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15 Dec 19, 03:13
Let: And Arria being in means they brought back Kae Araki to voice some new lines. She hasn't been in anything new, and her latest work is in cellphone gacha titles like Rays and Valkyrie Anatomia.
15 Dec 19, 03:08
Let: They're doing a Tempest event for Rays and they aren't using wolf dad/husband? It's not like Tempest had a huge cast to begin with, so why they excluded Forest is beyond me.
25 Nov 19, 03:59
Let: Just picked up the Tales of Berseria manga today. Glad it finally got released.
22 Nov 19, 04:53
shadowysea: And that's with missing some mons or them being locked to weather/time of day like roselia. I had to wait til like 4 in the morning to catch one.
22 Nov 19, 04:52
shadowysea: I'm close to 100 pokemon and only just cleared the second gym. This is like black and white 2 on steroids mon selection wise.
21 Nov 19, 12:37
Let: I certainly hope he makes a complete recovery.
19 Nov 19, 09:12
cutepresea: That sucks. Not that he's limiting his voice work but that he's having problems with his voice in the first place. Hopefully that'll help
19 Nov 19, 03:51
Let: Looks like Jude's Japanese VA is going through a rough time with his voice: [link]
12 Nov 19, 03:30
cutepresea: (And it's nothing against Fire Emblem because I'd gladly go back to it, I just don't have a lot of money and make weird priorities)
12 Nov 19, 03:27
cutepresea: True and I haven't played any of the FE games since the GBA so I'd be lost there ahaha
11 Nov 19, 09:13
shadowysea: Well it's not like there is much to talk about here. Besides fire emblem and pokemon
8 Nov 19, 09:16
cutepresea: I don't mean to keep going missing the way I do, I'm sorry :(
31 Oct 19, 11:17
darkstorm1212: I'm surprised that we're getting Norma so soon after Grune's Rays event.
31 Oct 19, 11:16
darkstorm1212: I don't mind the delay if we're getting a more polished up game. Some games suffer for not having delays at all.
31 Oct 19, 11:14
darkstorm1212: I could see Kasque also being a God Eater character, she would get along with Velvet. I feel like Berseria, Crestoria, and Arise have been taking inspiration from God Eater.
10 Oct 19, 04:45
Let: And considering Eugene is a parent to both Mao and Annie, you gotta keep the original.
10 Oct 19, 04:44
Let: To be honest, I was expecting them to have replaced him for Eugene by now, but I'm impressed they thought this far in advance. On the other hand, Ishizuka always had a great dad voice.
10 Oct 19, 04:41
Let: I see Eugene is finally appearing in Rays, but I'm a tad surprised Ishizuka recorded lines for him. This is so long after his passing that they must have had him do a few clips far ahead of time.
22 Sep 19, 13:51
shadowysea: I shall name the owl rowlet and teach it to kill :toku:
19 Sep 19, 20:24
shadowysea: Not surprised there wasn't much news on Arise(ia) since it likely won't be out for almost a year. We should start getting more news around march next year.
19 Sep 19, 20:23
shadowysea: Yeah I've wanted a legendia r for years but sadly they just seem to relegate it to minor cameos much like rebirth the other game they pretend doesn't exist
14 Sep 19, 16:04
Let: A darn shame everywhere else is out of the loop with Rays.
13 Sep 19, 13:40
darkstorm1212 (mobile): Even though Philia and Garr got released not too long ago, I’m waiting for Lilith/Kongman to get their Colosseum themed banner in Rays.
13 Sep 19, 13:37
darkstorm1212 (mobile): Legendia R when? The other non-PS3 era mothership Tales titles got a remake. It’s also been quite a while since Legendia got their representation again in Rays.
13 Sep 19, 13:27
darkstorm1212 (mobile): I’m a bit surprised they went with Grune and not Jay or Norma.
13 Sep 19, 06:22
shadowysea: I much prefer the count down trailer stuff they did for xillias reveal anyway.
13 Sep 19, 06:22
shadowysea: Anywho they are doing a trailer thing at tgs on the 15th but its at 1:45 am where I am at so I will pass.
13 Sep 19, 06:22
shadowysea: stupid thing ate my post!
13 Sep 19, 06:21
shadowysea: stuff they did with xi
12 Sep 19, 02:25
Let: At least the Legendia crew is getting some much needed love in Rays.
2 Sep 19, 11:00
shadowysea: They might have something at tgs but considering they said they were going to have something at the last news thing and didn't I wouldn't take their word on it just yet.
22 Aug 19, 21:47
cutepresea: Wait, I guessed right? I'm usually wrong
21 Aug 19, 08:16
cutepresea: Guess not, I didn't hear anything anyway. Maybe TGS next month? (idk)
20 Aug 19, 10:45
shadowysea: so no news today for arise-ia ?
16 Aug 19, 08:10
shadowysea: ha captcha was gulags. that's where I would have liked to send the crazy church cult people to.
16 Aug 19, 08:09
shadowysea: Finished fire emblem three houses. Pick my next game poll is up if you feel like voting in it. [link]
13 Aug 19, 05:50
Let: *play as Repede
13 Aug 19, 05:50
Let: Yeah, having a human play is pretty stupid. They could attempt to get a trained dog. Really, he doesn’t even have to do any fight scenes. Just some small stuff like item grabbing.
13 Aug 19, 05:27
cutepresea: I said it on twitter, but it's the single dog ear that throws me off. What the heck
12 Aug 19, 06:28
darkstorm1212 (mobile): Granted getting a highly trained blue dog with a pipe for one play might be too much to ask for.
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