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21 Nov 17, 08:32
Let: I'm sure everyone heard the news about Hiromi Tsuru's passing by now. Truly a tragic loss. The way she died is just too sad.
16 Nov 17, 09:42
cutepresea: I remember seeing a count for the number of times Peridot said clod up through somewhere in season 3 but I don't know if there are any up to date ones now that we're in season 5
16 Nov 17, 07:26
shadowysea07: stupid fast giant mace thats in real time
16 Nov 17, 07:22
shadowysea07: Mace Mcguilicutty was easily the hardest boss fight though
16 Nov 17, 07:21
shadowysea07: Had my characters die alot that battle
16 Nov 17, 07:21
shadowysea07: Like there was one battle with 3 swordsman 1 shield with spikes guy and 2 wizards
16 Nov 17, 07:20
shadowysea07: Finished the game. Final boss was cake compared to the previous ones or hell some of the regular encounters even
16 Nov 17, 07:20
shadowysea07: there's a clod count for the show?
15 Nov 17, 23:17
cutepresea: *gives corny thumbs up*
15 Nov 17, 23:15
cutepresea: Ooh the Director's Cut. I don't have that one yet, just the base PS2 version
15 Nov 17, 11:28
Cless Aileron: Well, I'll just pop in to say that I did buy this something last week: [link]
14 Nov 17, 12:22
cutepresea: Are we gonna have to do a "clod" count for the game like people do for the show? lol
14 Nov 17, 11:39
shadowysea07: love her conversation with squaridot. you're the clodiest clod that ever clodded you clod.
13 Nov 17, 12:50
shadowysea07: Got peridot in steven universe :3 Wish lapis had been playable
13 Nov 17, 12:09
Let: Twin Age was actually even more different than Swordcraft Story, since its battle system was more like Secret of Mana.
13 Nov 17, 12:06
Let: @TalesofGod: You have that wrong. Summon Night has always been a tactical RPG series. The offshoots you played were the change in battle system, which was more akin to early 2D Tales titles.
10 Nov 17, 14:13
shadowysea07: playing steven universe save the light on my ps4 after I got it on sale with my 20% off psn email code
10 Nov 17, 12:35
TalesOfGod: That being said, I'm not sure if I enjoy the change in battle system as I feel that Summon Night Swordcraft Story 1,2 and Twin Age were the best in the series.
10 Nov 17, 12:34
TalesOfGod: It's been quite a while since I got into the Summon Night series. I offered to help edit a script and lost all my progress after my computer died so I'm glad to hear that they did Summon Night 6.
9 Nov 17, 15:39
Let: The former Lunar VAs haven't voiced anything since 1999-2000, so it's not surprising they sound out of sorts nearly two decades later. Jessica's VA seems to be getting back into it though.
9 Nov 17, 15:37
Let: The pros clearly carry the dub better, but some of the newbies aren't super awful. With more training, they could be pretty good down the line.
9 Nov 17, 15:36
Let: The other half are professionals from across games and anime, like Bryce Papenbrook, Mela Lee, and Erica Mendez. It's quite a contrast to listen to.
9 Nov 17, 15:35
Let: I've been playing Summon Night 6 since last Friday. The dub is literally a mixed bag; half the VAs are either newbies or former Working Designs people who voiced for Lunar back in the 90s.
8 Nov 17, 04:32
Antonio: If you like it feel free to give it a like and subscribe! Thanks! ^^
8 Nov 17, 04:00
Antonio: Thanks~!
8 Nov 17, 03:59
Antonio: Hello! If you like Fate/Grand Order, check out my friend's video about his Top 10 Archer Noble Phantasms! He also did a Saber Top 10 one! Check it here! [link]
6 Nov 17, 12:32
shadowysea07: I wish I could play it but I want to finish Ys memories of celceta first before I start another game. I still haven't gotten back to chrono trigger in like a month >.>
6 Nov 17, 12:30
shadowysea07: Annoyed that amazon charged me for shipping when it was supposed to be free but whatever.
6 Nov 17, 12:30
shadowysea07: My .hack g.u. remaster arrived yesterday. I was surprised since the shipping estimate said the 10th
6 Nov 17, 12:08
cutepresea: And I come back to trademarks that sound like they're probably not for a game so eh, back to waiting
6 Nov 17, 12:08
cutepresea: I swear I'm still alive. I was just away from home since last month XD
6 Nov 17, 00:06
shadowysea07: I would assume neither of these are the title for the upcoming new tales game for the switch and will just be either phone games or literal
4 Nov 17, 17:28
mieufire: hopefully the Tales of rhythm game I've been waiting for will happen xD or it'll be actually concert musicals ahaha (hey everyone btw!)
4 Nov 17, 08:35
Shion: [link]
3 Nov 17, 11:27
Let: They could give him back the role and let Frank concentrate on being Fred.
3 Nov 17, 11:26
Let: Frank Welker is basically Scooby currently, but it's odd. Hadley Kay, who voiced Scooby for his cameo in Johnny Bravo, is still alive and well.
2 Nov 17, 14:51
shadowysea07: As for ducktales the only thing interesting I saw was the triplets had distinct personalities vs being copy pasted in the original
2 Nov 17, 03:45
shadowysea07: As freds va had voiced scooby in the past instead of the other way around
2 Nov 17, 03:44
shadowysea07: I must have been confused then and switched around freds voice actor for scooby's original va then
1 Nov 17, 16:14
Let: *Beakley
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