08/28/17 01:33 AM
Phantom Callie: Sorry for the delayed response.
08/28/17 01:32 AM
Phantom Callie: Hey Clay
02/05/16 08:20 PM
Clay: Hey guys
12/17/14 12:45 PM
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11/23/13 02:05 AM
Aegis: See y'all later.
11/23/13 01:51 AM
Aegis: Somebody send me some chicken wings or something so we can catch up.
11/23/13 01:48 AM
Aegis: Or possibly goats with miniguns...
11/23/13 01:48 AM
Aegis: With...well, maybe cats with lasers.
11/23/13 01:48 AM
Aegis: So then I decided to spam the chat.
11/23/13 01:40 AM
Aegis: I sorta forgot what the new site is called, sorry.
11/23/13 01:38 AM
Aegis: Hi!!!!
08/03/13 01:24 PM
Zaph: Yeah, I miss Clauden too... :(
08/02/13 10:51 AM
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07/03/13 03:12 AM
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06/27/13 01:38 PM
Phantom Callie: I miss this place.
04/18/13 02:51 AM
Zaph: Just here looking around, for old time's sake...
08/02/12 06:52 PM
Karrmy Jones: HERRO!! :D
06/23/12 09:11 PM
Mari: Guess not...
06/23/12 07:15 PM
Mari: Is anyone here?
06/20/12 02:16 PM
Phantom Callie: Makes sense.
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