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31 Mar 20, 13:16
shadowysea: I'd especially like to read. I was surprised they didn't actually make a paper luigi game during the year of luigi. Especially since it would be cheap asset reusage and little work.
31 Mar 20, 13:15
shadowysea: Meanwhile I would also kill for a paper luigi game based on the stuff from paper marios games. His partners were all unique and interesting. The story sounded hilariously hammy, and the ending trauma
31 Mar 20, 13:13
shadowysea: I'm also surprised that supposedly they are releasing sunshine, 3d world, 64 and galaxy for the switch by the end of this year apparently due to marios anniversary I guess.
31 Mar 20, 13:13
shadowysea: They don't have the excuse of mario and luigi series to keep them from making paper mario and rpg anymore either.
31 Mar 20, 13:12
shadowysea: huh supposedly a new paper mario is in the works. I suppose it would be too much to ask for them to make it an rpg this time like 64 and thousand year door.
30 Mar 20, 07:19
Let: His voice would be perfect for the role.
30 Mar 20, 07:19
Let: To this day, I still haven't figured out who voiced him in English for the first Radiant Mythology. But if Eugene were to get an actor who could be credited, I want it to be JB Blanc.
30 Mar 20, 07:18
Let: I really just want an excuse to play the game that made me fall for papa panther Eugene. And hear him in English for the second time in Tales history.
29 Mar 20, 14:28
shadowysea: I don't see them ever going back to 2d though so the chances of any of them getting released is basically 0 without changes over to 3d among other things.
29 Mar 20, 14:27
shadowysea: I'd be down for a destiny remake remake. 2 can stay where it is unless they redo it to the point it's not even the same game. Rebirth is interesting but it doesn't exactly have an amazing rep.
27 Mar 20, 11:06
darkstorm1212 (mobile): I want Arise to be amazing so the publicity it gets can make those remasters happen.
27 Mar 20, 09:55
Let: And I would drop mad cash down on an overseas Rebirth release.
27 Mar 20, 09:53
Let: I'm in agreement. Destiny R and Destiny 2 are the two Tales titles that need a Chronicles release, complete with full English dubs too.
27 Mar 20, 02:51
cutepresea: *"will be able to play" wow words, how do they work
27 Mar 20, 02:50
cutepresea: @Gaius1000 Ahh same, I want that to be made and translated so bad so more people to be able to play those two :(
26 Mar 20, 11:52
Let: Seriously, whoever you are, we are absolutely not having that sub vs dub nonsense here. We enjoy both the Japanese and English VAs for the Tales series here, so either knock it off or buzz off.
26 Mar 20, 11:50
Gaius1000: I wish there was a Tales of Destiny Chronicles, similar to Tales of Symphonia Chronicles, but it contained Destiny Director's Cut and Destiny 2 PSP.
25 Mar 20, 11:47
cutepresea: Okay Cristina Vee voiced her in English and I'm pretty sure you know that and are trying to spark the stupid sub vs dub debate and I'm NOT letting that happen in here.
22 Mar 20, 16:40
lmao: lol. that's not sato rina
20 Mar 20, 04:38
darkstorm1212: It's cool and fitting that Velvet's VA sung this [link]
12 Mar 20, 16:10
shadowysea: It's usually pretty dead here between releases. Especially in arises case where they have had little news drop about it.
12 Mar 20, 04:34
TalesOfGod: Is it just me or is it a little slow on this site? I guess we are all waiting until Asteria gets released this year as there isn't much news until then.
12 Mar 20, 04:11
TalesOfGod: I don't understand the question. Have you heard that E3 is getting cancelled? I guess that once companies start using online streaming, E3 will be history. Not sure how to feel about it to be honest.
3 Mar 20, 13:59
shadowysea: Has anyone ever thought to sub in who can it be now by men at work for the flanoir scenes in symphonia?
28 Feb 20, 05:19
Let: @darkstorm: Haha, clever. XD
26 Feb 20, 21:08
shadowysea: That seems legit
22 Feb 20, 02:55
darkstorm1212 (mobile): Plot Twist, Lymle was the true hero Reala was looking for.
20 Feb 20, 10:37
TalesOfGod: Hmmm, I still don't get why Lymie didn't help Kyle with his quest. It makes sense to me that she would be helping her family, not fighting In a colosseum
16 Feb 20, 08:34
shadowysea: More like girls in his blood line are uber while the men are less so.
15 Feb 20, 11:28
darkstorm1212 (mobile): Playable Lymle in a future Tales of Destiny 2 remake? She has a cute design going for her and they made Lilith playable in her own game.
15 Feb 20, 11:25
darkstorm1212 (mobile): Stahn’s bloodline produces very powerful fighters. Also Happy Valentine’s Day! :heart:
15 Feb 20, 11:13
TalesOfGod: Happy Valentine's Day!
11 Feb 20, 12:20
Let: @shadowysea: Haha, yeah. I guess since they decided to localize Rimul as Lymle, the reference is definitely there. Cerberus, go get the bad guys, kay? XD
10 Feb 20, 12:52
shadowysea: As for figurines I googled and got nothing besides a mini keychain one of veigue that looks like one of those funco pop or whatever they are called ones.
10 Feb 20, 12:50
shadowysea: That name instantly made me imagine her using a controllable version of the beast arte and it just rampages around the battle field.
10 Feb 20, 09:56
Let: Those fan-made figures of Jay and Judith are impressive. In response to the question, I would like a Eugene figure. In fact, has any character from Rebirth had a figure yet?
6 Feb 20, 02:28
Let: Nice to see Lymle appear in something outside of Destiny 2. I imagine Kyle would have had an easier time if his cousin had come along for the ride and knocked enemies around with her artes.
28 Jan 20, 02:36
cutepresea: Oh yeah, I liked the A Long Time Ago CDs too. I'm a sucker for anything that goes into characters' pasts so that...definitely has a lot to do with it
25 Jan 20, 13:32
TalesOfGod: I saw the CDs before but couldn't understand Japanese so I am happy to be able to listen to them. More importantly, I have also noticed that the Gallery on this site is crashing in Menu bar. Why?
25 Jan 20, 13:29
TalesOfGod: I have two things I wanted to say recently, I got into reading/watching subbed drama CDs lately and I am surprised that I am enjoying it like this one about ToS: [link]
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