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27 Jul 17, 12:17
Let: *tried
27 Jul 17, 12:17
Let: When I started it up again, Yuri and Repede have joined the party but it makes little sense because the cutscene never plays fully. I even trying rewatching it via the menu but it still does it again.
27 Jul 17, 12:16
Let: The cutscene where Yuri and Repede come to Ix's rescue early on keeps getting stuck loading and getting an error. I have to close the app and start it up again.
27 Jul 17, 11:55
Aura: I'm liking tales of rays, but for some reason my phone has trouble connecting so I rarely get to play it.
27 Jul 17, 10:55
shadowysea07: I don't gots a smart phone so no tales of rays for me
27 Jul 17, 08:26
Let: The localization for the game is Tales of Hearts R levels of iffy. They even got the wrong characters to speak others' lines in one of the cutscenes.
27 Jul 17, 07:04
Let: Right now it's been a bit unwieldy for me.
27 Jul 17, 07:04
Let: This swipe battle system is going to take some time to get used to.
27 Jul 17, 06:41
mieufire: (hi Cless! ahaha, nice to see you're doing well. The FF tcg looks quite fun tho I stopped playing card games after yugioh xD )
27 Jul 17, 06:40
mieufire: (I also didn't get to download TotR, not enough space even after deleting things :'3 )
27 Jul 17, 06:40
mieufire: (@darkstorm, it's okay don't apologise ahaha I'm just in a bad place right now, people making you think you're apart of something when really you're not)
27 Jul 17, 05:16
Cless Aileron: Hey, Mieu! I only did some dabbling with Rays since I have been focusing for the time on organizing some stuff & making sure I understand the rules to the Final Fantasy TCG.
27 Jul 17, 05:15
darkstorm1212: Hey mieu, sorry about that. Was excited that Rays came out for iOS.
27 Jul 17, 04:45
mieufire: (ignored again, I'm trying to download it now after deleting a few things)
27 Jul 17, 04:12
darkstorm1212: I love how Rays just showed you the traitor right at the start XD.
27 Jul 17, 01:54
Let: Get well healing artes from me to you, CP. ^_^
27 Jul 17, 01:44
Let: Geez, adding Rays on top of Brave Exvius and Dragon Quest IV, I'm going to be glued to my phone for a long time. XD
27 Jul 17, 01:42
Let: So, who's downloading Rays right now? : )
26 Jul 17, 23:03
darkstorm1212: Wow, I just noticed that TotR is on iOS!
26 Jul 17, 22:55
mieufire: (Just tried downloading TotR and it hasn't worked, looks like I'll need to get a large micro SD card)
26 Jul 17, 22:35
darkstorm1212: I've been watching Digimon Appli Monsters recently and it's actually really cool. Although, it feels more like Yo-Kai watch than traditional Digimon, which I don't mind.
26 Jul 17, 22:33
darkstorm1212: It's probably best that we avoid the Shadow Games Cless. Also Cardgames on Hoverboards?
26 Jul 17, 22:32
darkstorm1212: Hope you get well Presea!
26 Jul 17, 09:04
Cless Aileron: Well, at least I'm not risking my life on a children's card game. (Besides, the package says the card game is for ages 13 & up. Yes, I am expecting some smart aleck remarks over that detail)
26 Jul 17, 09:02
Cless Aileron: *looks around* I'm also getting myself into playing a trading card game. [link]
26 Jul 17, 09:01
Cless Aileron: Hope everything goes well for you, Presea. (I'm late and that's pretty shameful on my part :( )
26 Jul 17, 00:04
Aura: Yuri and Repede to the rescue~
25 Jul 17, 17:17
shadowysea07: We can't lose a pillar of the community like yourself after all
25 Jul 17, 17:16
shadowysea07: Sorry to hear that cp. Hope you get better soon :(
25 Jul 17, 12:17
TalesOfGod: So, I downloaded Tales Of Rays and I'm convinced that it is the best game on the Android store at the moment. ^-^ Also, good luck on the medication, Presea. D:
25 Jul 17, 10:36
cutepresea: Eh, I hurt in other places now too, I'm a mess ahaha. (I should also point out they may not even do it. It depends on if they determine it's necessary or not)
25 Jul 17, 09:09
mieufire: (hope you're doing well presea :( )
25 Jul 17, 08:47
cutepresea: Haven't had one. They put me on different medication for about a month and said they'd get back to me then. :/
25 Jul 17, 07:28
shadowysea07: how ya feeling cp? did your surgery go well?
25 Jul 17, 03:44
Cless Aileron: I'm here too...just tired from SDCC.(My pics still needing to be uploaded & linked)
25 Jul 17, 03:43
mieufire: (I'm just here... Hey also)
24 Jul 17, 21:52
8ro: lol this game released so suddenly. And Velvet comes to the JP version tomorrow... TOO MUCH RAYS TO PLAY @_@
24 Jul 17, 21:23
Aura: yay for living. -squints-Downloading Tales of the Rays now
24 Jul 17, 21:18
8ro: i also (maybe?) live, hey
24 Jul 17, 18:39
cutepresea: Hey guys, I live
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