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16 Jan 17, 11:19
Let: So a new Tales title for the Switch huh? Sounds intriguing, especially since you can take the Switch on the go. That could potentially lead to a lot of extra training and story progress for gamers.
16 Jan 17, 06:33
Ikusaba: the witch boss you fight in the battle only portion of the demo
16 Jan 17, 03:44
shadowysea07: and then spell wise we haven't had full screen ones since vesperia
16 Jan 17, 03:44
shadowysea07: party member wise the only 2 I can think of are jade and ritas
16 Jan 17, 03:44
shadowysea07: meanwhile I am trying to explain that mystic artes are rarely full screen for both bosses and party members. I wish there was a list of them somewhere on the internet
16 Jan 17, 03:43
shadowysea07: heavy witch fight???
15 Jan 17, 12:14
Ikusaba: yep, but i can't tell you what dropped it or anything, I just noticed it when I was looking at gears before the heavy witch fight
15 Jan 17, 11:32
shadowysea07: oh so there was a spear in the demo ikusaba?
15 Jan 17, 11:30
shadowysea07: there aren't any official bundles but there have been ones announced where they sell zelda with the system
15 Jan 17, 10:48
Ikusaba: if you meant the calcite drops in the demo Shadowy, I got a calcite spear in the battle demo thing
15 Jan 17, 08:01
mieufire: (I've actually always wanted to be a news writer here but 1. I'm probably not that good and 2. I don't have Twitter XD )
15 Jan 17, 08:00
mieufire: Oh no sorry my bad!! D: turns out he got a normal Switch console and the Zelda BotW special edition game ^-^; oops ahaha
15 Jan 17, 06:51
lyeaphi: There's a bundle?? :0 They said there won't be a bundle for the switch.
15 Jan 17, 01:37
mieufire: My brother ordered the Zelda Nintendo Switch bundle yesterday!! It's a really nice comfortable console. Love it!
15 Jan 17, 00:00
lyeaphi: pre-ordered 4 games and the switch yesterday - I'm excited!!!
14 Jan 17, 23:53
mieufire (on laptop): Finally got to play Zelda BotW and it's absolutely beautiful!! The actual Switch console is really nice to hold as well! XD
14 Jan 17, 12:25
shadowysea07: but without locking out content in the initial releases like vesperia did
14 Jan 17, 12:25
shadowysea07: I just hope that if and when enhanced ports return they get localized and are as good on content as vesperia and graces f were
14 Jan 17, 12:22
shadowysea07: Why am I not surprised -_-. They are about as believable as lloyd talking about the temperature of drinks :lloyd:
14 Jan 17, 12:19
shadowysea07: so bamco lied and is not releasing games exclusively to ps4 console wise anymore?
14 Jan 17, 08:29
Arc_Zephyr: I'm in love with Rokurou's voice
14 Jan 17, 05:36
Ikusaba: elenor too
14 Jan 17, 05:36
Ikusaba: Lapichet is an early fav for me
14 Jan 17, 05:36
Ikusaba: So the demo for berseria was pretty neat
13 Jan 17, 16:24
lyaephi: Rumour has it that ToB will come out on a later date for the switch too. I really hope it is true :D Would be awesome!
13 Jan 17, 16:09
mieufire (on laptop): Thanks Let, I will do ahaha XD
13 Jan 17, 16:09
mieufire (on laptop): Future Tales title coming to switch! Wow!!
13 Jan 17, 12:32
shadowysea07: I'm assuming he's wind since alot of his spells are wind spells. air thrust wind lance
13 Jan 17, 09:29
Let: That's awesome, Mieu. Hope you have a blast with it.
12 Jan 17, 23:29
mieufire: Tbh we can't believe we won the chance to play it! And on our birthday too! XD you should totally make popcorn!! It's at 4am here so I'll watch it before work:3
12 Jan 17, 19:28
Cless Aileron: Cool, Mieu! Right now, I'm just going to wait until the stream presentation starts (8 PM US Pacific Time). Not sure if I'm going to make some popcorn for it.
12 Jan 17, 17:00
mieufire: Dunno if anyone is interested in the Switch but I get to play it in 2 days! xD
12 Jan 17, 14:21
darkstorm1212: Wait, doesn't Eizen know rock lance or something, how is he a wind seraph?
12 Jan 17, 09:12
Let: Erica's awesome. She was also Asahi in SMTIV: Apocalypse. I love her voice.
12 Jan 17, 08:42
shadowysea07: meanwhile eizens a wind seraph? I didn't expect that. I thought he would of been earth like edna.
12 Jan 17, 08:37
shadowysea07: I agree though that at the very least there should be a number if b artes possibly. unless they decided to lower the number since b artes are forced onto the same tree as a artes now
12 Jan 17, 08:35
shadowysea07: depends on if they are following all the mistakes zesty made. do remember they barely had any artes and spells in that game
12 Jan 17, 05:09
Arc_Zephyr: I doubt it's the full arte list. The characters are capped out at level 25 in the demo after all so they're bound to learn more in the full game
12 Jan 17, 03:58
shadowysea07: It's possible I just didn't get her weapon to drop from enemies but I doubt it. Just seems too low of a drop rate when I got at least one weapon for all the other characters
12 Jan 17, 03:56
shadowysea07: and rejoins the party alot judging by the trailer and story stuffles.
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