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14 Oct 18, 00:25
darkstorm1212 (mobile): [link] :play:
11 Oct 18, 14:29
Let: Ishizuka also voiced Scias in BoFIV, as well as Deego in Rogue Galaxy, so you could say he was a cat and dog kind of guy. God I'm going to miss him voicing panther dad Eugene. T__T
11 Oct 18, 14:27
Let: Too high-pitched and annoying for the sub watchers.
11 Oct 18, 14:27
Let: Fun fact about Ershin: If you ever wondered what Meowth from Pokémon sounded like in Japanese, that's the VA right there. However, I've heard a lot of people say they can't stand Meowth in Japanese.
11 Oct 18, 14:25
Let: *ever see a tribe
11 Oct 18, 14:25
Let: Cray is a member of a mostly recurring race of tiger people called the Woren. In BoFIV, it's the first time you ever a tribe of them together. Previous BoFs made them out to be a dying race.
11 Oct 18, 14:24
Let: I loved Jay's breakdancing artes. Fallen Idol and Sparrow Hawk were great fun to use.
11 Oct 18, 14:23
Let: The major bomb drop is that Senel forgot when his birthday is, so the whole party (minus Moses and Grune) just does a massive "Ehhhhhhh!?" at the end. XD
11 Oct 18, 14:22
Let: @shadowysea07: The drama CDs didn't have singing though, just a couple of amusing short stories (one of them was the party trying to plan a birthday party for Senel).
11 Oct 18, 02:44
shadowysea07: Hope you are safe cp what with hurricane michael being 2 miles under a category 5 from what I read
11 Oct 18, 00:55
shadowysea07: who wields a tree as a weapon
11 Oct 18, 00:55
shadowysea07: I made a little progress in breath of fire 4. Just got Ershin the female robot who talks about herself in the 3rd person and cray the guy with a tail and animal ears
10 Oct 18, 10:46
shadowysea07: I also loved jays fallen idol attack since you could juggle enemies even bosses with it. That would be cool to have in other games to bypass the dumb break out of stagger modes and whatever
10 Oct 18, 10:45
shadowysea07: But just imagine how op she could have been with exploding daggers flying in bosses faces from across the field.
10 Oct 18, 10:44
shadowysea07: I wish all knife characters could play like jay did. Not that cheria was bad or anything as she was the 2nd strongest party member after hubert and 3rd favorite for me to play as.
10 Oct 18, 10:43
shadowysea07: Granted unless they up sheenas game she won't be very threatening. Now jay I could see being pretty broken in a cc/ac type set up with his exploding daggers flying across the screen at you.
10 Oct 18, 10:41
shadowysea07: and by that I mean the suzu sheena jay cameo. Hmm maybe throw sync in there since he's almost a ninja
10 Oct 18, 10:40
shadowysea07: Lets save that for tales of ninjutsuia
10 Oct 18, 10:37
darkstorm1212: Although in Zestiria we did fight the Aragami from God Eater. God Eater in Tales of the Rays when?
10 Oct 18, 10:35
darkstorm1212: Still wanted that Suzu, Sheena, and Jay fight for Berseria...
10 Oct 18, 10:34
darkstorm1212: Well seeing the two in the Sony costumes was still fun.
9 Oct 18, 13:50
shadowysea07: twice I think once in their sony costumes and once without.
9 Oct 18, 13:50
shadowysea07: All I remember is mercilessly crushing them >.>
9 Oct 18, 09:35
darkstorm1212: The Pascal and Hubert cameo battle in Hearts R was fun.
9 Oct 18, 09:35
darkstorm1212: Figured more people would be into Presea finally getting into Rays.
9 Oct 18, 05:05
shadowysea07: alone that haven't gotten one yet.
9 Oct 18, 05:05
shadowysea07: True enough that we didn't even get innocence r but milla and kohaku having 2 appearances already when their games aren't even that old and we have probably a hundred party member characters in line
9 Oct 18, 05:03
shadowysea07: Since besides zesty? the last few games have all had at least 1 repeat.
9 Oct 18, 05:01
shadowysea07: Meanwhile I wonder if we are ever going to go a game without a reused character in the cameo battle anymore.
9 Oct 18, 05:01
shadowysea07: some of the newer titles haven't had their characters appear in stuff yet but considering they are new I give those less priority
9 Oct 18, 05:00
shadowysea07: But I don't really count that since you might as well count a cameo reference, statue ect,
9 Oct 18, 04:59
shadowysea07: So far I think Klarth, Rassius, Max, Mary, Grune, Hermana and a few others haven't gotten out of their games yet off the top of my head. Granted a number of these possibly were in karta or something.
9 Oct 18, 04:51
shadowysea07: I don't follow the other stuff like that so I wouldn't know. But it could just be that his va doesn't sing
8 Oct 18, 12:46
Let: @shadowysea07 *on any
8 Oct 18, 12:45
Let: @shadowysea07: Moses does seem to be the one Legendian they don't ever use. In fact, he never appeared any of the drama CDs (Kazuya Nakai probably wasn't available or was too busy),
8 Oct 18, 12:44
Let: @cutepresea: Seriously. Poor girl finally stops getting shafted for once, and gets to appear in something. Not her hat on a Gentallman (Destiny R), not a card, the real Hilda finally!
6 Oct 18, 11:46
shadowysea07: natalia was among them until rm3 finally got her in iirc
6 Oct 18, 11:42
shadowysea07: Now moses and regal are some of the few red headed stepchilds that haven't appeared outside their games iirc
6 Oct 18, 11:42
shadowysea07: Yeah I was shocked when I saw the headline at work
6 Oct 18, 03:25
cutepresea: Heck yeah, Hilda. She doesn't typically get love even when Rebirth is included in stuff
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