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14 Dec 20, 14:39
Let: *permanently
14 Dec 20, 14:39
Let: So even if you were to start playing Another Eden late next year, you can still get Cress and everyone because the Tales event is permanent content. That alone is amazing.
14 Dec 20, 14:37
Let: The fact the Tales characters are being permnanetly added instead of being a limited time event is what really impresses me here. No other mobile gacha has done that.
13 Dec 20, 06:03
cutepresea: I had never heard of Another Eden before this collab, oops. Seems they're putting quite a bit into it though,reading over that. Kinda impressed tbh
13 Dec 20, 03:42
Let: Another Eden is getting a Tales collab now? Come on. Seems like the newer mobile titles that aren't connect to some huge brand name are getting the sweet collabs. XD
11 Dec 20, 13:09
shadowysea: bravely 2nd end layer, final fantasy exporers, dead pool, blood stained, 7 deadly sins, cave story plus, and Super Dragon Ball Heroes World Mission which is some kind of card battler with qte's
11 Dec 20, 13:06
shadowysea: Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity
11 Dec 20, 13:06
shadowysea: notable titles I got were
11 Dec 20, 13:05
shadowysea: rakuten*. Anywho I ended up geting 20$ back from that order and I spent 100 so not bad if I do say so myself. If only I could have used my discover card I could have gotten 5% back on that too.
11 Dec 20, 13:04
shadowysea: Out of the first order anyway. Still waiting on bloodstained to complete the first batch. Biggest incentive to doing it was the 15% cash back on rakutan on top of having a few titles I wanted.
11 Dec 20, 13:03
shadowysea: Anywho ordered 19 games from gamestops 50% off sale. all but 3 came with their cases so that was cool.
10 Dec 20, 08:01
shadowysea: As they gave me nothing for my trouble.
10 Dec 20, 08:00
shadowysea: They sent me 3 copies so it was even a weirder mix up. Especially more so when it costs more than nier. Next time I won't return it and instead resell it.
6 Dec 20, 12:59
cutepresea: That's a weird mix up :|
4 Dec 20, 02:41
shadowysea: ffff best buy sent me the outer worlds instead of nier so I had to return that :/
23 Nov 20, 02:14
Let: *a year ago
23 Nov 20, 02:14
Let: Wow, Slayers? Didn't see that coming. They had a collab in Granblue Fantasy mobile over a year, but to see Tales and Slayers characters fighting together is so surreal.
22 Nov 20, 20:00
shadowysea: anyone else splurging on stuff besides me? Picked up Nier automata gotye, persona 5r, cold steel 3, atelier ryza 1 and a few other games off amazon gamestop bestbuy. And 3 ps4 controllers on mercari
22 Oct 20, 05:46
Bob: Yeah! It’s on Crunchyroll and YouTube! Pretty cool!
21 Oct 20, 15:32
Let: Anyone had a chance to scope out the Crestoria anime short yet?
20 Oct 20, 13:23
cutepresea: [link] So any other mobile games that had Lloyd make a 400 Power joke that I need to know about? ;P
20 Oct 20, 11:19
Let: "You got your Tales in my Atelier!" And that sentence actually works. XD
20 Oct 20, 11:19
Let: This girl in the upcoming Atelier Ryza 2 looks a bit too close to Anise: [link]
16 Oct 20, 01:28
shadowysea: [link]
16 Oct 20, 01:28
shadowysea: Huh a new tales of game already trademarked. Tales of Luminaria.
6 Oct 20, 05:56
Let: That's some mighty fine crossover card art.
29 Sep 20, 04:38
cutepresea: [link] Also the card art for the sidequest in that preview
29 Sep 20, 04:36
cutepresea: [link] I wish XDU had voiced scenes because this would just be Nana Mizuki talking to herself
28 Sep 20, 05:47
Let: That's pretty awesome. Gotta love appropriate crossovers. Wish Brave Exvius would get some more anime crossovers.
25 Sep 20, 19:58
cutepresea: (Don't worry I won't spam y'all with absolutely everything, I'm already pushing it. I'll stick to twitter for the rest lol)
25 Sep 20, 19:57
cutepresea: so if I'm not guessing completely wrong based on that one, then they'll likely base their attacks on Falcon's Crest and Holy Judgment)
25 Sep 20, 19:57
cutepresea: (The other two special attacks will be shown probably tomorrow and the next day and Tsubasa has a Lloyd based Gear while Maria has a Colette based one
25 Sep 20, 19:54
cutepresea: They basically just gave Kanade Crimson Devastation/Hien Messhoujin with a Tales style cut-in instead of the usual style Symphogear does [link]
24 Sep 20, 17:56
cutepresea: Symphogear XD Unlimited is gonna have a collaboration event with Tales of Symphonia and I am EXCITED
23 Sep 20, 07:49
cutepresea: I finally got Crestoria to work properly. This screen works as a reaction :lloyd: [link]
18 Sep 20, 00:29
Let: Tales and .hack meet yet again, huh.
12 Sep 20, 15:45
cutepresea: Oh right, winter. That'll be an interesting experience since Florida never really got that cold (gonna need to buy warmer clothes before then)
12 Sep 20, 12:59
shadowysea: from ohio myself so while a few states away still similar enough.
12 Sep 20, 12:58
shadowysea: Ah so now you get to suffer through the summer and winter like me then eh cp?
10 Sep 20, 07:47
cutepresea: I finally have internet again after moving. So uh, hi, I'm in Wisconsin now
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