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18 Apr 19, 07:59
darkstorm1212: The mandatory orb collecting in Zestiria is how the cast do cut-aways. :piko:
18 Apr 19, 00:54
Let: Nah. Just punch Peter Griffin. XD
17 Apr 19, 13:03
cutepresea: The video description is "why do birds fly" and I got the strongest urge to just...punch Artorius
15 Apr 19, 10:28
darkstorm1212: Thought I'd drop in to share this [link]
12 Apr 19, 00:56
cutepresea: It's possible :(
12 Apr 19, 00:37
Let: Are we the only ones here, CP? Has the lack of Tales news and a new console title in general driven everyone away?
11 Apr 19, 22:41
cutepresea: I've been checking in silently oops
11 Apr 19, 01:16
Let: Wow, where is everyone lately? It feels too quiet here these days.
12 Mar 19, 05:18
Let: Haha, yeah. Any game over two years old is basically classified as an ancient artifact. Berseria turned two for overseas gamers on January 24. The time sure flew since its original release.
8 Mar 19, 22:06
cutepresea: *sputters* Oh wow, I guess RM3 really is that old. Well, not..."old" really, but
8 Mar 19, 14:31
Let: An RM4 would be nice, especially since RM3 turned eight years old this past February 10th.
8 Mar 19, 14:29
Let: Ah, so that's what the update was for. Sadly I don't have any room left in my PS4's memory for the update.
7 Mar 19, 04:30
shadowysea: But this is just me wanting to play as yeager
7 Mar 19, 04:29
shadowysea: and with vesperias engine alone they would already have tov's cast plus dhaos shizel kratos and barbatos and whoever else
7 Mar 19, 04:29
shadowysea: they could make it for switch, use vesperias engine and it would be loved by all
7 Mar 19, 04:28
shadowysea: Sure would be nice if they made an rm4
7 Mar 19, 03:02
Let: Oh well. No use complaining about it now I guess.
7 Mar 19, 03:01
Let: @darkstorm1212: Which is great of them to do, but it's just not the same. I want to see my own Tales teams composed of so many characters from across the series and the crossover promotions.
5 Mar 19, 06:13
darkstorm1212: I'm pretty happy that there's quite a few Let's players trying out Vesperia.
5 Mar 19, 06:12
darkstorm1212: At least we have people translating Rays' story and skits, the crossovers events are especially fun.
4 Mar 19, 02:45
Let: The story was probably getting really good by the time they pulled the plug on the global release.
4 Mar 19, 02:44
Let: Man, seeing Tales of the Rays getting more and more characters (including the main heroes from Tales of Link) makes me seriously envious.
25 Feb 19, 23:41
Let: Sweet, Pascal got her fried chicken. : D
20 Feb 19, 07:03
cutepresea: [link] I'm so happy for her (lol)
16 Feb 19, 02:34
Let: @TalesofGod: It's odd considering you can still do action RPGs on phones, but my guess is that since turn-based gacha games are all the rage now in the mobile market, they wanted to try something new.
15 Feb 19, 11:13
MileenaWeiss: [link]
15 Feb 19, 11:13
MileenaWeiss: Hopefully you will like it! ^^
15 Feb 19, 11:13
MileenaWeiss: Guys! If you wanna have some fun, I've created a funny Facebook page called "Tales of Shitpost" and I'll be uploading short and funny stories told with pictures! Here's the link to it! I just started
15 Feb 19, 11:11
MileenaWeiss: Good to see new Crestoria info!
15 Feb 19, 09:09
TalesOfGod: A turn based Tales Of game? Have we ever had one before? How do you think it is going to go? I am eager to try it out and I don't really mind so long as it is interesting.
14 Feb 19, 09:45
shadowysea: And about half or close to it of that number is the 360 versions sales hahaha
14 Feb 19, 09:43
shadowysea: hmm adding in all the versions of vesperia it has hit over a million world wide. Joining the ranks of destiny 1 symphonia and xillia 1
12 Feb 19, 10:02
Let: Sweet, now I want to make her that pic. XD
12 Feb 19, 04:41
cutepresea: Oh hey, she was discharged. Hopefully that means she's doing better and she can get that KFC lol
12 Feb 19, 03:31
Let: Still fitting, CP. I think I want to draw that now. Pascal is all, "Don't touch muh chicken or I'll cap ya with my shotstaff!" XD
11 Feb 19, 12:40
cutepresea: Man the urge to quote Cheria's "Real women eat chicken" was strong. I...technically did not successfully fight that urge since I just typed it...
10 Feb 19, 01:07
Let: I'm picturing Pascal chowing down on a bucket of fried chicken now. XD
10 Feb 19, 01:07
Let: Looks like Pascal's Japanese VA was recently hospitalized, but like Pascal herself she seems to be in good spirits since recovering. Ueda tweeted she wants KFC when she gets discharged.
7 Feb 19, 01:04
Let: I finished KHIII last night and got the secret movie too. Fastest I've ever finished a KH title really. Now I must complete the treasure list and max out all the Keyblades! XD
7 Feb 19, 01:02
Let: Another crossover between Tales and God Eater, huh.
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