21 Apr 11, 11:14
29 Jan 11, 21:37
pon: pon ~ ♥
26 Sep 10, 16:01
hannah: how come you deleted your 'greetings and salutations' post!
29 Mar 09, 22:46
dom-kev: hey...thanks bro! u too are strong in Christ...;)
16 Mar 09, 15:07
kev: jiayou bro! when you are weak, you are strong [2Cor 12:10]
27 Feb 09, 20:14
Juz: hello hello... juz dropping by - your fellow lame-o-joker friend
7 Dec 08, 01:47
Tommo: Hey Dom!!! nice blog. pretty neat. i like :)
26 Nov 08, 23:51
History Maker: Get a new Acoustic. :P anyway, hope to see ya soon..... renewed mind each day, bro!
23 Nov 08, 23:11
van: haha, dom! you so funny! you even had a disclaimer: i'm not depress or what... just drained. haha. and i concur that you are just tired. too many things going on at the same time. take care ah! CS again! knief!
21 Nov 08, 08:29
dom-kev: thanks for ur encouragement and assurance...u always do that well! yups, it might be bcos the last 2 weeks were packed and eventful - with little breathing space..but it was really good 'training'..;)
21 Nov 08, 08:26
dom-History Maker: haha...electric practice hasn't been much...maybe bcos i find it quite troublesome to set up the guit and amps...but have been consistent on the acoustic though...haha...;)
20 Nov 08, 21:50
kev: hope camp stuff is not stretchin u too hard bro. share ya burdens with us if u need to. we are a team! =)
11 Nov 08, 23:53
History Maker: how's it going for u? how's ur electric practice? :P
26 Sep 08, 10:31
dom-jo: yeah...i can actually pass it to u via thumbdrive, i have it in my com....hehee...it's a show that really got me to open up my eyes and heart more...feels like God teaching me stuff thru that show..;)
24 Sep 08, 14:09
joline: the show looks really good, looking at the mtv
17 Sep 08, 13:44
joline: not about Gideon, but about choosing to believe in someone, for who they will become, not for who they are now.
17 Sep 08, 13:44
joline: wow, i'm encouraged by God and Gideon too! It's something that Chris (yang) and Pastor Jenn spoke to us about recently.
8 Sep 08, 10:00
dom-kev: ...and it's their encouragement and affirmations that truly delights me...all the best for ur upcoming teaching career! you have mua's fullest support!!!
8 Sep 08, 10:00
dom-kev: hey bro! hahaa...well, if you think i may be "speaking Greek", you're not alone...i'm perfectly fine with others not understanding what i'm doing or talking about...
6 Sep 08, 15:35
kev: nice reflection bro! =) i rejoice with u tat ya hard work invested bore fruits of ya guitar skills. the "speaking Greek" part comes from me is it? lol
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