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30 Apr 17, 11:58
Let: Seriously, Seres certainly was a unique case of a guest party member. Dyle and Kurogane (with head) could have been like an extra ally helping you out. They both know how to fight, so why not I say.
30 Apr 17, 08:55
darkstorm1212: Also, how come some of the Therions can't transform at will?
30 Apr 17, 08:55
darkstorm1212: They could have been "guest" party members like Seres.
30 Apr 17, 08:40
shadowysea07: Oh and I read that one of the spirits in berseria was named after inomata. did they name some after all the character artists?
30 Apr 17, 08:40
shadowysea07: Agreed. berseria wasted good characters.
30 Apr 17, 08:25
cutepresea: pfft everyone loves Prince Sidon
30 Apr 17, 07:36
mieufire: I know right... :<3: ahaha... ^^
30 Apr 17, 03:21
Persona Dunamis: Prince Sidon... :<3: I-I mean...what??
30 Apr 17, 02:44
mieufire: Game designers are really hitting it with making non human characters good looking, you got Dyle, Kurogane, Prince Sidon (BotW)... Like damn.. xD
30 Apr 17, 02:08
Let: He and Dyle had such a great dynamic, despite the fact they needed more scenes together. That's the real crime of Berseria. XD
30 Apr 17, 02:07
Let: @CP: Absolutely! Kurogane is so damn manly, it would be a crime not to include him. : D
30 Apr 17, 01:40
Zaffre: So even the doges
29 Apr 17, 15:07
darkstorm1212: The party will consist of all the therions + Benwick.
29 Apr 17, 12:07
cutepresea: In this hypothetical Dyle game, is Kurogane a party member? ;P
29 Apr 17, 11:21
Let: So Tales of Crocodilia and Tales of Manlizard it is. : D
29 Apr 17, 11:20
Let: Oh even better, Tales of Crocodilia, since that would not only go with the "ia" suffix, but it also doubles as the name of the order of crocodilians. Bam, there's our reptile-themed Tales title.
29 Apr 17, 11:18
Let: Also, it's good to know someone else watched that zany kids version of Scooby-Doo besides me. XD
29 Apr 17, 11:17
Let: shadowy, yes I will take one Tales of Manlizard please! Tales of Crocodile sounds good too. : D
29 Apr 17, 10:36
shadowysea07: eww
29 Apr 17, 10:26
Zaffre: Oh I was thinking more like all the heroes are in a dream where they lost their pants
29 Apr 17, 05:16
darkstorm1212: Tales of Underia, where you're the only human party member.
29 Apr 17, 04:38
mieufire: Dunno how I feel about newt man XD
29 Apr 17, 02:59
shadowysea07: manlizard and newt man for m and n
29 Apr 17, 02:56
shadowysea07: you could maybe swing it with c and k for crocodyle
29 Apr 17, 02:56
shadowysea07: they also used r and i so iguana and reptile are out.
29 Apr 17, 02:53
shadowysea07: oh the killer should be named red rum
29 Apr 17, 02:53
shadowysea07: partially yes let. but mostly just because the name is a pun fitting of the traitor in a phoenix wright themed game
29 Apr 17, 01:23
Zaffre: I honestly wouldn't mind if they made 3D versions of the 2D ports
28 Apr 17, 23:50
mieufire: They already used 'D' and 'L' so we can't have Tales of Dyle or Lizardman :'3 XD lol
28 Apr 17, 23:49
mieufire: True Let but that doesn't mean they can't make another one, a better one xD
28 Apr 17, 23:03
Let: But mieu, they already did a musou Tales game. XD
28 Apr 17, 23:02
Let: shadowy, was that red herring comment a reference to A Pup Named Scooby-Doo by any chance? XD
28 Apr 17, 20:01
mieufire: I'd say Tales of Warriors, everyone seems to be doing a Warriors of something (well hyrule warriors and FE Warriors) xD
28 Apr 17, 20:00
mieufire: @presea, best video ever xD lol and he says it at the end
28 Apr 17, 19:59
mieufire: I'm a beast at rhythm games! (Only because I spam them.. hehe ^-^;
28 Apr 17, 16:51
cutepresea: @mieu: [link] This is the video I was referencing ;P (Yes a f-bomb gets dropped, just in case it's necessary to know that)
28 Apr 17, 16:43
cutepresea: I'm so bad at rhythm games, but I'd take it
28 Apr 17, 15:57
mieufire: (still waiting for that Tales rhythm game :'3 )
28 Apr 17, 15:56
mieufire: Wow xD ahaha yep all about the DLC too xD just put all the games in one big game
28 Apr 17, 15:47
Zaffre: And it comes with DLC!
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