14 May 10, 06:33
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6 May 10, 14:35
Ferliciiia: Be part of our testing phase NOW
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25 Jan 10, 22:36
eun: Hi lady, visit http://www.thatwardrobe.worpress.com for our latest collection of clothes at low prices! Don't forget to join out mailing list:) Have a great day girl:)
5 Oct 09, 19:49
dawnynellie: LOVE FASHION?
9 Jun 09, 00:41
Debbie: okay thanks :D
7 Jun 09, 14:33
tiff: debbie: what scrapbook?? isit like the one with borders? tt one is just go to 'edit' and pick the border you like
5 Jun 09, 19:35
Debbie: anyway how did you get the like scrap book type? i only know how to combine into pages but i can't find the scrap book type
5 Jun 09, 19:34
Debbie: thanks alot! :)
5 Jun 09, 19:34
Debbie: yupp its cj debbie! :D
5 Jun 09, 01:34
tiff: debbie: hey is this the cj shooting debbie?? i use photoscape(: must download!
4 Jun 09, 00:39
Debbie: Hey what you use to put the photos together? :D
4 Jun 09, 00:39
Debbie: hey what you use to put the photos togehter?
24 May 09, 03:44
peili: cry until you lao sai. hahahhaha
24 May 09, 03:43
peili: My girl??? THE KOREAN D|RAMA???! DAMN NICE
4 May 09, 17:08
NAT: tiffyanie!!!! im home! facebook your hp number canzzzz. we're going out tmr yes? miss you
2 May 09, 10:40
Seng: hellloo!!! haha.. we r not gg USA!!!!
8 Apr 09, 21:13
tiff: nat: i think its mine hahhaha so sorry! but my exam's NEXT week lol i'm freaking outzzzz
7 Apr 09, 14:28
NAT: is it my turn or yours now? hahaha my finals are in freaking 2 wks!!!
29 Mar 09, 01:22
tiff: milli: my heart's just not in it anymore): studies more impt now hahah
27 Mar 09, 10:44
milli: waahh ahaha train harder!! hahaha.
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