1 Nov 12, 13:26
ameena: Salam Perkenalan. :-)
21 Oct 12, 13:21
adina: Adakah anda penari terhebat di Malaysia? Buktikan di SINI! :-)
13 Sep 12, 14:31
mira: jom pakat serbu trak hijau :-)
1 Mar 09, 22:45
C F: Celine is a infidelity slut. She cheated on the bf, sleeping with me. I miss that cute ***** she had.
19 Sep 07, 13:20
Sig: friends, my video - http://thesuperxxx.com/movie/black/1/24/557/0/
22 Aug 07, 00:49
catherine: eh mike! u still do wrong d...u copy d but y u write wat i write?? u r suppose 2 write 8 facts about u wor...not copy wat i write wor...aiya..wrong again
10 Aug 07, 19:34
catherine: tagged!! visit my blog copy and do d tag yea!
4 Aug 07, 01:17
VistaCrew: Yo.... TaiKoMIke!!!!!! din know u write blog also!!!!! suprise suprisieeee..... and you are such a damn lucky person wei.... can meet hannah T personally..... jealous!!!!! :P
3 Aug 07, 09:49
Hannah T: Mike. you are so kind.
31 Jul 07, 10:40
hamkachan: ownage.. lol..
31 Jul 07, 02:28
yLva: in need for juicy topics? visit http://ylva-mydiary.blogspot.com. Bookmark if u like it now!
27 Jul 07, 21:33
Mike: Hi, Hannah...is that you? I am not sure whether you are real Hannah or not. But thanks for giving comments on my blog. :)
27 Jul 07, 12:03
Hamnah T: OMG..OMG..OMG..
26 Jul 07, 00:29
Mike: Carles, the crew did the makeup for me before the shoot. So of course i have to make myself cool and hendsem.
25 Jul 07, 10:11
carloz007: mike why u look so lengcai with hannah T? How u make urself so lengcai one?
25 Jul 07, 01:16
Mike: Thanks for the comments. Please keep visit my blog!!!
24 Jul 07, 17:22
mindkiller: walao..taiko mike u berry berry lucky lucky lah.. wawawawa
17 Jul 07, 22:58
Mike: Hey carles, of course i geng coz i am one of the lucky winner and get to met the pretty celebrity as well. Hehe...
17 Jul 07, 22:55
Mike: Emily, thanks you so much. You're right that its a very memorable date for me. :)
17 Jul 07, 22:44
carloz: mike u are so geng!!!
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