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23 Feb 17, 14:16
Let: Like goose and gruesome. It probably didn't hear the "r" in gruesome and ended up hearing "guesome" instead, thus rendering it as goose.
23 Feb 17, 14:14
Let: Of course, machines aren't perfect and many words got noticeably screwed up because the software didn't quite understand a few specific ones due to possible similar sounding phonemes.
23 Feb 17, 14:11
Let: It's possible that because they had less time to localize Berseria, they recorded the VAs' lines first and just dumped it all into a software program for generating text from speech.
23 Feb 17, 14:10
Let: @shadowy: I believe the errors in the text were caused by machine generated speech, based on some ideas some people I spoke to had.
23 Feb 17, 13:12
TalesOfGod: @Shadow, I am almost certain that it is Agria from Tales of Xillia
23 Feb 17, 13:08
TalesOfGod: Tales Of was always about freedom and doing the right thing with the people you love. That being said, the more time passes for me, the more I love this series but I am in no rush to buy Berseria.
23 Feb 17, 13:06
TalesOfGod: to admit that you are depressed and do nothing about it. It will lead you to do things that you will deeply regret later on. If you feel that you need to "move on", then feel free to do so. After all,
23 Feb 17, 13:05
TalesOfGod: Cless, you don't have to force yourself to like something that you don't like. If you don't like where the series is going, feel free to voice your opinion. That being said, it is never a good thing
23 Feb 17, 12:58
shadowysea07: glaring. cp probably could fill a gallery with them
23 Feb 17, 12:57
shadowysea07: baba wise eh I'm kinda glad he's gone. I just hope the direction improves after berseria. I also hope the localization quality can go back up as the number of text errors in berseria is pretty
23 Feb 17, 12:54
shadowysea07: who's the purple haired chick in that asteria news article? I don't recall ever having seen her before.
23 Feb 17, 12:43
Cless Aileron: Heck, I don't get what people see in me anyway. I'm just as bad as that Emil you all hate! Can't get over my depression. Maybe if you show you all hate me, it'll be easier for me to leave.
23 Feb 17, 12:39
Cless Aileron: Look, if you hate me, I understand. I don't like myself either. I'm annoying! I'm a crybaby! I'm an idiot (& I don't care I'm breaking Asian stereotypes here)! I blow up a lot! Yeah.
23 Feb 17, 12:36
Cless Aileron: I know I'm not entitled to my opinions for that reason. I'm no better than the people who pay money for Michael Bay's Transformers movie & turn their brains off.
23 Feb 17, 12:33
Cless Aileron: Besides, I've exposed myself as a guy with crappy critical analysis abilities way too many times. No wonder I latch onto others. I can't critically defend myself.
23 Feb 17, 12:29
Cless Aileron: Ever since the week of ToB's western release, I've been feeling this sense of unwelcomeness & I still feel I'm going to have to force myself to kiss up to ToB.
23 Feb 17, 12:24
Cless Aileron: I haven't made a concrete decision about this but I'm starting to feel like I should move on from the Tales series and also leave the fandom.
23 Feb 17, 06:35
darkstorm1212: Berseria would have been the perfect game for those "wanted posters" considering that we're all criminals [link]
23 Feb 17, 06:32
darkstorm1212: How did they get Agria and Velvet to agree?
23 Feb 17, 06:30
darkstorm1212: Never thought I would see Agria in an Idolm@ster outfit.
23 Feb 17, 04:20
mieufire: Same, there's nothing to say really xD
23 Feb 17, 01:31
Persona Dunamis: Good for him, I say. I don't really have anything else to add.
23 Feb 17, 01:30
Persona Dunamis: Hm.
22 Feb 17, 18:10
mieufire: No real thoughts on his departure, he did the Tales series proud and I wish him all the best on his new project
22 Feb 17, 18:09
mieufire: Think he actually did leave. Damn
22 Feb 17, 18:08
mieufire: [link]
22 Feb 17, 12:23
darkstorm1212: Sort of upset that Baba is leaving mostly because he has been with the Tales series for a long time.
22 Feb 17, 12:23
darkstorm1212: So, is Berseria's producer going to be the next head producer or...?
22 Feb 17, 11:34
Cless Aileron: Meh. No, really. That is my response to Baba leaving. Not really gonna change my views one way or another.
22 Feb 17, 10:21
Zaffre: I mean, we still have Fukaya from Berseria
22 Feb 17, 09:39
Let: So Baba's possible departure from the Tales series, thoughts on that anyone?
21 Feb 17, 18:04
Rica: But really enjoyed the game so far
21 Feb 17, 18:04
Rica: Wish I could finally play more Berseria... Stupid moving out and preparing for that...
21 Feb 17, 10:19
darkstorm1212: Final Fantasy X spoilers? XD [link]
20 Feb 17, 11:27
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20 Feb 17, 10:58
Let: I don't know if someone else brought it up, but has anyone noticed Dyle might be a reference to Soul Calibur's Lizardman, since they bought fight with a sword and shield?
19 Feb 17, 15:02
shadowysea07: made it to chapter 12 in tears to tiara 2.
18 Feb 17, 19:07
mieufire: (hey Cless and darkstorm, glad your v-day was good XD lol I spent mine doing pointless work and trying to complete TotA. Finally got my new 3ds sorted ahaha)
18 Feb 17, 16:56
Let: Well, I finally defeated the final boss in Berseria. Really enjoyed the journey. Now to do the post-game stuff.
18 Feb 17, 09:59
shadowysea07: also whats with kyle being the new zelos bromance wise with lloyd?
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