5 Oct 07, 23:40
wicked hatter: oh yeah! XD I had read this, I modelled Teller's outfit in my art for you after how she looks in this issue. Anyway, awesome work, keep it up! ^_^
23 Aug 07, 10:02
Friv: Just came across this comic; quite nice. I especially like the facial expressions - you're great at them. Glad to see that the comic isn't dead, and looking forwards to future strips!
21 Jul 07, 14:14
cheru: Seth/Sara: I had considered that. Very seriously, actually, because I was sicker when I was in junior high, and I felt pretty depressed then. But my mom won't take me to see a therapist. --;;
21 Jul 07, 14:07
cheru: here, after they recover from their African diarrhea, or whatever. But that's the new location! :D Expect more frequent updates!
21 Jul 07, 14:06
cheru: Ah, shootdarn. I forgot to announce here. I've moved over to Drunk Duck. http://www.drunkduck.com/Das_Macht_Mich_Krank/index.php I'm royally pissed at CG, so I don't even know if I'm going to return
8 Jul 07, 14:44
Crims: Lies. It's all an excuse for nakedness. You want people to see you naked. Exhibitionist.
8 Jul 07, 04:17
Seth/Sara: Seth: "Huh...I know that some people would suggest this as they have no clue what the heck to say, but could it be depression that's causing you're 'morning sickness'?"
27 Jun 07, 00:16
Seth/Sara: Sara: "You-are-incredibly-lucky!" Seth: "At least no one was hurt. sort of like how my brother drove through the garage door of a repair shop when he went to get his car fixed."
25 Jun 07, 23:11
wicked hatter: I like the increased amounts of naked in this comic. mhmm. *nod* oh and yet again, feel better, sucks about your booboos ;-; Glad it wasn't worse, tho.
24 Jun 07, 15:13
Shunra: や~っと~!チェルちゃんが帰ってきたぞ~!嬉しい~!!^^(ただ今グラビテーションの9つの話を見たから、効果があるわね~…)
20 Jun 07, 00:17
cheru: Crims: She's taking a shower, dur. Seth/Sara: No. I'm just dealing with some stuff right now. Finals are nearing, and unfortunately, school must come first. D: WH: *glomp* XD
19 Jun 07, 21:31
Crimson: Bananas in Pajamas... Christ she's naked again... where are her pajamas?
18 Jun 07, 20:16
Seth/Sara: Seth: "We didn't speak too soon did we?"
13 Jun 07, 00:48
wicked hatter: yay, you're updating again! ^__^ and the drama continues. heehee, I dig it.
1 Jun 07, 01:57
Seth/Sara: Seth: "I have a suggestion on the computer thing, though it might not be the best. Like Mohammad Haque of Applegeeks says, Get a Mac." Sara: "Shouldn't you be doing that too?" Seth: "..."
26 May 07, 17:21
cheru: Shunra: Because I feel like putting Lady Cheru on these ones. I don't really have a good explanation, other than I feel like it. XD Crimmy: Yes, you are :D Seth and Sara: Aw, don't be shamed! ^^
26 May 07, 17:20
cheru: WH: Aw, it's okay. The only thing that matters is if *I'm* late XD Doomshot and Grognik: Thanks for checking it out! :) I'll try to get everything sorted out asap!
26 May 07, 11:27
Seth/Sara: Seth: "It's a comic..." Sara: "It's good..." Seth & Sara: "WE HANG OUR HEADS IN SHAME!"
18 May 07, 10:54
Grognik: Just came across your comic so had a bit of back story to ctach up on ;) I am impressed, I hope you get everything settled enough to update on a regular basis. Great work :D
14 May 07, 10:47
Crimson: I AM sessay :P
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