13 Feb 11, 17:58
TheBlogginIdea: CoolZ Dudes visit me Back
11 Feb 11, 02:22
ThebloggingIdea: How do you came to my blog
16 Aug 07, 22:07
asfd: my toenail is about to fall off
16 Aug 07, 22:07
asfd: assafdsf
5 Aug 07, 20:03
k: wtv
1 Feb 07, 12:17
Stupidramblings: There's nothing funny about a colts win. I couldn't make a post about it work.
22 Jan 07, 20:10
Mortimer: Ok so its been more than 24 hours and no blog about the colts going to the super bowl ?l?!?!?!? I thought you were a fan...
3 Jan 07, 13:00
stupidramblings: cbox is FUN!
1 Jan 07, 20:37
sarah: I couldn't help clicking it. It was just sitting there all lonely and scared (the link - not the dog doodie).
26 Dec 06, 20:00
stupidramblings: so you went and clicked on it anyway. Way to go, sport. Now that you're here you might as well leave a memento--and by 'memento' I don't mean what my neighbor's dog leaves on my lawn.
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