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17 Jun 19, 12:31
shadowysea: Nice the names are up for mc Alphen and lady Shionne. Face wise alphen kinda reminds me of senel now after looking at the one picture they have here.
16 Jun 19, 09:40
shadowysea: hurray it worked
16 Jun 19, 09:40
shadowysea: testing
16 Jun 19, 09:37
shadowysea: While the pegs may come from the same continent they have never shown their country or anything if I remember right. So it would be interesting to finally see that.
16 Jun 19, 01:43
Let: Admittedly, Crestoria is looking mighty fine. It’s a shame that it’s a mobile title, because if interest overseas wanes with it like with Rays, it could get shut down in even less time.
15 Jun 19, 02:57
Let: It’s like Namco is afraid of making another Eugene or Dyle for petty aesthetic reasons. “Only human and humanlike characters can be beautiful!” XD
15 Jun 19, 02:56
Let: Meanwhile, FF Brave Exvius has no problem churning out nonhumans and quadrupeds.
15 Jun 19, 02:55
Let: @shadowysea: Well, at least we had Repede return to us in all his awesome ninja dog glory. A shame they won’t even make another four-legged party member.
15 Jun 19, 02:52
Let: It will be interesting to see how all of these new ideas come together for Arise.
14 Jun 19, 08:16
darkstorm1212: "tradition vs evolution" At least they're self-aware with the direction they're taking with the series.
14 Jun 19, 08:15
darkstorm1212: If you mean the pegasus knight sisters I'm pretty sure they came from the same continent as Marth's, Archanea.
14 Jun 19, 08:12
darkstorm1212: Tellius had Laguz, which were shape-shifters of giant cats, tigers, lions, ravens, hawks, herons, and wolves.
13 Jun 19, 10:23
shadowysea: continent? Since theirs is the only one off hand I don't think has been shown.
13 Jun 19, 10:23
shadowysea: I mean technically since valentia is the same world as marths we just didn't get to see any manaketes as they aren't on their continent. On that note I wonder if we are ever going to visit the pegs
13 Jun 19, 10:21
shadowysea: manaketes come to think of it are the only ones common to the near entire series.
13 Jun 19, 10:17
shadowysea: but even in the others prior all they had was the bunnies and I think 2 manaketes?
13 Jun 19, 10:14
shadowysea: There weren't any animal humans in the last game granted it was a remake
13 Jun 19, 10:13
shadowysea: dark fire emblem hasn't exactly been consistent with most of those races besides the dragon ones.
13 Jun 19, 10:11
shadowysea: there were all the spirit characters between xillia and berseria that aren't human but have human appearances but yeah non human characters haven't been a thing for a long time.
13 Jun 19, 10:06
shadowysea: Nice to see I'm not the only one familiar with guilty crown. But I am saddened no one thought of blue exorcist. Especially when zesty had cameo costumes for it iirc.
12 Jun 19, 21:22
Laughing_Leo: And of course Tales of Arise!
12 Jun 19, 21:21
Laughing_Leo: I'm excited for Astral Chain, Legacy of Mana, Ni No Kuni Remastered, and Phantasy Star Online 2
12 Jun 19, 21:19
Laughing_Leo: Doesn't look like it, seems there going for a plotline similar to Tales of Eternia (with some Guilty Crown influence sprinkled in)
12 Jun 19, 14:07
Ikusaba: so is arise related to berseria and zestiria or nah
12 Jun 19, 13:13
darkstorm1212: Ask your friends, which one is the pirate? XD
12 Jun 19, 13:11
darkstorm1212: Also FE Three Houses Direct spoilers [link]
12 Jun 19, 13:10
darkstorm1212: I'm excited for Tales of Arise and FE Three Houses! :play:
12 Jun 19, 11:36
Laughing_Leo (Mobile): Also now that e3 has finally wrapped up how did everyone like it this year?
12 Jun 19, 11:35
Laughing_Leo (Mobile): @Let lol right!
12 Jun 19, 01:09
Let: By their logic, Disney, Loony Tunes, and Tom & Jerry are degenerate trash too. XD
12 Jun 19, 01:08
Let: Everywhere else: Beastmen are anthropomorphic symbols of degenerate furries.
12 Jun 19, 01:07
Let: Japan: Beastmen are ugly.
12 Jun 19, 01:07
Let: Yeah, the bias goes like this:
11 Jun 19, 03:23
darkstorm1212: I did get more of a God-Eater vibe when I saw the Tales of Arise trailer, which isn't bad.
11 Jun 19, 03:16
darkstorm1212: Fire Emblem still has the Manaketes, Laguz, Taguel, Kitsune, and Wolfskin.
11 Jun 19, 02:58
Laughing_Leo: -But, these people attach all the negative connotations that surround the community with them
11 Jun 19, 02:58
Laughing_Leo: People, (or at least a very vocal amount), still see Beastman characters as furries. Which by itself is nothing wrong with that-
11 Jun 19, 02:53
Laughing_Leo: Yeah, it sad too because using Gray and Eugene as an example Beastman have great design potential. But, I think what's holding devs back is the biases towards these types of characters
11 Jun 19, 02:40
Let: Or maybe a dragon guy like Gray, because I don’t think the Atelier series will ever create another character like him again, sadly.
11 Jun 19, 02:39
Let: @Leo: Except elves are such a generic fantasy race, and half elves like Arche, Genis, and Raine don’t even have any unique features. I really just want another beastman.
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