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17 Aug 18, 22:59
cutepresea: Dang, I just saw the news about Eugene's JP VA. Rest in peace :(
17 Aug 18, 04:31
darkstorm1212: The old Abyss english VAs would be nice to hear again.
16 Aug 18, 23:58
Meowphie: Rats. For a second there I was excited for TOA funi because I hoped for Yuri Lowenthal and Johnny Young Bosch, but it's Japanese only again. A pass for me. Darn. D;
15 Aug 18, 14:12
Let: I was hoping Funi would try to get the Abyss anime dubbed since they have more resources, but I guess it was stupid to think that. It's the greatest disappointment with the show.
15 Aug 18, 06:34
cutepresea: I don't know if I'm going to buy it or not. As I said on twitter, money and other priorities, basically :D
15 Aug 18, 05:21
ClessAileron: I certainly was talking about that sin of mine earlier in the year about how I didn't buy the ToA anime release back then because I held out for a release on Blu-Ray. Better late than never.
14 Aug 18, 09:26
darkstorm1212: I found something beautiful. XD [link]
13 Aug 18, 05:49
darkstorm1212 (mobile): I'll refrain from ranting the wasted potential of SAO too much, but I'm pretty salty that Lisbeth isn't included in either side of the crossover.
13 Aug 18, 05:45
darkstorm1212 (mobile): @cutepresea I don't blame you cause Silica is really forgettable, she only had one episode dedicated to her and had no development or personality like 95% of the cast.
13 Aug 18, 04:59
cutepresea: Like for whatever reason I couldn't place her even with the picture in the post, I had to see her in the context of the show. Why does my brain not work right? :(
13 Aug 18, 04:58
cutepresea: I had to look up who Silica was because I actually forgot. Actually I forgot a decent number of SAO characters. Oops.
13 Aug 18, 02:13
darkstorm1212 (mobile): Colette as Yuuki is actually somewhat fitting considering their fates and how accepting they were about it.
13 Aug 18, 00:27
darkstorm1212 (mobile): The costumes on Mileena and Rita don't look bad though, I'll give SAO credit for good-looking outfits for the girls.
13 Aug 18, 00:25
darkstorm1212 (mobile): I was checking out the SAO x TotR crossover video, Silica of all people does not deserve the almighty INDIGNATION!!!
12 Aug 18, 02:19
Let: And that was seriously some next level grim-dark stuff.
12 Aug 18, 02:19
Let: I was not fond of seeing Luigi get reaped by Death in that Smash trailer. Luigi's one of my main Smashers and a personal favorite character of mine.
10 Aug 18, 03:57
shadowysea07: Right now I am playing through lost dimensions as my home game
10 Aug 18, 03:57
shadowysea07: Already got s ranks with perfect chains on all the main stages
10 Aug 18, 03:56
shadowysea07: Finished theatrhythm a few days ago. It was fun for what it was. I'll keep it handy for when I have time to kill since I still have the advanced and ultimate modes to do for most of the stages.
9 Aug 18, 01:12
ClessAileron: I know the one thing I'm saying about the Smash Direct: "What is a Smash Newcomer? A miserable pile of secrets! But enough talk! Have at you!"
8 Aug 18, 22:46
cutepresea: Smash Ultimate has Death's Scythe as an item...where's my scythe, Tales? ;P
8 Aug 18, 10:16
Shizuka: I love Theatrythm :<3: the main game is rather short, but it's fun~
7 Aug 18, 09:08
darkstorm1212: I took a peek at the Memory Defrag Tales event, Sorey pointed out how Sinon and Milla sound alike. (Same VA joke)
7 Aug 18, 09:00
darkstorm1212: If the Tales of the Rays anime taught me anything, is that all the characters are very self-aware of their real world achievements.
7 Aug 18, 08:59
darkstorm1212: It's Star Ocean 3 all over again!
7 Aug 18, 08:55
cutepresea: And then poor Sorey has an existential crisis. The end.
7 Aug 18, 08:54
cutepresea: Sorey: what?
7 Aug 18, 08:54
cutepresea: Kirito: -looks at Sorey- I remember seeing your game advertised somewhere
7 Aug 18, 08:29
darkstorm1212: [link]
7 Aug 18, 08:17
darkstorm1212: I'm curious if the two will see the Tales characters as "characters" instead of real people. When the idolmaster joined the team she thought it was a dream. XD
7 Aug 18, 07:34
Let: Guess that episode of SAO II where Zestiria was advertised in the background finally had an effect years later. Now Rays gets Kirito and Asuna joining the team. Geez. XD
7 Aug 18, 04:37
darkstorm1212: Tales of the Rays Theater just became Danganronpa towards the end. XD
6 Aug 18, 21:35
darkstorm1212: Granted Sorey is the only protagonist cinnamon bun enough to befriend him.
6 Aug 18, 21:32
darkstorm1212: Eh... As someone who thinks SAO had potential Sorey and Kirito don't suit each other. Sorey is anything but a lone wolf.
6 Aug 18, 08:09
shadowysea07: and done with ff theatrhythm already. that was fast
6 Aug 18, 04:29
cutepresea: Poor Ix just couldn't catch a break pfft
6 Aug 18, 02:19
Let: Those Tales of the Rays Theater is quite amusing. Ix's reactions to the scenarios are just hilarious. XD
2 Aug 18, 16:00
ClessAileron: Said white one was labeled, "Like New" yet the D-Pad feels inconsistent with the diagonal inputs where it randomly drops, unlike my new black one. Not really, "Like New" but I'll say it'll do for now.
2 Aug 18, 15:58
ClessAileron: Though, I really should stop being so trusting with used controllers. I bought a black one at Gamestop, & with my positive reception to it, also bought a used white one off Amazon.
2 Aug 18, 15:56
ClessAileron: I used it to finish a playthrough of Mega Man X3, started a Tales of Symphonia playthrough, & I started Yakuza 0 with it. Still got things to get for how I want it but it's a start.
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