29 Jul 18, 02:53
Kelly: Today I become a doctor. I get to tell people there dying and never will walk again.
15 Jun 18, 03:32
French Soldier: I'm sorry I thought there was some sexual tension between us but your just sitting there.
12 Apr 18, 08:22
French Soldier: I'm sorry single guys have trouble with girls names. What's your name again?.
3 Apr 18, 07:03
delete: Good one, Boss. Good one.
3 Apr 18, 07:01
Robert De Niro: I have an alibi. I was with my family.
7 Mar 18, 18:32
French Soldier: I'm trying to get laid here. Your in my way, Valentine.
10 Feb 18, 08:37
Joshua Peltier: Eventually. Happy Valentines Day, Hayden.
21 Jan 18, 00:04
Joshua Peltier: Hayden I'm sorry I'm a mexican tax payer.
1 Jan 18, 09:02
Joshua Peltier: Hayden i wish you the best, i`m sorry i wasnt good enough for you.
18 Dec 17, 01:31
Hayden: Enjoy christmas at the dollar store you guys.
18 Nov 17, 22:54
Hayden: EEEWWWW.
5 Nov 17, 01:45
Hayden: I wish you could give me your number
5 Nov 17, 01:43
Hayden: I loved your movie I love you Beth cooper
5 Nov 17, 01:42
Hayden: I wish I could meet you in person and I wish I could be in your life as a friend
16 Oct 17, 11:35
Hayden: I only make friends who have over 100 million in US dollars.
29 Sep 17, 21:44
delete: Again. The Boss is sorry for causing trouble and didn't mean to imply you are a french hooker.
19 Sep 17, 08:17
Hayden: I loved air conditioning this summer.
23 Aug 17, 00:45
delete: The Boss say's you have talent to be a back up singer for Madonna.
31 Jul 17, 21:28
delete: The Boss is taking care of family business.
28 Jul 17, 06:52
delete: The Boss is sorry for causing trouble.
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