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Scorp: :wacko:
Loki: BOO!
Loki: How are you doing NoXies
TERROR: hello
TERROR: anyone around ????????????????????????????????????
TERROR: :drunk:
sam: WOW...such great personalities visiting :)
Oli: :hunter:
Meow Meow: Why so silent in here ? :tc:
Oli: :cheers:
Loki: :catz:
Lucian: anyone here?
sam: I still love you Loki :D
sam: hello Lucian, sry for the late reply
sam: ...i miss you Meow :cheers:
Scorp: i miss pixie :(
sam: yuhuuuuu
sam: pixieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Saga: yeah, i miss pixie as well :cry:
Oli: ZLL
sam: hey NOX
Oli: /sMOKE/
iosy: finnaly i remembered my password :D
Oli: :pwet
iosy: :))))))))
iosy: good morning
iosy: what happend with pixie?
iosy: and who the fuck was saga?
Oli: Saga play in NOX s7! that acc. from s5 belong to someone else
SOaD: heloo
SOaD: someone?
SOaD: :D
SOaD: :nox:
SOaD: [NOX] SOaD looted 2,712 Gold! [NOX] SOaD received 0 and [x] Snake Eyes received 1 experience points!
SOaD: :nox:
Scorp: nice one SOaD!
Scorp: :nox:
Scorp: sorry i missed all the wars :hunter:
Peace: :)
Sam: Hi Peace, nice to see you :D