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22 Jun 17, 10:07
Cless Aileron: In all honesty, I wouldn't have cared about PXZ if it wasn't for Sakura Wars. I mean, I fell into the Tales trap with NxC. PXZ...felt for me like desperation, being late to the party with that series.
22 Jun 17, 10:03
Cless Aileron: Well, at least it's better than Namco X Capcom just because the design of PXZ didn't cause it to drag on the skirmishes as much as NxC.
22 Jun 17, 09:59
Cless Aileron: PXZ...oh boy. The one thing that makes me become a vocal critic since I've talked about before how shallow I admit the game(s) are.
21 Jun 17, 22:14
darkstorm1212: Project X Zone is a fun series. The one game where the Resident Evil cast meets the Tales of Vesperia cast meets the Megaman X cast.
21 Jun 17, 22:13
darkstorm1212: I know everyone is probably tired of me bashing on Kirito, but I like this one comment on the Europe trailer where "difference between haseo and the generic edgelord is that haseo is G.rowing U.p"
21 Jun 17, 22:10
darkstorm1212: Hoping Haseo gets a Ludger costume for obvious reasons XD.
21 Jun 17, 14:38
shadowysea07: Made it through chapter 27 in project xzone 2. 26 was horrible.
21 Jun 17, 04:43
shadowysea07: for those that haven't played the gu games don't watch the trailer it has spoilers in it
21 Jun 17, 04:35
darkstorm1212: Only if the SAO costumes are paid DLC.
21 Jun 17, 03:42
sarukah: But if it nets Cyberconnect more money for bringing back a .hack game, that's only a good thing. I hope they do give the game an optional costume if some people actually buy it :/
21 Jun 17, 01:21
darkstorm1212: What am I saying, they're going to do it for the money...
21 Jun 17, 01:20
darkstorm1212: I pray that they DON'T add a Kirito costume for Haseo. I don't hate SAO fans, but I DO HATE Kirito.
21 Jun 17, 01:06
darkstorm1212: I'm incredibly happy right now!
21 Jun 17, 01:04
darkstorm1212: *Sees .Hack//G.U Last Recode Announcement Trailer* YEAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!
19 Jun 17, 08:30
berseria: here [link]
19 Jun 17, 08:29
berseria: watch my tales of berseria portuguese opening on youtube please
18 Jun 17, 10:11
shadowysea07: neat video
17 Jun 17, 05:48
darkstorm1212: I especially love the end part XD.
17 Jun 17, 05:48
darkstorm1212: This comes from Mikleo's English VA [link]
17 Jun 17, 04:15
shadowysea07: I used to ship him and slay together but bamco ruined it
16 Jun 17, 11:57
Let: @darkstorm: He won the recent character poll. To quote Heavy, "Tell Mikleo he is prettiest princess!" XD
16 Jun 17, 10:55
Princess Mikleo: The popularity polls say so
16 Jun 17, 08:48
darkstorm1212: Mikleo stands strong in the waifu wars?
16 Jun 17, 06:54
Cless Aileron: Well, we all know how awful my taste in waifu are. :p
16 Jun 17, 02:45
shadowysea07: the only time we get tales of news before japan is if they are doing a world wide release at the same time I would imagine
16 Jun 17, 02:43
shadowysea07: in zestiria anyway. my girls chloe and sheena easily beat him out.
15 Jun 17, 23:07
Princess Mikleo: The absolute bestest. None of the other girls can top her.
15 Jun 17, 14:03
Let: @TalesofGod: Because Mikleo is best girl. XD
15 Jun 17, 10:17
mieufire: I like the idea of old man Jenkins being Luke's dad XD haha
15 Jun 17, 10:05
TalesOfGod: I wasn't aware that we had a princess mikleo. D:
15 Jun 17, 09:50
mieufire: You'd nearly always hear the news first in Japan than the west ahaha
15 Jun 17, 08:20
Princess Mikleo: We'd probably hear Tales of news in Japan first before hearing news in the West
15 Jun 17, 08:11
shadowysea07: well it isn't coming out till sometime next year tales of god so we likely wont hear anything until around november december
15 Jun 17, 06:35
Aura: Neat
15 Jun 17, 03:51
Let: "Sandy Jade", lol. XD
15 Jun 17, 03:01
TalesOfGod: Also, for those that are interested, Fate Grand Order is coming this summer so if you have a cellphone that you want something to try, try that one!
15 Jun 17, 03:01
TalesOfGod: Well, E3 was a treat with Nintendo pulling out the guns! ^-^ I just wish that someone talks about the new TO game for the Switch. ._.
14 Jun 17, 23:14
Princess Mikleo: Luke's dad can be Old Man Jenkins
14 Jun 17, 18:20
Cless Aileron: Yeah. Patrick pestering Spongebob in order to tell him something important when it was just "hi" is the one joke I always recall from the show.
14 Jun 17, 18:18
Cless Aileron: So, by that notion, I take it Guy had something so important to tell Asch only he may know about it. (And really, it was just to say hi).
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