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11 Jul 20, 14:10
Let: Thankfully, that hasn't been the case with every title out there, but it's more common than uncommon.
11 Jul 20, 14:09
Let: So many titles eliminated from overseas and only managing service for almost a year or so. Tales of the Rays, Star Ocean Anamnesis, Valkyrie Anatomia, they all just get axed.
11 Jul 20, 14:08
Let: Unlike Japan, where they throw money daily at mobile titles, we all complain about having to spend any money on mobile titles at all, and this is why the publishers give up on international servers.
11 Jul 20, 14:07
Let: These gacha games' success is only measured by how much real world money players are willing to spend.
11 Jul 20, 14:06
Let: Basically yeah. JP will still keep going as usual, but the international server is going kaput.
8 Jul 20, 18:04
cutepresea: Aww, I assume it's like XD Unlimited and it's the global servers shutting down? Sucks.
7 Jul 20, 00:12
Let: They announced that Valkyrie Anatomia will bet shut down on August 31. Damn it.
7 Jul 20, 00:10
Let: Well CP, guess I'll be joining you in disappointment over a mobile game getting the axe.
4 Jul 20, 03:14
cutepresea: Crestoria had a delay announced a while ago too
3 Jul 20, 22:37
lmao: meanwhile crestoria dusted away, though they say it'll be released in june. lmao
29 Jun 20, 00:41
Let: I figured as much really.
26 Jun 20, 06:39
cutepresea: (Also with, you know...the pandemic and such)
26 Jun 20, 06:32
cutepresea: Not really surprised by the delay tbh what with the lack of any sort of communication about it for a while
25 Jun 20, 23:54
Let: So I guess everyone heard about this: [link]
17 Jun 20, 02:38
Let: ...Sort of. XD
17 Jun 20, 02:37
Let: Since I have four mobile titles, my daily schedule is partially controlled by their reset times. They control my life!
15 Jun 20, 17:57
cutepresea: (Not sure I like the way the new producer is handling things tbh)
15 Jun 20, 17:56
cutepresea: I feel kinda bad for ignoring the mobile games the way I've been especially now that nothing is happening with Arise. I try to look into what's happening every once in a while but I'm lost ahaha
13 Jun 20, 12:27
Let: Man, the more Rays moves forward, the more annoyed I feel about the global version's shutdown. I feel like we've been missing out on an epic Tales crossover story.
5 Jun 20, 02:23
Askers: Seems delayed
2 Jun 20, 10:42
shadowysea: nope
29 May 20, 02:58
Askers: Hello, do we have any news on the release date of Crestoria ?
23 May 20, 12:42
shadowysea: It's pretty obvious arise has been delayed until sometime next year for japan which means we may get it that year or 2022.
23 May 20, 03:16
Let: Still makes me secretly hope that Tales of Breaker, Commons, and Wahrheit could get turned into console titles.
23 May 20, 03:15
Let: I don't think I can squeeze Crestoria into my busy mobile schedule. It really should have been a console title, at least something to tide us over until Arise enters the spotlight more.
23 May 20, 03:13
Let: Yeah, the silence with Arise is surprising. Usually when a new Tales title is on the horizon, we get bombarded with tons of trailers about it. It feels kind of weird this way.
22 May 20, 18:10
anon: And any ETA on Tales of Arise? :)
22 May 20, 18:10
anon: Helo do you have discord server?
21 May 20, 14:29
cutepresea: (Guess I'm just waiting for Crestoria at this point. I wanna be excited for Arise but the lack of news just...yeah...)
21 May 20, 13:58
cutepresea: ...Me worrying about something that doesn't even have a release date yet lol
21 May 20, 13:57
cutepresea: I don't wanna jinx it but I'm scared someone higher up on the Japanese side will decide it didn't sell enough to get the other four seasons so we'll end up with an incomplete physical set aaack
21 May 20, 13:56
cutepresea: Between that and the weirdness with the licensing of some seasons and the iffy translations it's gotten, I just hope Discotek's release of season 1 does well enough :/
21 May 20, 12:04
Let: Ah, I heard about that one closing down on ANN. Talk about stopping the train before it really left the station.
19 May 20, 09:06
cutepresea: @ Let The Symphogear one. Not horribly surprised, the English speaking fanbase isn't as big as others. But still, it was only 2 1/2 months into global being released when they dropped that on us pffft
17 May 20, 15:34
shadowysea: not surprised the festival was cancelled. Only surprised they didn't do it earlier since everyone cancelled everything months in advance. even tgs is cancelled iirc.
10 May 20, 22:26
shadowysea: aww can't do the beta. Oh well
9 May 20, 02:07
Let: Which one is that?
1 May 20, 16:27
cutepresea: Well hey, good for me, the English version of the other one is ending service in a few months. :/
1 May 20, 01:08
cutepresea: ...So I preregistered. Time to go deeper down the hole. lol
28 Apr 20, 00:08
Let: I think global Rays getting shut down was still a tragedy. That really wasn't fair to everyone who was heavily invested in it.
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