littlestSiren: to be just my issue.
littlestSiren: Am i doing something wrong? I am a PKC member, so i've asked around, but nobody knows. it seems...
littlestSiren: Hey Mandi, I seem to have issues with your..AM bulldog file. it gives me an error trying to use it
Mandi: Results are all up to date through August, and I've actually adopted new petz to show again :O
kezune: On your "premier" page, the last link seems to be broken. Just letting you know. :)
Mandi: All utd through March 2015 shows now
Mandi: Updated through DeeOhGee Grand nov (GChs not moved yet)
Mandi: Updated all the grand results that were behind! Everything is now up to date ^^ (11/9/2014)
Mandi: (NTS) All normal results added, still need to add all Grand results from March forward