30 Jun 13, 13:20
abg superman: jemput la follow ke blog baru saya :) blog lama kena delete :( terima kasih support :D
14 May 13, 20:18
abang gadget: mari singgah abg jual powerbank murah2 ni :)
16 Jan 13, 20:20
epol rider: hai tuan blog :D Jom layan video-video menarik dari saya untuk hiburan anda semua :D
12 Jan 13, 20:51
miss airin: hai tuan blog;)sy ada menda best tuk awk jemput la :D
24 Apr 11, 11:47
Linda: Hi, I'm looking for an old friend, Mr. Tan Chu Chin. I heard that he's a member of this church. If you guys know him, can u please tell me? Thanks. I'll visit your church someday. :D
8 Sep 09, 10:39
shiro: guys...hope can c u all soon...
6 Sep 09, 13:31
Thomas: 7/9 to 12/9 is this year myf week. hope everyone likes the events and becomes more united in christ through the events
3 Sep 09, 08:59
shiro: bk to college once again...even hv go bk,but dint gather with u all...hopefully when nx time c u all,can hv a great meet n talk,take k,GOD bless :P
20 Aug 09, 10:08
Clarence: Take Care Everyone...drink more water..get enough rest and pray for each other...
19 Aug 09, 23:28
Kevin Kok: can update via this blog
19 Aug 09, 23:28
Kevin Kok: any future progame on this blog
19 Aug 09, 23:27
Kevin Kok: just to know this blog
19 Aug 09, 23:27
Kevin Kok: hi
11 Aug 09, 20:57
david: all same la.... but we got many junior this time... come back la!! then intro somei junior to u!! haha :D
7 Aug 09, 21:17
shiro: thx god~~~~!!!!i'm so happy...haha...
31 Jul 09, 20:08
shiro: dunno...havent plan yet...i scare i not bear cum bk study..haha...how u all getting ya???
27 Jul 09, 23:22
Clarence: how are you,Shiro? When will u be coming back?hehe..
22 Jul 09, 12:58
shiro: hey guys...miss u all sooooo muchhhh...
20 Jul 09, 23:40
Clarence: Thank you so much everyone~... :D
17 Jun 09, 10:43
Clarence: Going back soon..guys~ :)
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