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22 Jun 18, 04:48
shadowysea07: I'm sure all of us could come up with 4 or 5 artes each that would be unique and nifty for them
22 Jun 18, 04:47
shadowysea07: There really are a number of things they could do with that weapon. Have them swirl around the target and periodically damage them, homing, slide across the ground and then bounce up to strike
22 Jun 18, 04:44
shadowysea07: down on the enemy. Like moses and ravens artes in legendia and vesperia
22 Jun 18, 04:44
shadowysea07: Agreed on the arte idea for chakrams there. That would be neat. You could also do some delayed strikes as well chakram rain where you throw a couple up in the air and 3-5 seconds later they rain
22 Jun 18, 04:42
shadowysea07: Dyle was just such an awesome npc in general as well. And with how much he was incorporated into the story it just like a waste
21 Jun 18, 04:53
Let: Colette's chakrams, for one. It would be neat if we could do things like toss out one which spins in place all by itself, trapping an enemy, and then throw a storm of them to hit the other enemies.
21 Jun 18, 04:50
Let: Heck I'd love to see more than one quirky weapon wielder, or they could bring back a weapon style that hasn't been used again in a long time.
21 Jun 18, 04:46
Let: And yes, enough paper talisman users for now. We need someone with a quirky weapon again, like Norma's magic bubble straw or Grune's vases.
21 Jun 18, 04:45
Let: I did enjoy seeing artes change in some way after certain usage milestones. A few extra hits or even bonus damage caused by weather patterns were really nice features.
21 Jun 18, 04:39
Let: Very much so. Dyle was still one of the best character designs in Berseria. Such a waste not to have made him playable.
21 Jun 18, 01:53
shadowysea07: like say they throw the talismans and they explode on impact, can be used to place traps on the battle field, healing arte, revival arte, debuffing/status ailments. Basically a strong support role.
21 Jun 18, 01:51
shadowysea07: also no more fricken paper talisman users. At least not for 3 games unless they make them play drastically different.
21 Jun 18, 01:49
shadowysea07: Would also be nice if we could get ranged characters to return since we haven't had one since technically xillia 2?
21 Jun 18, 01:48
shadowysea07: I'd also like vesperias usage system to triumphantly return so we can get base spells that are usable all game again like fireball
21 Jun 18, 01:46
shadowysea07: I really hope they go back to good spells for mages again in whatever the new game is. Berseria was better but still incredibly weak compared to the pre xillia games.
21 Jun 18, 01:44
shadowysea07: It really was a crime that dyle kurogane medissa and komoana wern't playable. Especially dyle.
20 Jun 18, 03:03
Let: New Tales title, huh. I wonder what the cast will be like (hopefully they'll have a playable nonhuman like Dyle this time around).
17 Jun 18, 23:11
help: who r u
17 Jun 18, 23:06
shadowysea07: Everyone knows they have a new game in the works. No point in making an announcement about nothing.
17 Jun 18, 00:16
shadowysea07: oooo true knight yuri figure.
15 Jun 18, 01:19
shadowysea07: yes captcha poorer is another word I would use to describe it
15 Jun 18, 01:19
shadowysea07: tales of puppets looks creepy
14 Jun 18, 01:07
Lloyd the Second: I think you're overreacting to his comments in the wrong way, shadowysea07. There's no need to aggressively attack post him.
13 Jun 18, 21:51
Let: Please don't misinterpret my posts as insulting localization efforts.
13 Jun 18, 21:50
Let: As for the VAs, all of them who voiced in Vesperia are still working in the dubbing business.
13 Jun 18, 21:50
Let: I think you're misunderstanding me. It's not meant as an insult, I said it would sounds like lazy and unprofessional if they didn't put some modicum of effort into the localization.
13 Jun 18, 12:40
shadowysea07: Oh and the casino was finally usable (which was pretty obviously locked out of the original game)
13 Jun 18, 12:39
shadowysea07: along with the new union attacks and mystic artes for every party member
13 Jun 18, 12:39
shadowysea07: Especially when vesperia had a far larger amount of content added/changed where as tos it was a couple costumes and a boss fight added.
13 Jun 18, 12:38
shadowysea07: And considering that we have past precedence with tos remaster having gone through the same situation I don't see why this is so much of a leap.
13 Jun 18, 12:36
shadowysea07: Some may also have died/quit voice work or other things in these 10 years
13 Jun 18, 12:36
shadowysea07: As that is what would have to happen in order to get all the va's back to reprise their roles and I don't think that is possible to use both. Assuming all of them want to come back.
13 Jun 18, 12:35
shadowysea07: Lazy and unprofessional is pretty insulting. It's what they are capable of doing nothing more and nothing less. Can you even answer whether they can use union and non union va's let?
13 Jun 18, 01:12
Let: Maybe I should tone down my expectations, maybe I shouldn't. I'm leaving it up to what happens.
13 Jun 18, 01:10
Let: We know Berseria had a ton of text problems in various places, but this can be a chance for them to try and fix their goofs.
13 Jun 18, 01:09
Let: That still sounds like a lazy and unprofessional localization to me. I'm going to give them the benefit of someone believing in their efforts.
12 Jun 18, 16:53
ClessAileron: I have seen others on the AC forums back then say that Regal & Presea didn't amount to much to the overall story. Yeah, sounds like they think those two were shoehorned into the "final" product.
12 Jun 18, 16:50
ClessAileron: I have to say this to show that I'll see it for myself rather than tell me I should believe it (and at least putting more forward than I usually have). I'll also end on this thing, bringing up ToS.
12 Jun 18, 16:44
ClessAileron: Then again, me 10 years ago never really felt like anything was missing playing that original version. Even Flynn's mostly-NPC role felt all that odd.
12 Jun 18, 16:34
ClessAileron: My point is, yeah, you point out stuff that was evidence of what they were trying to do during development but it doesn't exactly mean it would work or could be implemented properly.
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