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20 Feb 19, 08:03
cutepresea: [link] I'm so happy for her (lol)
16 Feb 19, 03:34
Let: @TalesofGod: It's odd considering you can still do action RPGs on phones, but my guess is that since turn-based gacha games are all the rage now in the mobile market, they wanted to try something new.
15 Feb 19, 12:13
MileenaWeiss: [link]
15 Feb 19, 12:13
MileenaWeiss: Hopefully you will like it! ^^
15 Feb 19, 12:13
MileenaWeiss: Guys! If you wanna have some fun, I've created a funny Facebook page called "Tales of Shitpost" and I'll be uploading short and funny stories told with pictures! Here's the link to it! I just started
15 Feb 19, 12:11
MileenaWeiss: Good to see new Crestoria info!
15 Feb 19, 10:09
TalesOfGod: A turn based Tales Of game? Have we ever had one before? How do you think it is going to go? I am eager to try it out and I don't really mind so long as it is interesting.
14 Feb 19, 10:45
shadowysea: And about half or close to it of that number is the 360 versions sales hahaha
14 Feb 19, 10:43
shadowysea: hmm adding in all the versions of vesperia it has hit over a million world wide. Joining the ranks of destiny 1 symphonia and xillia 1
12 Feb 19, 11:02
Let: Sweet, now I want to make her that pic. XD
12 Feb 19, 05:41
cutepresea: Oh hey, she was discharged. Hopefully that means she's doing better and she can get that KFC lol
12 Feb 19, 04:31
Let: Still fitting, CP. I think I want to draw that now. Pascal is all, "Don't touch muh chicken or I'll cap ya with my shotstaff!" XD
11 Feb 19, 13:40
cutepresea: Man the urge to quote Cheria's "Real women eat chicken" was strong. I...technically did not successfully fight that urge since I just typed it...
10 Feb 19, 02:07
Let: I'm picturing Pascal chowing down on a bucket of fried chicken now. XD
10 Feb 19, 02:07
Let: Looks like Pascal's Japanese VA was recently hospitalized, but like Pascal herself she seems to be in good spirits since recovering. Ueda tweeted she wants KFC when she gets discharged.
7 Feb 19, 02:04
Let: I finished KHIII last night and got the secret movie too. Fastest I've ever finished a KH title really. Now I must complete the treasure list and max out all the Keyblades! XD
7 Feb 19, 02:02
Let: Another crossover between Tales and God Eater, huh.
6 Feb 19, 01:36
darkstorm1212: Brave Frontier, God Eater, Project x Zone, Granblue Fantasy...
6 Feb 19, 01:34
darkstorm1212: Yuri is the Tales equivalent to Sora, he keeps popping up in all these different anime/games!
5 Feb 19, 08:07
shadowysea: Yep the closest best buy to me is also like that cp. I don't have anything most places have besides a gamestop and 2 starbucks
4 Feb 19, 03:07
cutepresea: Living in a rural area is FUN guys (sarcasmmm)
4 Feb 19, 03:07
cutepresea: I checked their site and it said store pickup only and that the closest store (an hour away) doesn't have it.
3 Feb 19, 14:33
shadowysea: captcha must have dated bender.
3 Feb 19, 14:33
shadowysea: captcha was dingus! HA
3 Feb 19, 14:33
shadowysea: If you have a best buy cp the newest one is 40$ I think. Check on cag or price tracker and brick seek and see if you can find a good price somewhere.
31 Jan 19, 05:47
cutepresea: Update: Can't find the HD collection without it being sold at a higher price by a third party. Gonna uh...not do that for now
31 Jan 19, 02:05
Let: Played a little of KHIII so far and I have to say this: Sora could totally a legit Tales character. Why? The boy can cook now! XD
30 Jan 19, 09:18
cutepresea: Yeah, that's not appropriate and neither was your name
27 Jan 19, 04:36
Let: Dragon Quest has nothing to worry about at least.
27 Jan 19, 04:36
Let: Then again, the FF name has been dragged through the mud with the way FFXV went, so now a lot of hope is being pinned on KHIII being a major seller to recoup losses (which is highly likely).
27 Jan 19, 04:33
Let: Even new IPs like Dragalia Lost have managed to score big despite not being tied to a famous brand name. Some folks are even convinced that Namco doesn't know what to do with Tales anymore.
27 Jan 19, 04:32
Let: There's just too many gacha games on the market, and Tales still doesn't have the name brand recognition of Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest.
27 Jan 19, 04:31
Let: Tales of the Rays is still going strong in Japan. Sad that all we have to remember it by overseas is its gravestone. I imagine Rays might have been a better sell if it had been a console title.
27 Jan 19, 04:29
Let: It would be superhumanly impressive if you got through everything before III releases, CP. XD
27 Jan 19, 00:52
cutepresea: (Time to get the HD collection I guess)
27 Jan 19, 00:51
cutepresea: I am sooooo not caught up on the games released since KH2 oops
24 Jan 19, 02:20
Let: Only a few days left till KHIII is released, and then I'm going to have a hard time switching between both that and Vesperia Definitive. XD
24 Jan 19, 01:58
shadowysea: Despite the new content. I'll save vesperia for when I don't have a tales of game to play too since I did just finish berseria last year
24 Jan 19, 01:57
shadowysea: I'm playing smt 4 and arc the lad 2 myself. I don't plan on getting vesperia until a later date since I have enough games I haven't played that I don't need to play a game a second time
21 Jan 19, 13:07
Let: ....really doesn't leave much time to make much progress.
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