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21 Sep 17, 00:48
shadowysea07: Certainly would be a nice surprise if vesperia remake was announced for the switch. I'd probably buy one if that happened.
21 Sep 17, 00:47
shadowysea07: which was disappointing) Anywho I still pine for a legendia remake. vesperia port is never gonna happen :/ Now a remake would be nice and it is 10 years old I think now
21 Sep 17, 00:45
shadowysea07: from what I recall symphonia confirmed that its a fake name they use as an alias and rm3 confirmed that sheena and suzu were sadly not related (despite designs, costume titles ect
20 Sep 17, 02:18
TalesOfGod: That being said, I would be fine with a completely new title for the Switch or a remake like Destiny 1 DC and 2 bundle
20 Sep 17, 02:16
TalesOfGod: They might considering how different they were from the rest and that we never got to try them out.
19 Sep 17, 23:32
Let: And Commons even has a Fujibayashi clansman in it. But I doubt anyone in Japan even remembers those mobile phone titles anymore though.
19 Sep 17, 23:30
Let: I still would love Tales of Breaker, Commons and Wahrheit to get upscale ports to PS4. Those sound like Tales games with interesting little plots, especially Commons.
19 Sep 17, 15:57
lyaephi: A Vesperia port/remake would be awesome!
19 Sep 17, 12:08
Cless Aileron: Just to add on the December possible announcement, I remember around December 2007, Tales of Vesperia was announced before the year was over. No mention of system, just showing what's in store.
19 Sep 17, 10:48
lyaephi: (*Not that the last games were bad or such*) :D
19 Sep 17, 10:47
lyaephi: Thank you @shadowysea07 & @cutepresea for the replies. I really hope to see a remake/port of a Tales game for the Nintendo Switch. I'm also glad that Namco takes their time for the new game.
19 Sep 17, 10:35
cutepresea: The only stuff in between were ports/remakes and such
19 Sep 17, 10:32
cutepresea: Then Xillia 2 and Berseria were Festival announcements, so if they're still alternating, it's possible we can hear something in December. (I'm not making promises because I'm always wrong)
19 Sep 17, 10:29
cutepresea: Zesty was a December announcement yeah, you got it right.
19 Sep 17, 09:49
shadowysea07: I think cless and dark were there as well. not sure if mieu was around back then
19 Sep 17, 09:48
shadowysea07: Either way I know xillias was in december because me and cp were watching the countdown
19 Sep 17, 09:48
shadowysea07: Or was zesty's at tales of festivals?
19 Sep 17, 09:47
shadowysea07: Its possible. But my money is on something around december since they've done teasers around then before like xillia and zestiria
19 Sep 17, 05:38
lyeaphi: Hey, do you guys think that they will announce a new Tales title at the TGS? I know it's not listed in the line-up but surprises are a thing right? ^^
18 Sep 17, 11:01
shadowysea07: Poliwiggles I think is what the series calls them?
18 Sep 17, 11:00
shadowysea07: I hope penguinists will be in whatever this new tales of game is. I miss them. that and my tadpoles which are so adorable. I loved that you got one as a pet that rode on your head in tohr :3
18 Sep 17, 10:59
shadowysea07: It would be really odd if it wasn;t out by then unless they are building an entire new graphics engine. Since we are about due for one since they've used xillias for 4 games now I think
18 Sep 17, 08:45
darkstorm1212 (mobile): I think the best way to describe Magilou's and Bienfu's relationship is Rick and Morty.
18 Sep 17, 08:43
darkstorm1212 (mobile): Glad to hear you are doing okay Presea.
16 Sep 17, 14:16
Ikusaba: 2019 seems reasonable! I really hope berseria marks an upward trend for tales!
16 Sep 17, 10:30
shadowysea07: At the latest though it should be out by 2019
16 Sep 17, 10:30
shadowysea07: We haven't gotten any new trademarks yet so either they will repurpose an old trademark or they haven't done it yet
16 Sep 17, 10:29
shadowysea07: Though I think it may be too early just yet
16 Sep 17, 10:26
shadowysea07: At the earliest iku I would say december if nothing came of tgs
16 Sep 17, 01:38
Let: Until then, I've got Ys VIII and Warriors All-Stars to occupy my time, along with Marvel Heroes Omega and Odin Sphere Leifthrasir. That should keep me busy until Tokyo Xanadu eX+.
16 Sep 17, 01:14
Ikusaba: shouldn't we have gotten info about the next tales game by now....
15 Sep 17, 11:51
shadowysea07: captcha was pasty. mmm
15 Sep 17, 11:51
shadowysea07: yay cp's alive. Now you just need to go get that surgery if I recall
14 Sep 17, 04:07
Cless Aileron: It's nice to hear you're okay, Presea. I would have said something earlier since being back on Sunday but my cold is distracting me.
12 Sep 17, 10:48
Let: That's good to hear.
12 Sep 17, 06:32
cutepresea: Update: I'm okay. Internet keeps going in and out. My power stayed on though. Tree I was worried about didn't fall. Overall it went well on my end.
11 Sep 17, 14:36
Let: At least the hurricane's been drained of most of its strength. My brother and his family thankfully escaped safe and sound, but the damage is just awful. How are people supposed to live after this?
11 Sep 17, 03:17
cutepresea: Welp, starting to get cloudy/windy where I'm at. Fun.
10 Sep 17, 14:29
cutepresea: Man I feel bad for the people who stayed in the Keys. That's the last place I'd wanna be in a major hurricane
10 Sep 17, 10:20
shadowysea07: worst case scenario the hurricane goes over florida lands in the gulf then recharges and goes over florida again hits most of the east coast and fizzles out in north carolina or newyork
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