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20 Apr 18, 01:41
cutepresea: Ack, made the move a bit quicker than I thought we would so I was without internet for a bit. Back now :D
19 Apr 18, 12:02
darkstorm1212: I thought of this when I saw Mileena in the second Tales of the Rays opening compared to the first. [link]
18 Apr 18, 09:36
darkstorm1212: How difficult was the boss fight against the President of Ubisoft? XD
18 Apr 18, 08:38
littlebigtrouble: best combat sytem in the series even if the characters are tropey and cliche but also charming
18 Apr 18, 08:37
littlebigtrouble: SO4 is for me like graces for many in the tales series:
17 Apr 18, 22:53
Eiyer: Loved Star Ocean 4. Got the Platinum for the PS3 version back in 2016, but boy was that a grind.
17 Apr 18, 21:11
ClessAileron: As for Sakura Wars, it's weird having that, "Speak of the devil" moment I had. Now, being that I have said "one more game" with the series, I haven't thought about, "what about if there's more"?
17 Apr 18, 21:08
ClessAileron: (Yet, I'm tempted to buy SO4 on Steam. At least I tell myself to resist until I'm truly sure I want to deal with the game)
17 Apr 18, 21:07
ClessAileron: Heh. Well, as someone that doesn't really care about the Star Ocean series, I'm actually aware of the infamous plot twist in SO3.
16 Apr 18, 22:56
littlebigtrouble: still better then 5 , but holy hell that was a great laugh :D
16 Apr 18, 21:03
darkstorm1212 (mobile): Star Ocean 3 summary XD [link]
15 Apr 18, 15:12
Let: Or it would have gone on that way if not for this announcement: [link]
15 Apr 18, 14:55
Let: It's another somewhat sad reminder that Sakura Wars and its time in the sun ended so long ago.
14 Apr 18, 13:53
ClessAileron: Speak of the devil. It seems like, "They're rereleasing Shenmue I & II!" isn't the only thing from that Sega Fes stream that I would care about.
13 Apr 18, 20:16
ClessAileron: I've seen some of those Granblue Fantasy stuff. Yeah, especially the Sakura Wars collab, so Granblue Fantasy already swept my legs over that reminder (& how I want that, "one final game").
12 Apr 18, 02:54
littlebigtrouble: eagerly awaiting tales Festival and hoping for a legendia remake and a finale of laphicets/velvet/soreys story since a zesty sequel has been hinted kinda in both berserias and zestirias post game
11 Apr 18, 16:51
cutepresea: Better yet [link] :lloyd: (Nah, just a scythe is good. Will automatically main a scythe user if one is in there)
11 Apr 18, 16:41
cutepresea: Man, speaking of it though, it doesn't feel like Tales of Festival is only like 2 months away. If they do announce a new game, I'm gonna be on here begging for a scythe user lol
11 Apr 18, 13:01
darkstorm1212 (mobile): Never change Tomoyo. XD Anyway, I'm really loving the Clear Card arc and that it still holds up to the original!
11 Apr 18, 12:17
Let: To tie in with the new anime, yup. I love that Tomoya and her usual camera act are part of Sakura's victory pose. Hilarious stuff. XD
11 Apr 18, 11:05
darkstorm1212: I liked how they had a Cardcaptor Sakura crossover.
11 Apr 18, 01:09
Let: Of course, they use Sakura Wars characters because the franchise is dead and the cast only lives on in crossovers anyway.
11 Apr 18, 01:09
Let: Getting some Tales heroes in there is pretty nice, but Samurai Shodown and Slayers too? On top of that, they even had Detective Conan in on it: [link]
11 Apr 18, 01:07
Let: I know it's from last year, but I was amazed when I saw this collab for the mobile Granblue Fantasy: [link]
8 Apr 18, 22:51
marippe: Thankyouuu @cutepresea ~
7 Apr 18, 12:28
shadowysea07: oooh as a hilarious option you could take the pic of slay I took without skin and use it as your avatar xD
7 Apr 18, 12:28
shadowysea07: !!!!!!
7 Apr 18, 12:28
shadowysea07: I put in over 100 hours into zesty on pc so I right there with you. Granted that was the pc versions fault for being buggy as hell and eating my god damn saves
7 Apr 18, 12:26
shadowysea07: I have it as one of my rotating computer backgrounds :)
7 Apr 18, 12:26
shadowysea07: and then as a surprise choice from left field incarose from hearts because that one image I saw on google endeared her character design to me.
7 Apr 18, 12:25
shadowysea07: Or maybe schwartz. I bet few people will get that one.
7 Apr 18, 12:24
shadowysea07: but personally I agree with dark that you should pick chloe. Ooooh or stella. I've always loved stellas design
7 Apr 18, 12:23
shadowysea07: out of those options judas or tear
7 Apr 18, 03:24
cutepresea: And now I look at my list of games on there and realize most of them were gifted to me by my sister oops
7 Apr 18, 03:23
cutepresea: (And yeah, people are free to send me friend requests if they want. I'm not on that often except for the 100+ hours I spent in Stardew Valley because I make questionable life decisions)
7 Apr 18, 03:19
cutepresea: Out of those choices, I'd say Philia or Keele, but I'm a very biased lady who loves Destiny and Eternia
7 Apr 18, 01:27
darkstorm1212 (mobile): Shirley actually frustrates me... Anyway, how about Chloe Valens or Norma Beatty?
6 Apr 18, 19:49
ClessAileron: *coughEstellecough* 2. I reserve the option to reject the idea so you might want one from my 6 ready if it comes down to it. (I'll save you all from saying Shirley & reject that idea :P)
6 Apr 18, 19:46
ClessAileron: 1. No one from Tales of Vesperia. Despite me feeling like I'm acting like a "Everything Wrong With..." video with this one, I'm saving it for if a Steam version of said game is announced.
6 Apr 18, 19:44
ClessAileron: I have 6 on my mind: Mint, Philia, Keele, Judas, Tear, or Cheria. I'm allowing an "other" option but I got two conditions here.
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