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26 Mar 17, 23:42
Zaffre: So if anything, the last episode might be an hour length
26 Mar 17, 23:42
Zaffre: No ufotable's done this type of thing before, plus I know of another anime that's pulled this kind of thing
26 Mar 17, 20:33
Kamiyan: = next game announcement?
26 Mar 17, 20:33
Kamiyan: [link]
26 Mar 17, 11:11
darkstorm1212 (mobile): Also, how did Luke manage to get a huge portrait of Van at the very beginning of Abyss? Who decided to paint it and why did Van agree?
26 Mar 17, 11:07
darkstorm1212 (mobile): Been playing Abyss on the 3DS lately. Starting to remember how much I love Guy and Jade. XD
26 Mar 17, 09:11
shadowysea07: heads up sony is sending out 20% off purchase coupons. I used mine on some of the berseria dlc. just 3 costumes and the money exp and equipment refining dlc
25 Mar 17, 07:41
Let: So I assume everyone is done with Berseria. What are you all playing currently? : )
24 Mar 17, 12:44
shadowysea07: we got the 3rd and 4th gens fixed though
24 Mar 17, 12:44
shadowysea07: cp don't do it you don't want to become a crazy cat lady. I took in a stray siamese once and 4 generations later we still have cats.
24 Mar 17, 07:19
Ikusaba: too cute
24 Mar 17, 00:36
cutepresea: (They're just so cute, help me)
24 Mar 17, 00:35
cutepresea: Sorry I haven't been around much. Took in a pregnant stray cat recently and since she had the kittens, I've been watching over them making sure they're doing well :3
23 Mar 17, 07:12
Persona Dunamis: Ahh I can't wait for Hacker's Memory~ Also loving the new guy's design, it really gives him that "I've been accused of being a murderer" look xD
22 Mar 17, 06:10
Aura: really wish we could have saved the guy in that sidequest
22 Mar 17, 05:04
darkstorm1212: The moment I saw Minervamon in that one sidequest, I thought she looked really cool and I wanted her on my team.
22 Mar 17, 05:00
darkstorm1212: To be honest, that scam did sound rather shady.
21 Mar 17, 14:21
Zaffre: Once you beat Berseria's final boss, you can load it back to the save point before the boss and can still do the sidequests from there.
21 Mar 17, 12:24
shadowysea07: on that note its pretty scary since all that could easily happen in real life. I mean single people living by themselves with little to no family to know they went missing.
21 Mar 17, 12:21
shadowysea07: But it would be nice if we could arrest the psycho's responsible at least
21 Mar 17, 12:21
shadowysea07: you can't save the guy since he's already been organ harvested and is dead
21 Mar 17, 06:35
darkstorm1212: You start at the savepoint right before the final boss.
21 Mar 17, 06:33
emaa: i mean tales of bersaria*
21 Mar 17, 06:33
emaa: does the game end after final boss or can i keep playing and doing side quests?
21 Mar 17, 06:21
darkstorm1212: Been playing Abyss lately.
21 Mar 17, 06:21
darkstorm1212: Rokurou: Look it's Eizen the Rose Eizen: IT'S REAPER R-E-A-P-E-R REAPER!
20 Mar 17, 06:49
darkstorm1212 (mobile): It would be cool if the side-quest continued on in the sequel.
20 Mar 17, 06:48
darkstorm1212 (mobile): I was surprised that sidequest was not exactly concluded. We never saved the guy or brought the criminal to justice.
20 Mar 17, 06:22
shadowysea07: I wonder if the sequel will be addressing that.
20 Mar 17, 06:21
shadowysea07: sorry for my french but it needed saying.
20 Mar 17, 06:20
shadowysea07: yeah that one sidequest where people are being organ harvested was fucked up
20 Mar 17, 06:20
shadowysea07: its just a running gag with people saying its title. similar to kingdom farts
20 Mar 17, 02:58
Aura: I'm like 40 hours in
20 Mar 17, 02:52
Zaffre: Finally took the time to beat Berseria and some special stuff in the new episode
20 Mar 17, 00:12
Aura: I think the only moderately dress girl in the main plot was Yuuko?
19 Mar 17, 22:18
darkstorm1212 (mobile): Data drain pretty much solves all digital problems (if enough damage is done).
19 Mar 17, 22:14
darkstorm1212 (mobile): Digimon cyber sleuth was surprisingly dark sometimes. Yeah, I'm pretty sure like 2 girls were modestly dressed in that game. Excluding NPC's.
19 Mar 17, 15:16
Let: @Aura: It's not too difficult to forget since the shows were complete bunk anyway. And I believe shadowy does mean that because of the way the female characters dress in Cybersleuth.
19 Mar 17, 15:14
Let: Damn it. How am I ever going to finish the series now?
19 Mar 17, 10:00
Aura: If so. That would be amazing
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