10 Sep 17, 20:38
noodles: I haven't forgotten you.
29 Dec 15, 14:22
Jack: hello
25 Dec 13, 11:30
noodles: hi
16 Dec 13, 21:06
nameRodyle: Hello!
15 Dec 13, 17:07
Xi: If anyone sees this, hello from 2013!
21 Aug 12, 16:33
Robolewa: I don't think it my turn in kingdom. I can post anyway though.
21 Aug 12, 05:26
Khetroid: Yes, well, it's been a week since that last post and there has been nothing ...
14 Aug 12, 14:48
Robolewa: That said, since I do actually really want to finish the storyline of TSaK for once, I will keep up with it, even if I end up too busy for anything else.
14 Aug 12, 14:47
Robolewa: I am officially in Pittsburgh, and my phd program doesn't start for a few more weeks... So I have a little bit of spare time.
14 Aug 12, 00:00
Khetroid: I'm glas TSaK is still going. Jarek is so much fun.
13 Aug 12, 17:10
Robolewa: Sorry for posting for you Izra. If you would like anything Brahman did or said changed, I will do so gladly without hesitation.
12 Aug 12, 05:41
Truesilver: I intend to keep on with Blood and Jazz as well
12 Aug 12, 05:41
Truesilver: That's true. But those are still worth pursuing, I think
12 Aug 12, 01:14
Khetroid: That said we really only have two RPs that can be active with those that remain. Superhero and TSaK.
12 Aug 12, 01:13
Khetroid: I'm still checking too.
11 Aug 12, 08:11
Truesilver: Yeah. I'm with you, Xi. But I still check all the time. All my rp's are stalled out while I wait for other peoples postings.
10 Aug 12, 05:03
Xi: I'll be honest, despite the promise this showed I've really lost interest at this point
9 Aug 12, 09:28
Rodyle: But between learning for an exam I have to redo and reading 250 pages for my bachelor thesis there's not too much spare time for me at the moment.
9 Aug 12, 09:27
Rodyle: I'd love to post, but Kara should be gone for an in-game week or so. I'll try to make time and think up a second character, (...)
7 Aug 12, 22:28
Xi: nnope
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