11 Oct 07, 00:54
Kat: Next time I put sushi okays? HAHAHHA
3 Oct 07, 00:10
yz: i meant kat...typo...sorry!
3 Oct 07, 00:10
yz: kay ur making me hungry n craving for wedges!!!
23 Sep 07, 23:42
Kat: HAHHA.. Inez.. Tempting me!!!!!!!
23 Sep 07, 00:50
shihui: wow, we have a new template, nice change, hee.
15 Sep 07, 17:40
inez: and for chilli's sake, please reduce the use of chilli sauce, salt, pepper in your creative work. geez. i shld just ask you how to creativ-fy mona lisa's painting.
15 Sep 07, 17:39
inez: guess what? i forgot how to login and post an entry here. so i shall just rant here and pollute the tagboard here. hahahas.
7 Sep 07, 00:07
Kat: Muahahhaha. I got more of such idiotic stuff man.. maybe someday i go post it. hahahha
6 Sep 07, 00:48
yz: yar lar nice lar...but i dun expect anything lesser than that from u...heheh
5 Sep 07, 21:12
Kat: Yup! I drew it! Nice hor? hahahhaha.
2 Sep 07, 01:52
Kat: I think THIS BLOG IS DYING OFF... hahhaha. someone, do wake this up!
22 Aug 07, 23:01
Kat: Damn.. All Alone in NUS
13 May 07, 13:22
lex: scared wad sial.. lol anyway u working canon rite?where ah
12 May 07, 23:43
Kat: i dont dislike her.. but i scared lar. auto one. haha. trauma from jc days!!!!
6 May 07, 23:15
lex: yea rite i believe hahaa
6 May 07, 16:30
tianci: wah lau kathy y u duck..i tnik shes lik my fav teacher in jc i confrim go say hi 1
26 Apr 07, 20:34
25 Apr 07, 23:02
Kat: oh yar alex. dont deny. porn site is yours. muahahhhaa
25 Apr 07, 23:02
Kat: i saw her at a movie theater... i ducked immediately. haha. Deb-its okays! at least you saw!!!!
22 Apr 07, 23:05
inez: praeman = housewife. now that is sth new.
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