee: Thanks for yr concern...we r fine here...just had tennis tournament over the wkend. We lost btu had lots of fun!
15 Nov 07, 04:55
ChinkinChin: To my friends in Pakistan. Please stay safe
15 Nov 07, 04:55
ChinkinChin: To my friends in Pakistan. Please stay safe.
29 Sep 07, 05:05
ChinkinChin: I can view my blog again
10 Sep 07, 21:33
poohbearee: Can you view your own blog? Mayb u can comment on our chatboxes or give us your msn lah. Do you hv a msn acc?
8 Sep 07, 10:54
ChinkinChin: It's so frustrating that I can't comment on the blogs now :furious:
22 Aug 07, 12:14
ChinkinChin: Real enuf... just had similar meal today for even less. You can say it's a kopitiam set meal for S$2.20
21 Aug 07, 09:16
KKT: real food? or rubber-band squid and cardboard chicken?
20 Aug 07, 11:21
ChinkinChin: Just finshed take-away lunch: rice with stirfried cuttle fish n long beans, and chicken chop, pig lung soup... all for S$3.60
17 Aug 07, 18:44
kkt: wah LV car ah? With everything available in GZ, can just buy new stuff to fill yr apt!
17 Aug 07, 07:10
ChinkinChin: Not sure if I should have blurred out the license plate... ;)
30 Jul 07, 22:43
j: miss you already... :( settled in?
10 Jul 07, 20:45
poohbearee: do u all watch india idol there?
9 Jul 07, 21:50
ChinkinIn: All is shanti...
4 Jul 07, 19:59
poohbearee: hows allisshanti related to india? ck's indian gf's name?
3 Jul 07, 17:11
VnChewie: If you ask them, Taiwan is part of China.. oooopz.. is this not PC? ;-) Oh well... looks like you have to start a new blogspot...
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