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24 Feb 18, 00:53
Let: I can't believe I missed that mistake I made. Damn phone trying to autocorrect isn't into it's. XD
24 Feb 18, 00:52
Let: *isn't supremely awful
23 Feb 18, 08:40
ClessAileron: Well, I did hear about how the Secret of Mana remake could use much better QA due to crashes. Outside of that part, the remake itself, the reception is more...meh.
23 Feb 18, 02:40
Let: MasterLL on YouTube found quite a few so far. Some are really paralyzing.
23 Feb 18, 02:39
Let: Admittedly Mana 2018 is not the best job they could have done, but it's supremely awful either. It needs quite a bit of patching in places due to the random crashes and other problems.
22 Feb 18, 11:25
shadowysea07: as for secret of mana many of my friends have played it and said it was a pretty poor remake. crashing constantly on consoles and lack of help for keyboard set up on pc
22 Feb 18, 11:24
shadowysea07: ha that is pretty close to the key of loreli
22 Feb 18, 01:57
Let: Majorly sucks she had to end up quitting the place she worked at for nearly three decades due to the new manager's "smooth moves", but now that she's freelance, anything goes.
22 Feb 18, 01:56
Let: I bring this up because: [link]
22 Feb 18, 01:55
Let: Random thought here, but wouldn't it be amazing if Yuki Kajiura composed the soundtrack for the next Tales title?
13 Feb 18, 15:09
cutepresea: ...Aaaaand reblogged because I chuckled
13 Feb 18, 11:02
darkstorm1212: Key of Lorelei Keyblade [link]
6 Feb 18, 08:48
cutepresea: Oh yay we're good I guess. I was waiting for the go ahead to come back :D
5 Feb 18, 21:18
ClessAileron: I had to turn off the security extension in Chrome if I'm having to access this site on my computer.
5 Feb 18, 21:17
ClessAileron: I saw the Facebook message in regards to the previous malware thing. I guess I didn't need to say anything in regards to Norton now blacklisting the site since mine is blocking it.
5 Feb 18, 03:08
Let: Besides, it's not like they're doing anything else with the Mana franchise anyway. Might as well go back to where the money was originally big and remake the SNES title that captured so many gamers.
5 Feb 18, 03:07
Let: Instead, what was originally thought of as a prank ended up being a great title for the Switch. So I don't think people should be so quick to dismiss a Mana remake.
5 Feb 18, 03:07
Let: Remember the reaction to Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle? Everyone thought Ubisoft was pulling a really bad prank with that one, but it ended up being a solid strategy RPG.
5 Feb 18, 02:58
Let: It's hilarious how people think they know what to expect when the game hasn't come out yet. Apparently giving something a chance to prove itself is a cardinal sin or something now.
5 Feb 18, 02:57
Let: I've heard people already say that the remake has mangled their fond memories of the SNES version. It's absolutely laughable.
3 Feb 18, 06:35
littlebigtrouble: i am excited for the remake , another multiplayer jrpg that i can show to family and friends that dont know it yet
2 Feb 18, 11:25
ClessAileron: (You know, I was thinking of bringing up that topic about the Secret of Mana remake myself)
2 Feb 18, 11:23
ClessAileron: (Yeah, I'll just say that 2016 got me sick of that phrase, thank you movie reboot we do not talk about!)
2 Feb 18, 11:21
ClessAileron: But yeah, it does feel like that's all I hear about with that Secret of Mana remake. Well, just as long as I don't hear the phrase, "Ruin my childhood" in regards to it.
2 Feb 18, 11:19
ClessAileron: @Let: I would be lying if I didn't say I do feel skeptical about it (& that I made it no secret that I haven't been big on remakes in general). That being said, I still want to check this remake out.
2 Feb 18, 02:07
Let: Anyone actually looking forward to Secret of Mana's enhanced port with new graphics and voice acting? All I see are nonstop whiny posts about how it'll be bad and that it looks cheaply made.
1 Feb 18, 10:17
mieufire: @Cless, well you've got double the amount of space now xD I seriously need more space for my phone but I guess miitomo will be going (which is kinda sad even tho it got boring)
1 Feb 18, 09:43
darkstorm1212: I really want more dual-wielding longswordsmen like Lloyd and Spada in the future. The Twin Swordsman class is a thing in Radiant Mythology.
1 Feb 18, 09:41
darkstorm1212: True, it would have been awesome if he used both swords in his third mystic arte!
1 Feb 18, 03:47
shadowysea07: it'd be cool if as an added innate skill they do 100% damage to armored and human foes.
1 Feb 18, 03:44
shadowysea07: I imagine they wouldn't have had much higher stats than whatever his ultimate weapon did
1 Feb 18, 03:43
shadowysea07: like how the longer swords in tos did for zelos kratos and lloyd
1 Feb 18, 03:43
shadowysea07: they would have just given him some extra reach more than likely dark
30 Jan 18, 20:33
ClessAileron: Now, I'm just using that 1TB HD for storing other things. Backups and all that.
30 Jan 18, 20:29
ClessAileron: Managed to get a 2TB SSHD to swap out with the 1TB HD I was previously using in my PC. Have more room for games now (I actually reinstalled Tekken 7 after that uninstalling I mentioned earlier).
30 Jan 18, 20:21
ClessAileron: Thanks for the birthday wishes, Shadowy, darkstorm, & Mieu. (Didn't know your birthday fell on a January too, Mieu)
30 Jan 18, 16:53
mieufire: I'm interested in Tales of the Rays now looking at that new arc coming in Japan. Miitomo is gonna get taken down so I'll have phone space XD lol
30 Jan 18, 16:52
mieufire: Hi Cless!! Super sorry it's late but happy birthday! :D (my b day was the 14th January XD)
30 Jan 18, 06:53
darkstorm1212: Those dual-longswords would have been pretty OP.
30 Jan 18, 06:52
darkstorm1212: Happy late birthday Cless! :gel:
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