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16 Dec 18, 11:10
shadowysea: guess not
16 Dec 18, 00:47
shadowysea: I wonder if they have anything planned for today announcement wise?
15 Dec 18, 17:09
ClessAileron: December 15th. Happy anniversary, Tales!
15 Dec 18, 12:07
shadowysea: in the west. But I can't say I blame them given how better the pot was for the steam version coming with symphonia and cameo dlc for free, attachments ect.
15 Dec 18, 12:05
shadowysea: granted zesty completely bombed on consoles as the worst selling game in the whole series for ps3 and 4 sales combined
15 Dec 18, 12:04
shadowysea: and lets also not forget zesty and xillia broke a million world wide much like symphonia
15 Dec 18, 11:58
shadowysea: abyss didn't do that well outside japan. legendia and phantasia outsold it
15 Dec 18, 02:24
Let: More than anyone, I wanted Rays to succeed here. The series crossover aspect was a key draw, and like the Radiant Mythologies we didn't get, the party combinations were limitless.
15 Dec 18, 02:22
Let: I'm getting both naturally; I just have to divide my time between them equally.
15 Dec 18, 02:21
Let: Vesperia Definitive should sell well since it is the version people wanted for nearly a decade, but it's being released two weeks prior to Kingdom Hearts III, which could be a problem.
15 Dec 18, 02:18
Let: Save for titles like Symphonia, Abyss, and Vesperia, which all made the most in sales out of all the current localized titles.
15 Dec 18, 02:18
Let: I play Brave Exvius too, but I was playing Rays alongside it, so it wasn't like I was ignoring one in favor of another. Tales just doesn't have the star power of Final Fantasy outside of Japan.
15 Dec 18, 02:17
Let: Sadly, Link and Rays just came at a time when the mobile market was already dominated by Final Fantasy Record Keeper, and of course along came Brave Exvius.
14 Dec 18, 12:27
shadowysea: poor rays and link
14 Dec 18, 11:29
ClessAileron: Now, I'm forgetting if they said this was another free-to-play game (which I'm feeling like it is). Because it's not like whales helped with the keeping English Rays or Link afloat.
14 Dec 18, 11:28
ClessAileron: While I ended up having to get a new (& better) phone in the middle of the year, I'm not so sure about my commitment to a mobile game, especially after the previous two Tales mobile games close down.
14 Dec 18, 04:18
Let: *wish
14 Dec 18, 04:18
Let: I still want Breaker, Commons, and Wahrheit would get remade for consoles. I'd kill to play those, especially Commons.
14 Dec 18, 04:18
Let: Hopefully the English release of Crestoria doesn't meet the same fate as Tales of Link and Rays. It's not a gacha title, so there's that much going for it at least.
13 Dec 18, 18:55
ClessAileron: Yeah, I went away for a while after being a hothead with a confession. So, umm, hello again.
13 Dec 18, 10:09
shadowysea: unless that's a ng+ thing.
13 Dec 18, 10:09
shadowysea: better than graces but not by much. I only got 3-4 pieces of equipment to lv10. I believe there's a trophy for lv20-50? But I never got the glacite I assume that unlocks that option
13 Dec 18, 10:08
shadowysea: not get anyway else short of rng. I did get all the unnamed equipment at least. Gotta say I wish they would just have it cost money to upgrade or require materials not both crap. It's certainly
13 Dec 18, 10:07
shadowysea: other timed monsters drops as well. Granted I am not sure if all of those are rare equipment that you can
13 Dec 18, 10:06
shadowysea: I wanted to do the item collector trophy but there are 3 monsters that only spawn in the secret dungeon on the 3rd floor of the rooms where you can't touch the miasma and I am missing the elephant and
13 Dec 18, 10:05
shadowysea: I also used all the ma's. No idea how to activate the dual ma's
13 Dec 18, 10:05
shadowysea: I have so unless there are more that you unlock from titles or something.
13 Dec 18, 10:05
shadowysea: I finished the secret dungeon and all the optional bosses in berseria. Never got the burst arte trophy despite using all of them I am fairly certain. At the very least I know I used all the ones
13 Dec 18, 06:25
shadowysea: It would have been cool if they had made crestoria a console game with a mobile tie in.
9 Dec 18, 01:36
Let: I just saw the news. We're getting Crestoria, huh.
8 Dec 18, 22:32
darkstorm1212 (mobile): I’ve been playing the Japanese version ever since the Gaius/Muzet event mainly because I’ve been craving for a new Tales game.
8 Dec 18, 03:18
Let: I still miss Rays.
7 Dec 18, 23:40
darkstorm1212: With the 2nd Idolmaster crossover in Rays, just about any character can have a legit Tales of move-set if given enough imagination.
7 Dec 18, 23:38
darkstorm1212: I got to appreciate that Asbel is showing as much skin as Judith. XD
4 Dec 18, 05:33
Let: Granblue Fantasy Asbel?
4 Dec 18, 03:15
Let: @metem
4 Dec 18, 01:55
metem: ma lord that grandblue fantasy asbel *o*
19 Nov 18, 09:58
Let: The Berseria manga is coming here next year: [link]
19 Nov 18, 08:53
cutepresea: Not yet, technically. They said they're working on the next game but it's not actually announced yet (so no title or screens/footage or anything)
16 Nov 18, 06:08
Shigoto: Yo. Did they announce any new PS4 game? Damn, I've been here in years! Since Berseria, I mean.
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