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20 Jan 20, 15:19
TalesOfGod: Did you guys see the Smash direct lately? I expected Byleth but I was thinking that someone in the Tales Of series has a chance to get in there. Who do you think would be a good choice?
17 Jan 20, 12:00
cutepresea: Hmm strange, I haven't been able to get the shoutbox to load on the actual site for days now. Had to open it in its own tab.
16 Jan 20, 15:39
shadowysea: too bad thanks for looking.
16 Jan 20, 03:35
Let: Cress's armor was recolored red for some reason though.
16 Jan 20, 03:34
Let: It was a pretty short gag though, not even animated. It was just a still of Lloyd and Cress carrying Kagura and Gintoki on their backs.
16 Jan 20, 03:28
Let: Sorry shadowy, the original link I had on my journal last year got taken down by the YouTube copyright police, and I can't find the episode it was for.
14 Jan 20, 13:38
shadowysea: happen to have a link to a video clip of that episode let for the tales of gag?
14 Jan 20, 08:24
Let: I'm still curious to know how they pulled that off. A U.S. property license gets into the Japanese version of a mobile game, but not the global version, where it would make more sense to have there.
14 Jan 20, 08:22
Let: Heck, when Puzzle & Dragons did its crazy gaggle of crossover collabs, it even included characters from DC Comics, and that's not a Japanese property. Strangely, the global version did not get it.
14 Jan 20, 08:20
Let: This is true, but I think Rays has enough publicity with crossovers as it stands. It just seems like the games with the best crossover collabs are the ones that Japan gets exclusively.
14 Jan 20, 04:29
darkstorm1212 (mobile): Tales of My Hero Academia would fit pretty well, their quirks make for prettt creative artes.
14 Jan 20, 01:47
Let: Gintama makes a bit of sense since they did a Tales gag in one episode, and the reaction to that was pretty good.
14 Jan 20, 01:44
Let: My suggestions are My Hero Academia, Ancient Magus's Bride, and Beastars, but I wouldn't be surprised if Anamnesis and Rays cashed in on those first.
14 Jan 20, 01:43
Let: Man, Brave Exvius really needs to get on the anime collab train and bring in more crossover craziness of its own. So far, it got FMA (Japan only so far), so hopefully we see it.
10 Jan 20, 13:42
darkstorm1212 (mobile): Tales of Kingdom Hearts except all the worlds are based of the collaborations like Idolmaster and Star Ocean.
10 Jan 20, 13:40
darkstorm1212 (mobile): Rays is getting a crossover with Gintama, I’m starting to feel like Tales of is the pit stop to all other anime universes.
10 Jan 20, 13:39
darkstorm1212 (mobile): Happy New Year, been doing fine.
9 Jan 20, 10:07
shadowysea: Happy new year I guess
8 Jan 20, 01:32
Let: So one week into the new year, how is everyone doing?
7 Jan 20, 00:00
cutepresea: Dang, though, you're kinda right. After Christmas all the stores just stock Valentine's stuff ahahaha
1 Jan 20, 08:57
shadowysea: I think you are on valentines day now :P
31 Dec 19, 06:58
cutepresea: Happy uh...whatever holidays I missed and whichever ones are coming up ;P
30 Dec 19, 12:11
shadowysea: happy new years as well
26 Dec 19, 01:39
Let: Merry Christmas to all my fellow Tales fans. : D
20 Dec 19, 01:13
shadowysea: Suprised Anise made it in of all characters. Hell I'm a little amazed Shirley and Farah are in it.
20 Dec 19, 01:12
shadowysea: oh tales of toothpasteia got a new video neat.
15 Dec 19, 03:13
Let: And Arria being in means they brought back Kae Araki to voice some new lines. She hasn't been in anything new, and her latest work is in cellphone gacha titles like Rays and Valkyrie Anatomia.
15 Dec 19, 03:08
Let: They're doing a Tempest event for Rays and they aren't using wolf dad/husband? It's not like Tempest had a huge cast to begin with, so why they excluded Forest is beyond me.
25 Nov 19, 03:59
Let: Just picked up the Tales of Berseria manga today. Glad it finally got released.
22 Nov 19, 04:53
shadowysea: And that's with missing some mons or them being locked to weather/time of day like roselia. I had to wait til like 4 in the morning to catch one.
22 Nov 19, 04:52
shadowysea: I'm close to 100 pokemon and only just cleared the second gym. This is like black and white 2 on steroids mon selection wise.
21 Nov 19, 12:37
Let: I certainly hope he makes a complete recovery.
19 Nov 19, 09:12
cutepresea: That sucks. Not that he's limiting his voice work but that he's having problems with his voice in the first place. Hopefully that'll help
19 Nov 19, 03:51
Let: Looks like Jude's Japanese VA is going through a rough time with his voice: [link]
12 Nov 19, 03:30
cutepresea: (And it's nothing against Fire Emblem because I'd gladly go back to it, I just don't have a lot of money and make weird priorities)
12 Nov 19, 03:27
cutepresea: True and I haven't played any of the FE games since the GBA so I'd be lost there ahaha
11 Nov 19, 09:13
shadowysea: Well it's not like there is much to talk about here. Besides fire emblem and pokemon
8 Nov 19, 09:16
cutepresea: I don't mean to keep going missing the way I do, I'm sorry :(
31 Oct 19, 11:17
darkstorm1212: I'm surprised that we're getting Norma so soon after Grune's Rays event.
31 Oct 19, 11:16
darkstorm1212: I don't mind the delay if we're getting a more polished up game. Some games suffer for not having delays at all.
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