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16 Aug 19, 07:10
shadowysea: ha captcha was gulags. that's where I would have liked to send the crazy church cult people to.
16 Aug 19, 07:09
shadowysea: Finished fire emblem three houses. Pick my next game poll is up if you feel like voting in it. [link]
13 Aug 19, 04:50
Let: *play as Repede
13 Aug 19, 04:50
Let: Yeah, having a human play is pretty stupid. They could attempt to get a trained dog. Really, he doesn’t even have to do any fight scenes. Just some small stuff like item grabbing.
13 Aug 19, 04:27
cutepresea: I said it on twitter, but it's the single dog ear that throws me off. What the heck
12 Aug 19, 05:28
darkstorm1212 (mobile): Granted getting a highly trained blue dog with a pipe for one play might be too much to ask for.
12 Aug 19, 05:27
darkstorm1212 (mobile): I’ve never been more afraid of Repede in my life...
7 Aug 19, 22:56
Let: Tales x Marvel, the true ultimate crossover. No beer holding allowed. : D
7 Aug 19, 00:19
darkstorm1212: This Fire Emblem character apparently enjoys the Tales series as well as Chivalry. [link]
7 Aug 19, 00:16
darkstorm1212: Gotta love the self-awareness that skit had! XD Tales of Marvelia when?
4 Aug 19, 10:39
Let: Is the Tales universe acknowledging the Marvel universe now? XP
4 Aug 19, 10:39
Let: That Crestoria skit was just plain ridiculous, but amusing. A little presumptuous about American comic book culture too. XD
2 Aug 19, 00:58
Let: Tales of the Rays update: Loli pirates ahoy! XD
24 Jul 19, 12:04
darkstorm1212 (mobile): I am! The mechanics and customization look really fun! Here’s hoping the story will be good.
23 Jul 19, 10:06
shadowysea: Anyone besides me excited for fire emblem?
11 Jul 19, 05:33
Let: I only got to play it for a few months before they closed it down due to internal company shenanigans. >.<
11 Jul 19, 05:32
Let: Still reminds me of how annoyed I was when they shut down Marvel Heroes Omega not too long after I tried it out.
11 Jul 19, 05:30
Let: @darkstorm: True, but we didn’t get Twin Brave. At least Rays was localized, as far as it went anyway. It really shouldn’t have had its plug pulled so quickly, but it can’t be helped.
9 Jul 19, 11:31
darkstorm1212: You really just whale on the game if you really like a certain Tales character.
9 Jul 19, 11:28
darkstorm1212: As someone who's been playing Japanese Rays for a while, I like that it isn't a difficult gacha game to the point where it becomes pay to win.
9 Jul 19, 11:27
darkstorm1212: We did have playable Duke in Twin Brave.
9 Jul 19, 03:15
shadowysea: I'm still jelly from when Sync was playable. Now if they make Yeager and Legretta playable I will be very sad.
2 Jul 19, 02:55
Let: So now Duke is going to be playable in Rays. We really are missing out.
29 Jun 19, 11:53
TalesOfGod: Honestly, so long as the game is fun to play then I don't care where the influence comes from. I will be buying it regardless although I am interested in ToC right now.
21 Jun 19, 09:44
shadowysea: vamped out areas existing more and let you explore areas locked off like the town hall place in rowens city from tox1 that you couldn't enter.
21 Jun 19, 09:43
shadowysea: I also think another complaint was the lack of new content. But given that it's reusing the world from xillia it made sense for there not to be too much new stuff I suppose. But they could have
21 Jun 19, 09:42
shadowysea: personality, not being able to remove ludger from the party or determine your party make up much and the debt system people constantly raged about that.
21 Jun 19, 09:41
shadowysea: And from what I remember people weren't fans of the weakness system and limited artes and spell pool, ludger being essentially a silent character to cheap out on va when he already has a defined
21 Jun 19, 09:40
shadowysea: I'm not surprised given the reception for it wasn't too amazing.
20 Jun 19, 09:43
Let: I certainly don't mind, as I want to see how that would actually work. We'll probably still see loads of goofy costumes, zany skits, and general wacky anime nonsense in Arise.
20 Jun 19, 09:42
Let: *now
20 Jun 19, 09:42
Let: So I wonder why people are no choosing to be both shallow and hypocritically stupid about the newest Tales title having some influence from the West.
20 Jun 19, 09:41
Let: If Disney hadn't produced animation, there would have been no Astro Boy, and thusly no manga or anime following. If it hadn't been for Dungeons & Dragons, there would be no JRPG genre.
20 Jun 19, 09:40
Let: Just wow, some folks are plain shallow. It's weird since there has been plenty of stuff produced in Japan influenced by both the U.S. and Europe over the years.
20 Jun 19, 09:27
Let: *I'm already seeing
20 Jun 19, 09:27
Let: Tales of Arise is apparently influenced by us, the Western audience, as the game's producer stated, but I'm already lots of anti-Western sentiment by people who play Tales for its anime hijinks.
20 Jun 19, 00:17
Laughing_Leo: @shadowy That's impressive, but I'm surprised that ToX2 isn't on that list
20 Jun 19, 00:14
Laughing_Leo: But, has the best gameplay in the franchise.
20 Jun 19, 00:14
Laughing_Leo: Like it's not the worse story. But, its definitely one of the weakness stories in the franchise.
20 Jun 19, 00:12
Laughing_Leo: @shadowy And for the story...please oh god fix the story
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