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22 Oct 20, 04:46
Bob: Yeah! It’s on Crunchyroll and YouTube! Pretty cool!
21 Oct 20, 14:32
Let: Anyone had a chance to scope out the Crestoria anime short yet?
20 Oct 20, 12:23
cutepresea: [link] So any other mobile games that had Lloyd make a 400 Power joke that I need to know about? ;P
20 Oct 20, 10:19
Let: "You got your Tales in my Atelier!" And that sentence actually works. XD
20 Oct 20, 10:19
Let: This girl in the upcoming Atelier Ryza 2 looks a bit too close to Anise: [link]
16 Oct 20, 00:28
shadowysea: [link]
16 Oct 20, 00:28
shadowysea: Huh a new tales of game already trademarked. Tales of Luminaria.
6 Oct 20, 04:56
Let: That's some mighty fine crossover card art.
29 Sep 20, 03:38
cutepresea: [link] Also the card art for the sidequest in that preview
29 Sep 20, 03:36
cutepresea: [link] I wish XDU had voiced scenes because this would just be Nana Mizuki talking to herself
28 Sep 20, 04:47
Let: That's pretty awesome. Gotta love appropriate crossovers. Wish Brave Exvius would get some more anime crossovers.
25 Sep 20, 18:58
cutepresea: (Don't worry I won't spam y'all with absolutely everything, I'm already pushing it. I'll stick to twitter for the rest lol)
25 Sep 20, 18:57
cutepresea: so if I'm not guessing completely wrong based on that one, then they'll likely base their attacks on Falcon's Crest and Holy Judgment)
25 Sep 20, 18:57
cutepresea: (The other two special attacks will be shown probably tomorrow and the next day and Tsubasa has a Lloyd based Gear while Maria has a Colette based one
25 Sep 20, 18:54
cutepresea: They basically just gave Kanade Crimson Devastation/Hien Messhoujin with a Tales style cut-in instead of the usual style Symphogear does [link]
24 Sep 20, 16:56
cutepresea: Symphogear XD Unlimited is gonna have a collaboration event with Tales of Symphonia and I am EXCITED
23 Sep 20, 06:49
cutepresea: I finally got Crestoria to work properly. This screen works as a reaction :lloyd: [link]
17 Sep 20, 23:29
Let: Tales and .hack meet yet again, huh.
12 Sep 20, 14:45
cutepresea: Oh right, winter. That'll be an interesting experience since Florida never really got that cold (gonna need to buy warmer clothes before then)
12 Sep 20, 11:59
shadowysea: from ohio myself so while a few states away still similar enough.
12 Sep 20, 11:58
shadowysea: Ah so now you get to suffer through the summer and winter like me then eh cp?
10 Sep 20, 06:47
cutepresea: I finally have internet again after moving. So uh, hi, I'm in Wisconsin now
1 Sep 20, 03:23
Let: Valkyrie Profile gets no respect as a series anymore. Of course the Japanese version will keep going strong, but global gets jack all.
1 Sep 20, 03:19
Let: I bid a sad and fond farewell to Valkyrie Anatomia today. Yet another mobile title that I liked got the big shutdown.
28 Aug 20, 10:21
cutepresea: I'm moving in a few days, so been busy packing :D
28 Aug 20, 02:13
Let: So what's everyone been up to this past summer? I just finished Ys Celceta on Normal last night and plan to go through it again on Nightmare.
19 Aug 20, 01:37
darkstorm1212: [link] This is a beautiful Norma.
9 Aug 20, 13:02
brasil: oi
2 Aug 20, 02:24
Let: What, really? That doesn't sound promising.
29 Jul 20, 07:57
Guest: Maybe you could try out an android emulator like Bluestacks. I don't have a smartphone so I tried out an emulator. and after a lot of trial and error, it is running nearly smoothly
28 Jul 20, 07:44
shadowysea: It wasn't even compatible with my phone so that's hilarious that it can't run on ones it's supposed to be compatible for.
17 Jul 20, 22:40
cutepresea: Yep, I give up. Can't get it to run properly. See y'all when Arise drops, I guess
17 Jul 20, 22:08
cutepresea: I'm having to start over because it was crashing so much I couldn't even keep it up to do a data transfer. Kinda tempted to just stop altogether and wait for Arise.
17 Jul 20, 14:25
Let: How is the game so far?
17 Jul 20, 03:30
darkstorm1212: It has a pretty interesting story for a mobile game so far.
16 Jul 20, 14:11
cutepresea: I'm so indecisive that I made a program randomly pick my tutorial summon for me [link]
16 Jul 20, 12:41
cutepresea: "Crestoria is soon" Crestoria: "Actually..." ...wait it's
16 Jul 20, 12:25
cutepresea: (still kinda frustrated that the two events that are canon to the anime aren't getting translated but what can you do...)
16 Jul 20, 12:23
cutepresea: XDU is gonna have its last English event very soon so Crestoria also being soon is perfect for me
15 Jul 20, 02:49
Let: Well that sucks. If Rays had still been running global to this day, Dio, Mel, and Rondoline would have finally gotten introduced to overseas Tales fans.
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